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Looking for a job is difficult. There are a million options and even more wrong turns. Not to mention the complex state of the economy and housing market. Becoming an auto mechanic is one of the best paths forward. You will have security, a rewarding job, and upward mobility. There are few other career paths that can promise even close to the same level of security and benefit.

Do you want to become an auto mechanic? It is a great career with wonderful benefits and pay. The first place to start is here, with a list of frequently asked questions to help you achieve your goals. First, start with a cover letter and resume well suited for the occupation you want.

Below we have listed not only the frequently asked questions, but tips, tricks, and examples of cover letters and resumes that will help you on your way. While writing and organizing may be no one’s best skill, by the end of this article you will at the very least have a direction in which to head in for the foreseeable future.

What Is An Auto Mechanic?

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An auto mechanic is a person who can fix automobiles. They hold the prescribed skills to fix cars, trucks, and other types of auto locomotive machines. They like working with their hands and being on their feet. Many have mechanical minds and are interested in helping others while mostly working in solitude.

It is a great profession that does not require very much schooling in order to make good money. Mechanics make anywhere from 70 to 180 dollars an hour. This is much better than most business majors fresh out of a grueling four-year stint in college.

Why Become An Auto Mechanic?

The work is not always easy, but it is a very rewarding job. It is not a job where boredom exists for even a moment. There is more action that a football game as it is often more physical. Due to this, auto mechanics keep their health a lot longer than most other professions. If you are unsure of a career path, becoming an auto mechanic is a great occupation to choose.

There are many paths out there, but one with one of the highest effort to reward ratios exists when dealing with mechanical equipment and muscle. Hard work and effort will get you far when you work in this field.

Is There A Need For Auto Mechanics?

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Since there will always be old cars attempting to get down the road, then there will always be a need for auto mechanics. The job growth predicted for auto mechanics is great for the foreseeable future.

Jobs for auto mechanics should grow by 6% (or 45,900 jobs) over the next decade, a statistic is from the American Bureau of Labor Statistics. Like nurses, the car culture in the US of A will always require mechanics to keep America running on time.

Where Is The need?

The biggest changes in the USA will be in the following states: California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania. Not to mention the changes that will take place in the cities of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Houston. There will most likely be growth in any city, from small to big, where there are people moving to town. Luckily there is plenty of job security in the auto mechanic work. Since there will always be a guy, down the road refusing to let that 1995 dodge ram van rust in the yard (or another less specific car, not at all owned by the author).

How To Write An Effective Auto Mechanic Resume

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To get hired for the job working as an auto mechanic, you will need a wonderful resume. You will want to show the big boss you not only have the skills to accomplish the job and do it well but also that you have the work ethic that will keep you on your toes for the full 8 hours daily. The most important quality that employers look for is the ability of the employee to show up every day, on time.

There are tons of examples of cover letters and resumes online for free if you look around. The main tip is to focus on your skills and be honest about your qualifications. Resumes should be the place where you list all the reasons you are qualified, and no, the lead in the elementary talent show does not count. Although, we agree with your mother and believe you were wonderful.

What Should A Resume Include?

The list of things you should include is long. However, some top tips include all school accomplishments, volunteer work, awards, and the biggest tip: experience. Once you have a few years of experience under your belt, you will be in high demand in this field. A good auto mechanic can go a long way, eventually owning their own shop.

Where Can You Find Resume Samples?

The website, My Perfect Resume, claims making a resume has never been easier than with their website. We believe them since they dedicated a whole site to providing the perfect craft for new hires.

They have a few examples for free on their site that can be copied and pasted into a working document to provide inspiration and structure for a new employee. Even giving the resumes a good scan can provide any prospective auto mechanic with a bigger understanding of what an employer is looking for.

Another website that provides examples of both cover letters and resumes is Monster. They can be your one stop shop for all things career and beyond, giving you the leg up on the competition you need to make it in this economy. Just looking for some casual inspiration may be the boost you need to get the job you really want.

How To Write An Effective Auto Mechanic Cover Letter

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Be sure to tailor the cover letter to the job and boss you desire. If you don’t want a very serious boss, then be sure to include suggestions of your humor or wit in the cover letter. Do not go overboard and include a picture of your favorite comedian. The focus of your letter should be your accomplishments and the growth over your career. If you are just started out, focus on how excited you are about the future career and gaining experience. Mention you are excited to learn and ready to buckle down and focus.

Having long-term goals listed on your cover letter is a big tip to future employers you are a good candidate for their business. Since most auto mechanic shops are local, not corporately owned, you can expect to have an interview with the owner or associate owner. It will be very important that you show your skills and competence.

Check And Recheck

You will want to look for spelling and grammatical mistakes in your cover letter before sending it off. Think about every sitcom gone wrong. Have someone else read over the cover letter to make sure you have omitted none of the skills or schooling you have completed. Another pair of eyes is always a big help in situations like these.

While it is important to sound intelligent and competent on your letter, do not pretend to anything you are not. The best way to look good and get the job you want is to be straight forward and honest, both on paper and in person.

Where Can You Find Cover Letter Samples?

Besides doing a quick search through Bing’s top links, there are a few other websites are not to miss. The website, Live Career, has a few wonderful examples that will help you on your way. The website even gives you the option to customize a cover letter, so you need not start from scratch.

Another option for a new auto mechanic cover letter is the website, Monster. The site provides a few great examples of auto mechanic cover letters, typical of what employers expect to see in their applications. Be sure to change up the wording enough on your own letter you sound both unique and qualified. You want to stand out from the crowd.

To Sum It Up

If you like to work with your hands, find puzzles rewarding, and enjoy making good money, then auto mechanic work is the occupation for you. There are many benefits and upsides to a career in the mechanical field. The first step to getting one of these great jobs is getting your cover letter and resume in order from top to bottom.


There are many places on the digital web to begin your search for a good cover letter. However, the tips we listed here will have you well on your way before you know it. Before you look elsewhere for all the help with achieving your goals, try out the links on our list for help to illuminate the complex nature of applying for jobs.

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