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A babysitter resume must underline all the relevant skills and credentials which parents will require in order to entrust their child to your care for brief periods of time. As such, we have prepared two babysitter resume samples, which include the main competencies, qualifications, accomplishments and professional experience one should have when applying.

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Increase your chances of being hired as a babysitter by creating a well-balanced resume.

Babysitter Resume Sample 1

Name: Vera A. Jones

Address: 2375 Ottis Street, Clinton, Oklahoma 73601

Phone Number: (405) 296 0562


1. Summary

Professional babysitter, with an experience that spans 6 years. Took care of children of different ages and my areas of interest include various domains, being more than capable of offering the right information to children to spark their intellectual curiosity. Furthermore, my cooking skills are always adapted to each and every child, based on his or her nutritional needs.

2. Work Experience

June 2013 – PresentFull Time Babysitter – College Nannies & Tutors Development, Inc., Austin, Texas

a) Responsibilities

Made sure children did their homework and drove children to school on time. In addition, I prepared nutritious meals and do the house cleaning. Taught children about different domains and play interactive games with the kids. Furthermore, I ran different errands on behalf of parents and respected  a schedule made by parents.

Helped parents understand kids’ behavioral issues. In addition, I went on short trips with kids to spend time in nature. Finally, I visited different museums and educational events.

b) Achievements

Rushed a toddler to the emergency room after identifying a life-threatening condition.

c) Skills

  • First Aid.
  • Cooking.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Create engaging activities for children.
  • Bottle-feeding.
  • Changing diapers.
  • Patience.
  • Bathe and feed infants.
  • Playfulness.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Spotless criminal background.
  • First Aid Certification.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • NASM Certification (nutrition expert).

April 2010 – June 2013Babysitter – My Kensington Nanny Service, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

a) Responsibilities

Did some light housekeeping and helping the parents with different tasks. In addition, I bathed and dressed toddlers and fed them nutritious formulas and meals. Furthermore, I also changed diapers, washed clothes and potty trained the kids. Finally, I helped parents interact easier with their babies and assumed full responsibility of the kids while the parents are away.

Showed the new parents how to take care of the infants. In addition, I made sure the children are safe and looked after at all times. Furthermore, I used judgment skills to assess certain situations and take decisions. Finally, I tydied different areas around the house and arranging the play areas and engaged in outdoor activities and promote a healthy lifestyle if possible.

b) Achievements

Created many fun and challenging activities for toddlers.

c) Skills

  • Patience.
  • Playfulness.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Cooking.
  • Bathe and feed infants.
  • Housekeeping.

3. Education

  • High school diploma.

4. Main Competencies:

  • In-depth understanding of child psychology.
  • Capable of looking after children of different ages.
  • Thorough knowledge of different first aid techniques.
  • Eligible and willing to work in different countries.
  • Able to plan educational and interactive games for every age group.

5. Accomplishments:

Managed to solved some behavioral issues using the knowledge I had regarding children’s psychology. In addition, the candidate helped children with their homework and taught them how to do research on their own. Finally, I have found out what kids are good at and focused on developing their skills and abilities.

6. Personal objective:

My aim is to get hired by a private employer or company to look after children and to use my certifications and skills to the best of my abilities.

Babysitter Resume Sample 2

Name: Cleo C. Williams

Address: 2800 Java Lane, Columbia, South Carolina

Phone Number: 803-626-1355



Highly trained and experienced babysitter, with a clean criminal background, with a first aid certificate and an empathetic, nurturing nature. In addition, I also possesses  emotional maturity and stability, excellent communication skills, having a high energy level.

2. Work experience

April 2015 – Present – Au Pair – Neverland Nannies & Domestic, Simi Valley, California

a) Responsibilities

Helped parents with day-to-day responsibilities and tasks and took care of school-aged children. In addition, I monitored extra-curricular and school activities. Drove children to school and different other places. Furthermore, I cooked healthy meals and tried to vary the menu. Finally, I traveled with the whole family during holidays.

b) Achievements

Looked after the family’s pets and helped the children do their homework. In addition, I have worked around 35-45 hours a week.

c) Skills

  • High tolerance to stress.
  • Adaptable to any kind of schedule.
  • Capable of setting daily routines for kids.
  • CPR and First Aid certification.
  • Able to prioritize and multi-task when needed.
  • In-depth knowledge of behavioral issues and child psychology.
  • Experienced cook, knowing how to prepare different nutritious dishes.

June 2014 – April 2015 – Nanny –The Educational Alliance, Manhattan, New York

a) Responsibilities

Used age appropriate activities and adapted to different age groups. In addition, I have used own vehicle to drive kids to school and maintained a friendly, loving environment.

I have worked weekends and holidays. Furthermore, I  made sure the kids do their homework and designated house chores.

In addition, I have assisted kids with different school assignments. Finally, I ran occasional errands and clean after the kids.

b) Achievements

Used creativity to come up with intellectually stimulating games. In addition, I have prepared healthy snacks and meals for the kids.

c) Skills

  • Thorough knowledge of various domains.
  • Capable of assisting children with their homework.
  • Able to babysit any age group and handle house chores.
  • Capacity to handle a lot of work.

October 2013 – June 2014 – Babysitter – Cambridge Nanny Group, Chicago, Illinois

a) Responsibilities

Contributed to the kids’ emotional, mental and physical development. Furthermore, I took charge of the kids’ safety and well-being and followed the schedule and recommendations given by the parents. Finally, I performed other duties such as housecleaning and running different errands.

b) Achievement

Practiced different sports and other extracurricular activities with the kids.

c) Skills

  • Fluent in Spanish.
  • Tolerant to stress.


  • High school degree.

4. Main Competencies

  • Understands child’s psychology.
  • Capable of taking care of children with various ages.
  • Willing and capable to work over the weekend and during legal holidays.
  • First Aid certificate.
  • Increased tolerance to stress.
  • Accomplished cook.

5.  Accomplishments

I have helped the children do their homework, and I have shown them how to perform research on their own. In addition, I have created several interactive games that stimulated the children’s sense of creativity.

6. Personal objective

My aim is to get hired by a private employer or company to look after children and to use my certifications and skills to the best of my abilities.


The two babysitter resume samples you’ve just went through are easy to read, thanks to a well-defined structure that should be followed as such. Therefore, the additional skills, the work experience, qualifications and abilities a babysitter should have are highlighted thanks to an attractive babysitter resume layout.

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