Barista Cover Letter Samples

Throughout this article, you will be provided with two barista cover letter samples which you will be able to use in order to create your own. Although many people might believe that you will not need a cover letter or resume to land a good barista job, that simply isn’t true. The success of companies like Starbucks ensured a growing coffee culture, and this demand has created the need for experienced baristas. If you want to land a well-paying job at the coffee house of your choice, you will need to highlight any relevant barista, serving, or related experience in your barista cover letter.

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Barista Cover Letter Samples

Barista Cover Letter Sample 1

Erik Rexson
458 Sunny Road, San Diego, California 36889
August 24, 2018

Jane Tano
Human Resources
Charlie’s Coffee Shop
78 Bluebird Street, San Diego, California 36889

Dear Mrs. Tano,

Following your advertisement in the Sunday edition of the Daily Times, I am interested in applying for the position of a part-time barista. I have ten years in the service industry, both as a waitress and as a barista. Due to my work ethic and experience, I believe that I will be an excellent addition to your team.

I currently work at Ayo’s Coffeshop in San Diego as head barista. I have performed both opening and closing of the shop, and regularly serve customers during peak busy times of breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours. While at Ayo’s, I have been in charge of checking the coffee stock daily and performing equipment checks on all of our equipment. I also grind fresh coffee beans and take customer orders.

One of the aspects of my current position that I am most proud of is the increased amount of responsibility that I have been afforded as a head barista. In my position as head barista, I provide training for all of the new barista hires. This includes educating the new hires on how to make coffee, how to use and clean our equipment, and the precise methods needed for preparing our specialty drinks.

I provide friendly customer service at all times. I firmly believe that this skill is the most important one that a barista must possess in order to be successful at their job. In this way, I am able to best represent the values of the company that I work for and to illustrate how much my employer values the customer. Multi-tasking is another skill that I excel at, which is very important when we are understaffed and receiving a higher influx of customers than normal. Additionally, I exhibit skills in being a team player and being punctual.

To conclude, I would very much like the opportunity to discuss this position with you in person. I would like the opportunity to further explain how my customer service skills and experience as a head barista will make me the right fit for Charlie’s Coffee Shop. If you would like to arrange an interview, feel free to contact me by phone before noon, or by email in the afternoon or evening.

Erik Rexson

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Barista Cover Letter Sample 2

Lana Keninin
52 Cici Way, Boise, Idaho 88996
August 24, 2018

Alan George
Alex’s Coffee House
658 Caramel Way, Boise, Idaho 88996

Dear Mr. George,

I noticed your advertisement for a full-time barista when I visited Alex’s Coffee House with my family this past Saturday. Though I have recently moved to the area and do not have any employment experience within the Boise area, I do have ten years of restaurant experience and five years of barista experience that I gained while living in Atlanta, Georgia. Due to my considerable experience in serving, I believe I would be a considerable asset to your coffee house.

In my most recent position, I began as an entry-level and part-time barista at Mark’s Tea and Coffee, one of the busiest coffee shops in Atlanta. At this coffee shop, I was able to truly hone my ability to deliver high-quality customer service in a highly stressful environment. In a typical day, I would serve between 100 and 200 customers in an eight-hour shift. I opened the store, performed closing duties, maintained cleanliness of the preparation areas, and rang up customers. I prepared and served specialty coffees and teas, pastries, soups, and sandwiches.

While at my most recent position, my primary achievement was my ability to go from a part-time barista to a full-time employee. I achieved this through consistently stellar attendance and my outstanding work ethic. In addition, I was placed in charge of overseeing the production and design of all of our displays. This includes the chalk drawings meant to draw in customers passing by, as well as the in-shop displays of pastries. I have also trained many other baristas and often served as shift manager.

During my time as a barista, I developed the ability to create and recommend drinks for customers based on their individual wants and preferences. My time as a barista taught me a variety of skills about the entire roasting process, and I am able to answer customer questions about different types of coffee. My ten years of restaurant service provided me with the ability to work calmly under pressure, and allow me to handle many different types of customers with various levels of communication ability. I pride myself on my ability to work both individually and within a team.

Overall, I would very much like to join your team as a full-time barista. I know that I will be a strong addition to your team due to my past experiences in both restaurant and coffee shop settings. Should you wish to further discuss my qualifications, you will be able to reach me by phone, text, or email. Thank you for your consideration.

Lana Keninin

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When you are composing a barista cover letter, the most important aspect is to emphasize your experience. If you have previous experience in a coffee shop environment, you should highlight key aspects of those experiences that make you stand out above others who might apply for the position. If this is your first time applying for a barista position, you may choose to highlight previous customer service, retail, or related positions where you interacted with customers. Do you have any barista cover letter tips that have worked for you in the past? Feel free to share them with us!

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