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Have you ever been at a store, an expo, or other event and noticed one or a few individuals that seemed to be representing a product? These people are called brand ambassadors. While it probably seems like something that would be both interesting and profitable, many probably wonder where to find this job and why they didn’t get the memo. Well, these opportunities do exist, but you need to be prepared with the correct skill set and a glowing brand ambassador resume.

What Is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is someone that is hired by a company to represent goods or services directly to potential customers. This form of marketing has many benefits and is an ideal way to reach the product’s target market. A brand ambassador must be fully informed of the product they are to represent, which is why there is often training prior to the event.

What Do Brand Ambassadors Do?

Armed with all the information necessary to combat any question that may come their way, a brand ambassador serves as a spokesperson for the brand they represent. Usually, when the product is food, there will be tastings offered to the public. Whatever the product, the brand ambassador should engage customers with a product demonstration, followed by a discussion of the benefits and a short Q and A.

What Characteristics Make a Successful Brand Ambassador?

Because this type of marketing focuses on customer acquisition, it is necessary that the person feel comfortable approaching strangers in an effort to educate them on a particular product. Often, an event will run for hours, so it is important for a brand ambassador to be a positive and motivated person.

Key Characteristics

  • Outgoing
  • Easy to talk to
  • Motivated
  • Passionate
  • Professional
  • Positive
  • Charismatic
  • Dedicated

Where Does a Brand Ambassador Report for Duty?

The location is dependent upon the target market that is trying to be reached. For example, a great place to conduct food demonstrations would be at a supermarket. Likewise, an ideal place to distribute cigarette coupons would be a gas station where people buy their cigarettes. Companies might hire brand ambassadors for an expo, festival, or event where potential customers are likely to be.

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Does This Position Require Experience?

Companies are likely to hire candidates with prior experience, and here is the reason for this. The interaction between a brand ambassador and a potential customer must go well. Because of this, companies need to be sure the person representing the brand can effectively perform the necessary tasks.

While this may be the reality, the fact remains that everyone has to start somewhere. If you have no experience, you will need one heck of a brand ambassador resume to compensate. If you can show that you have passion, you just might get your chance.

How Much Does a Brand Ambassador Get Paid?

Job sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor estimate that the typical brand ambassador salary falls somewhere between $20,000 and $50,000. Pay scales differ from agency to agency, however, and some companies may choose to compensate employees on an hourly basis. The average pay per hour for a brand ambassador ranges from $10 to $16. In addition to the rate of pay, some agencies may also offer commission, which acts as an incentive to generate leads for the company, leaving both parties to reap the rewards.

How Do I Apply to Be a Brand Ambassador?

Check all job sites for the latest brand ambassador job postings. Sites like LinkedIn and Indeed are great avenues to explore and submit your brand ambassador resume when looking for this type of work. In addition, it is crucial to have an online social media presence that paints a professional and reliable picture of you in the hiring manager’s mind.

Is There a Need for Brand Ambassadors?

There is absolutely a need for brand ambassadors! In today’s competitive market, companies have begun to shift their marketing strategy to utilize brand ambassadors as a marketing tool to spread the word about their product. Companies are well informed of the benefits of hiring for these positions, which has led many companies to follow this marketing trend.

Increasing Product Awareness

Brand ambassadors have the ability to bring a product front and center. How much easier is it to ask an informed human a question than to endlessly scan the back of a box? Hiring brand ambassadors to spread product awareness is a smart way to rise above the competition.

Having a spokesperson standing beside your product will no doubt make it seem special in the eyes of the consumer. Lastly, not enough can be said about the significance of word-of-mouth marketing. Setting the stage for this positive product-related interaction has the ability to turn other people into customers.

Market Research Findings

The 2015 Nielsen “Global Survey of Trust in Advertising” revealed that 83% of those surveyed admitted they were more likely to purchase a product based on the positive recommendation from someone they know, as opposed to any other form of marketing. This finding shows that customers are seeking out a one-on-one connection from a reliable source. Simply put, brand ambassadors can work wonders by constant customer engagement, thereby slowly expanding brand awareness.

Virtual Brand Ambassadors

A virtual brand ambassador can help to manage a product’s online presence by responding to negative comments on social media. It is important to address these and resolve any customer related issues to maintain a sense of trust between customers and the product. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all important websites where you will want to have a social media presence.

How to Write an Effective Brand Ambassador Resume

writing woman

Construct a resume that screams, “I’d be excellent!”  It is important to cater your brand ambassador resume to this specific position while showing you would be perfect for the job. Be sure to include a skill set that speaks to your superb abilities.

What Is the Best Brand Ambassador Resume Format to Use?

The optimum format for a brand ambassador resume is reverse chronological order. The hiring manager will want to see your most recent experience which will show them your current abilities and skill level as a brand ambassador. Create an exciting document that flows naturally. A hiring manager should be able to read your brand ambassador resume and genuinely feel the passion you have for this type of work.

Perfection Counts

Take time to perfect your brand ambassador resume as it is your one chance to make a great impression amongst the sea of applicants you are up against. Be sure to check for spelling errors. Nothing says unprofessional like a careless resume. If it’s messy, then be assured the hiring manager will think the same thing of you. Also, check to see that your contact information is up to date. People often can forget such a simple fix, while the ramifications of this tiny slip end up wreaking havoc on your efforts.

What If I Don’t Have Any Experience?

Are you trying to break into the industry? If so, you are probably finding it quite tough to construct a brand ambassador resume with no experience. Perhaps you were involved with promotional aspects or customer engagement at a previous job. If so, list it. Include all things relevant to the position and remember to wow them with your skill set and objective.

Should I Include Links to My Social Media Accounts?

Are you on social media? If you aren’t, you need to be. Knowledge of social media is an important skill that every brand ambassador should have, so be sure to include it. It’s quite possible that a company will do some online research, so why not save them a step?

In today’s world, social media is an indispensable marketing tool with a wide customer influence. If you’re a social media wiz, be sure to let them know. Do you have a loyal group of followers? If so, definitely include that on your resume, as it is music to any marketing department’s ears.


Companies are realizing the benefits of employing brand ambassadors to spread awareness about a product or service now more than ever. Market research has shown the positive impact that comes with having a face to represent a product. This marketing shift has paved the way for both the aspiring and seasoned brand ambassador and allows them to put their unique skill set to use.

This type of position is certainly not for everyone because it takes a certain type of personality to approach customers and boast about a company’s product in a meaningful way. Confidence, communication skills, and a positive attitude are all crucial character traits that a successful brand ambassador must possess.

While a polished appearance and an outgoing personality are a must, just as important is a dynamite brand ambassador resume. Take the time to make a flawless brand ambassador resume. A first impression sticks, and you want to make it the best impression possible.

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