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clients meeting with insurance agent

Insurance Agent Resume Samples

Insurance agents are generally responsible for answering basic customer service questions and growing their client base by writing new ...

construction worker cutting wooden board

Handyman Resume Samples

Handymen are an important group of professionals for virtually any organization. Responsible for a broad range of tasks, people in ...

young male surgical technician

Surgical Tech Resume Samples

With the aging baby boomer population, the need for trained surgical techs is only going to continue to grow. Responsible for basic ...

general contractor wearing a hard hat

General Contractor Resume Samples

General contractors are responsible for ensuring that construction jobs go as smoothly as possible. They regularly handle a wide range ...

Man working on laptop

Grant Writer Resume Samples

Grant writers are an important part of virtually any non-profit organization and public outreach group. Responsible for much more than ...

veterinary holding cat

Veterinary Assistant Resume Samples

The veterinary assistant position is the cornerstone for virtually any vet’s office or pet hospital. The regularly help both the ...

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