Direct Care Worker Cover Letter Samples

If you are thinking about applying for a job as a direct care worker, you will need to have a cover letter that helps you stand out from other potential applicants. The two downloadable direct care worker cover letter samples that you will find in this article are designed to demonstrate exactly how to construct a cover letter that will highlight your skills and illustrate your suitability for the direct care position of your dreams. Some key aspects to keep in mind include any areas of expertise and certifications that you might have earned that a general care worker would not typically possess.

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Direct Care Worker Cover Letter Samples

Direct Care Worker Cover Letter Sample 1

Lauren Mattea
74 Gold Avenue, Bismark, North Dakota 36985
412-366-5214 (Home)
July 15, 2018

Mr. Paul Brooks
Human Resource Director
Allen Assisted Living
144 Chester Street, Bismark, North Dakota 36985

Dear Mr. Brooks,

For the past five years, I have been working as a direct care worker in local nursing homes in the Bismark area. Due to that experience, I was thrilled to discover that your assisted living facility has a job opening for second shift direct care workers. In addition to my past hands-on experience, I also have certifications in both CPR and Basic Life Support (BSL).

Presently, I prepare meals for residents and make sure that those meals line up with the dietary requirements that each patient has specified in their medical chart. I also help clients with their eating and bathing requirements. Many of the clients stay in our facility long-term and have a need for my assistance with keeping a hygienic environment in their rooms. Additionally, I help transport residents from their rooms to the recreational center, to their showers, and to the dining hall as needed.

I have been selected as the favorite direct care worker by the residents for the past two years. Another achievement that I am very proud of is my ability to initiate a recreational program for the residents. Many of the residents complained that “there was not enough to do” and that they were bored. I initiated a program that allowed them to play games, socialize, and interact with local interns from the community college social work program.

My skills include the ability to assist people of many different backgrounds and mobility requirements. I am also skilled in providing patient care and in staying calm during an emergency. My job has allowed me to truly develop my communication skills, including the ability to write and talk in a clear and concise manner. Perhaps the greatest skill that I have is my ability to remain compassionate and demonstrate empathy for the residents under my care.

Many of the attributes that make an amazing direct care worker can only be found in workers who have a significant history in the field. As my attached resume demonstrates, I have both the experience and education to truly serve the residents of your facility. If you would like to discuss my abilities in greater detail, please don’t hesitate to contact me via phone or email. I thank you for your consideration of my application.

Lauren Mattea

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Direct Care Worker Cover Letter Sample 2

David Applefeller
32 Bradbury Street, Mobile, Alabama 47896
753-951-4563 (Home)
July 15, 2018

Mrs. Charlene Hanes
Director of Human Resources
Downtown Mobile Direct Care
321 Frank Street, Mobile, Alabama 47896

Dear Mrs. Hanes,

As an experienced, compassionate, and devoted direct care worker, I am applying for the open job position that you advertised in the Mobile Daily Times dated June 24, 2018. As I am well aware of the stellar reputation for providing the very best in healthcare that Downtown Mobile Direct Care has, I know that you will only be seeking the candidates who have the experience and skill to give exemplary patient care. I believe that my patient-centered care approach and ten years in the industry make me the right candidate for the position.

In my daily tasks at my current position, I am responsible for making beds, cooking meals, and assisting patients with their household tasks. These tasks may include laundry and buying groceries. In addition to serving as an assistant for the daily activities, I am responsible for monitoring each patient when I perform my at-home visits. During my time in the patient’s home, I typically take their vital signs and examine the patient for any sign that their medical conditions have deteriorated or improved.

My greatest achievement has been the ability to increase the daily socialization of my patients. Many of my patients had fallen into the style of living where they felt very lonely but were unable to find a way to escape that loneliness. When I noticed this pattern, I initiated a senior day program in which they would meet at the local library to discuss their favorite books, television shows, or knitting projects. This is something I consider a definite achievement because it improved the quality of life of my patients dramatically.

My core competencies include a thorough understanding of medical terminology. I am skilled in performing light housekeeping, administering medications, and performing basic personal care. My CPR certification was renewed in 2017 and remains current. My administrative and technical skills include, but are not limited to, basic computer and phone usage as well as spreadsheets and databases. I am highly organized, and multi-tasking is one of my greatest strengths.

If you are interested in a direct care worker with both the experience and the passion to serve your patients in the manner in which they deserve, please contact me to schedule an interview. I have included both my email address and my phone number for your convenience. Although I have listed several references in the resume I’ve attached, I would be happy to include more at your request.

David Applefeller

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A direct care worker cover letter must be able to demonstrate that the applicant has the right levels of compassion and skill to provide patient care. Most direct care workers will work with the elderly, while others will serve younger or disabled clients. You should include past experiences in your cover letter that demonstrate that you have the ability to work with the population that your potential employer will serve, regardless of medical history or age. Do you have other tips that can help when composing a direct care worker cover letter? We’d love for you to share those tips with us!

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