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Your resume and cover letter are your first chance to impress employers and stand out from the rest. For those interested in a career as a Domestic Engineer, highlighting your experience is key. We’ll go over everything you need to know about being a Domestic Engineer, as well as how to build a power resume and cover letter that will jumpstart your career.

What Is a Domestic Engineer?

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A Domestic Engineer is a position that deals with executing typical household tasks and jobs. Domestic Engineers take on a variety of major responsibilities. One of the biggest responsibilities is maintaining the house. This can include a range of jobs such as sweeping, vacuuming, polishing, dusting, and so on. A Domestic Engineer is also in charge of cleaning all bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen area.

This position will also have additional duties outside of the household. Domestic Engineers are often in charge of buying and preparing food for the family. They have to plan the meals for the family, pickup the groceries, and then cook the meal. Normally, this is done every day and preparation for next day meals is expected to be completed the evening before, such as for breakfast and lunch. This can include things such as cooking breakfast in the morning and preparing school or work lunches.

Although Domestic Engineers will normally perform cleaning tasks throughout the whole house, it is also possible for Domestic Engineers to specialize in a certain area. For example, people can hire Domestic Engineers to only clean the house once a week or to just pick up kids from school and prepare dinner, it all depends on the employer and their needs.

Work Schedule

The work schedule of a Domestic Engineer can either be consistent or more like freelance. Working for a family is the best way to receive the most consistent hours because household upkeep is needed on a daily basis, especially if it is a large family. Most positions like this will require you to commute but sometimes you may even be asked to live with the family, this is particularly true for working abroad as an Au pair. Some daily tasks for working full- or part-time for a family household include:

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  • Laundry
  • Cooking dinner
  • Organizing
  • Cleaning dishes
  • Folding clothes
  • Ironing
  • Taking care of pets
  • Picking up kids from school

Another important task for Domestic Engineers is doing errands. Errands may or may not occur daily and are usually different. They are also an addition to the standard daily housework. Errands can include one time jobs such as picking up a birthday cake or dropping off a package at the post office.

Sometimes it is common for Domestic Engineers to be overloaded with errands and daily tasks. When this happens, it can be difficult to accomplish everything in one work day. It is important that you always notify your employer if you think you cannot complete a task, for whatever reason. Keeping an open line of communication is essential in this field and will make you a better employee.

Apart from a position where you work for a household daily, it is also possible to work for multiple employers. These jobs will normally require a Domestic Engineer to come either weekly or bi-weekly and perform a specific cleaning task. This allows you to fill your schedule with more clients; however, it also means you may have to do more driving from client to client than you would when working for just one household.

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Educational Requirements

The educational requirements for a Domestic Engineer value experience over higher education, so you do not need a Bachelor’s Degree for the position. However, you will need to have physical stamina, high energy, and a passion for the job in order to be successful. Experience is the ultimate trait you can have in this profession to receive high-paying jobs.

Advancing Your Domestic Engineer Career

One of the best ways to gain experience is building a client base and accumulating good references for future hires. Personal referrals are some of the best and easiest ways to get new clients, plus gaining clients through word-of-mouth builds your image as a trustworthy, reliable, and hard-working Domestic Engineer. Unlike other fields and industries, Domestic Engineers don’t get “promoted” in the traditional sense. Instead, it is more common to receive raises for your work or be able to charge a higher price.

Consistency is key in this profession. Clients can easily be put off by simple mistakes or miscommunications that can end up costing you your job and reputation, so it is important to perform duties to the best of your abilities at all times. One of the many benefits of working as a Domestic Engineer is that you have the option to work for multiple employers. There are many websites where you can list yourself and find new clients such as:


Other ways you can advance your career as a Domestic Engineer is by employing people with you. This is ideal for jobs that require strictly cleaning rather than ones that also include taking care of children. If you have people working under you, you can cover more clients in less time and increase your income. This would be more of a transitional step to eventually creating a Domestic Engineer business, which is one of the ways you can advance yourself in the field.

Is There a Need for Domestic Engineers?

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There is, and always will be, a need for Domestic Engineers. People live busy lives and keeping up with the day-to-day household duties can be stressful for many. Hiring a Domestic Engineer frees up time for people to spend time with their family and relax.

According to Ellen Delap, the president of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, Domestic Engineers help “give you that little extra nudge that many of us require,” and relieves stress that otherwise would come with all the unfinished tasks. Not only is there a need for Domestic Engineers throughout the United States, but people are also willing to pay big dollars for the service.

Expected Earnings

Domestic Engineers earning can differ for a variety of reasons. For example, if you work in a metropolitan area such as New York City or Los Angeles, you can easily earn more than $25 an hour, but if you are also looking after children that can easily increase your rate to $40 or more! The income of the client and what they expect is one of the biggest factors that contribute to the fluctuation of salaries.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Domestic Engineers earn a medium salary of around $22,000 a year, while the high-end of earners make about $35,000 a year. However this data is specifically for Domestic Engineers who deal with housekeeping activities that do not include childcare. In the United States, the highest paying locations are San Francisco, Honolulu, New York City, Kahului, Boston, and the District of Columbia.

How to Write an Effective Domestic Engineer Cover Letter

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Writing an effective cover letter is one of the most important things when applying for a Domestic Engineer position.

A cover letter is the first thing a client reads even before looking at your resume so it is crucial to make your cover letter stand out from the rest. Your cover letter should be personal but also professional. Here are some helpful steps to writing an effective cover letter that will land you the job!

1. Intro

In a couple of sentences do your best to explain why you are the perfect fit for the role. You also want to show your enthusiasm for the position and state how the job is aligned with your greater career goals.

2. Body

The main portion of your cover letter should go over your past accomplishments. You want to connect your previous experience and show how it relates to the requirements in the job description. Draw attention to the most recent skills and qualifications.

3. Bullet points

A good way to demonstrate some of your experience is in the form of bullet points. After your brief introduction, follow with “Highlights of my experience include:” and list 3-4 examples. Quantifying your accomplishments will also strengthen your cover letter (ex: Cleaned over 50 households, Caretaker for ).

4. Close

End your cover letter thanking the employer for their time and consideration.

A good cover letter should highlight your accomplishments and experience and show employees that your skill set aligns perfectly with the requirements of the position. Your resume details your experience and provides a timeline of your job history.

Tips for Resume

The resume should show your experience in a manner that is clean and easy-to-read. Your resume should include these main elements:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Experience
  • Skills

Under experience, list your three most recent jobs. For each previous job write three to five bullet points of what the job entailed, your duties, and accomplishments at work.


Becoming a Domestic Engineer can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice. Gaining experience is the most essential step towards a building a great reputation and being successful in this industry. Remember that your resume and cover letter should exemplify your experience and show why you’re the best candidate for the job.

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