Esthetician Cover Letter Samples

Including a strong cover letter is imperative when writing an esthetician resume, so these two esthetician cover letter examples help you write your own. While estheticians possess a vast knowledge on treating skin conditions, they focus more on providing skincare advice and beauty-related treatments. They also often refer patients to a dermatologist or skin specialist. These are some esthetician skills you should touch upon in your esthetician cover letter.

Esthetician Cover Letter Samples

Esthetician Cover Letter Sample 1

Kendra Newsman
6122 North 35th Street, Atlanta, Georgia, 20544
366 – 205- 7855

Mr. Bruce Jayhill
Jayhill Dermatology Treatment Center
1202 Rose Bush Lane, Atlanta, Georgia, 20544

Dear Mr. Jayhill,

I am writing with regards to the open esthetician position you have posted on your company’s website. I enrolled in the AVEDA Institute of Atlanta in 2012, and received my license two years later. My expertise revolves around treating and preventing skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and ageing signs. My educational background partnered with my five years of experience working in this field leaves me confident in my ability to bring my unique skill set to your company, and benefit you greatly.

I am currently an employee of Loving Looks, and I assist a team of dermatologists and other skin specialists in assessing patient’s needs and performing treatments. My responsibilities include administering intensive and detailed skin evaluations, collaborating with dermatologists to create skin treatment plans and care procedures, and keeping patient records neat, organized, and up to date. I also administer an array of treatments such as facial chemical peels, waxing facial and body hair, and facial massages.
esthetician putting a mask on a customer

In terms of accomplishments, during my time with Loving Looks I graduated from the AVEDA Institute, and was so successful as an intern that they offered me a full-time position as a licensed esthetician. I became certified in performing chemical peels and paraffin treatments. I am very knowledgeable when it comes to skin conditions, and am able to design beautification plans to help clients achieve the results they are looking for.

As an active listener, I possess the ability to connect with my patients easily, and understand their problems and concerns. My oral communication skills are high as well, and due to my approachable nature, I find that I can easily carry on productive conversations with people. I am also able to offer a plethora of information when it comes to recommending skin care and makeup products. I am computer literate, have a good record of attendance and punctuality, and can bring a positive point of view to many situations.

I am very passionate about this line of work, and I would gladly elaborate on any of the achievements and qualities you will find on my resume. I am confident that you will see that I am an ideal choice to fill the position at your esteemed establishment. I appreciate your time, and I look forward to discussing my candidacy with your further.

Kendra Newsman

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Esthetician Cover Letter Sample 2

Carl Wayne
6033 New Center Drive, Marietta, Georgia, 20543
366 – 921 – 0350

Mrs. Yoi-sung Xio
New Beginnings Facial and Body Treatment
411 South Estate Drive, Marietta, Georgia, 20543

Dear Mrs. Xio,

I am very eager to be applying for the esthetician position you have available at New Beginnings Facial and Body Treatment. I was referred to you by your current employee, Amber Williams, who would also like to serve as a personal reference of mine. As a graduate of the Beauty Institute of Atlanta, I possess the educational background and experience needed to fulfill the requirements you have posted for this job. I spent several semesters working alongside several esteemed plastic surgeons.

I am currently employed with Fresh Looks, and have over seven years experience working as an esthetician. At Fresh Looks, my responsibilities include operating treatment equipment such as facial steamers, microdermabrasion machines, paraffin heaters, LED light therapy machines, and microcurrent machines. I also administer a number of treatments such as scalp massages, body scrubs and wraps, pore cleansings, and specialized treatments like micro-needling and laser therapy.

I am proud to say that during my time with Fresh Looks, I had the opportunity to conduct a clinical trial alongside our top dermatologist, Dr. Ray Welsh. We closely studied the effects of a relatively new drug used to clear acne in teenagers and young adults. I was in charge of developing a daily skin care routine to follow in conjunction to the drug. We found it to be a great success, and 85% of clients’ experienced clearer skin within the first month of the treatment plan. I had to opportunity to present these findings with Dr. Welsh at the Eastern Dermatology Conference.

As you read through my resume, you will find that I possess the ability to think quickly and function highly in a fast-paced environment. My vast knowledge related to this line of work allows me to effectively evaluate patients and diagnose them accurately. I am a very self motivated person, and I am able to work individually, as well as be a team player. My time management and organizational skills are superior, and I am a great communicator.

I highly anticipate hearing from you, as I am confident you will find me to be an ideal candidate for this position. I have a true passion for helping people, and I look forward to bringing my expertise to you and your thriving company. I appreciate your time, and I thank you for this opportunity.

Carl Wayne

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There are several traits that are seen as valuable when it comes to being an esthetician. Being well-mannered and well-spoken are just two. Potential employers will want to see that candidates have good time management skills, and can easily solve problems while having to multi-task. Make sure to share down below your own experience writing a cover letter for esthetician job openings.

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