Flight Attendant Resume Samples and Tips

If you are dreaming to be a flight attendant and travel the world and interact with people from different countries, you should first make sure you can impress your future employer with the help of an amazing, flawless flight attendant resume.

The flight attendant resume has to be written in a professional manner and anyone can do so just by following some useful tips and tricks. The following recommendations can help you achieve the job you have always dreamed about.

A flight attendant has specific responsibilities and duties; this is why the structure of the flight attendant resume has to be concise, relevant to the abilities and skills required by the employer and also include the flight attendant resume objectives.

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Sample Flight Attendant Resume 1

153 Kuhl Avenue, Gainesville, GeorgiaStewardess cropped cv photo

(678) 617 3367


Sophia M. Davis


Experienced flight attendant that has excellent verbal and literacy skills, being fluent in three international languages, capable of working under pressure and focused on customer service and satisfaction.


With an experience that spans more than 6 years of being a flight attendant and working with different companies, being a cabin crew member comes easy for me. My abilities and skills make me suited for the position of a flight attendant, being calm, optimistic, adaptable to unpredictable and sometimes stressful or dangerous situations and my outstanding communication skills make people perceive me as a very sociable person.


  • 2 years of customer service experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Team player
  • Problem solver
  • Punctual
  • Handles different time zones well


  • Managed to be a good observant and meet the passengers’ needs in a timely fashion.
  • Kept calm and kept the situation under control when the plane encountered some turbulence, assuring the passengers that everything is under control.
  • My positive attitude and the experience I have in customer service make passengers say that they really enjoyed the services I offered them.


Mesa Airlines, Houston, Texas

October 2011-Present

Flight Attendant

  • Handle activities that imply multitasking
  • Welcome passengers and make sure they’re comfortable
  • Promptly come up with solutions to make the passengers’ flight more pleasant
  • Have an impeccable look from head to toe, meeting the company’s standards and representing the company’s image
  • Be a liaison between the company, the pilots and the passengers, assuring that the communication flows naturally between these parties

Telus, Las Vegas, Nevada

December 2009-October 2011

Customer Service Representative

  • Handled billing inquiries
  • Troubleshooting level one
  • Used soft skills and active listening in order to provide high quality customer service experience
  • Polished my analytical thinking in order to come up with solutions to the customer’s requests
  • Used empathy and probing questions to better understand the customer’s needs
  • Knowledge of the internal tools, programs and software used
  • Product knowledge and great sales pitch
  • Explained billing procedures to customers and offered more information about different products that the company offered


South University, Savannah, Georgia – 2008

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology


Proficiency in Internet, digital correspondence and Office Pack

Flight Attendant Resume Sample 2

Joseph A. WattsCropped cv photo for resume

Address: 4074 Garrett Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007

Email: joseph.watts@email.com

Phone: (269) 303 4073



Obtaining a secure position as a flight attendant for an airline company that allows me to practice my skills and abilities in a friendly environment with a team that is focused on providing the best customer service experience there is.


  • Over 3 years of experience in customer service and flight attendant positions
  • Demonstrated abilities and skills in providing the best customer service there is
  • An eye for detail
  • Great communication skills
  • Patience and capacity of keeping calm in difficult situations
  • Proficient in three international languages: Spanish, French and German


  • Coding
  • Computing
  • Customer support
  • Documentation


  • Handling passengers’ concern
  • Handling pilots’ requests
  • Offering quality customer services
  • Capacity of handling difficult situations
  • Fluency in three international languages
  • Managing the work area in a professional manner


  • Reduced the time spent in solving the passengers’ requests by organizing the work area in a productive manner, having many products at my reach
  • Managed to avoid different unpleasant situations by going above and beyond my work duties in order to make the customer feel pleased of the company’s services


Trans States Airlines – Chicago, Illinois

April 2012 – Present

Flight Attendant

  • Kept track of the company’s updated rules and adapted to different time zones and different customs and traditions depending on the passengers’ ethnicities and religions
  • Used soft skills and active listening in order to understand the passengers’ requests and come up with pertinent solutions
  • Assured the work area is clean at all times
  • Maintained a calm composure when the situation was tense
  • Made use of problem solving techniques to provide high quality customer services


University of Washington, Seattle

Bachelor of Science in Management


  • Written and oral fluency in Spanish, French and German
  • Research in psychology to better understand the psychology of masses and apply psychological skills in order to keep passengers calm in case a turbulence occurs

Tips for The Best Flight Attendant Resume

The examples listed above are typical flight attendant resume templates that can help you land the job that you have always wanted. There are some important sections that you need to pay close attention to, in order to impress your future employer and make him ask you to come for an interview. The resumes for flight attendants should also include a job description and you should also attach a cover letter to make your job application be more appealing.

The samples listed above follow a concise template that makes it easier for any employer to read your qualifications, work experience and this is why you should have in mind a few tips and tricks in order to have a flawless flight attendant cv.

  • Use bullet points when listing abilities, skills and any other relevant information like qualifications or personal achievements
  • Check the spelling and grammar twice, before submitting the flight attendant resume and cover letter
  • Apply for similar jobs, based on the qualifications you have


The flight attendant resume is the first and most important source of information for any employer out there. This document needs to be edited in a professional manner in order to make a first good impression; this is why a summary of your qualifications, work experience, abilities and skills is necessary.

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