Graphic Designer Cover Letter Samples

Graphic designers are in high demand nowadays. Just about every business needs somebody who can design high-quality logos and promotional items. Anyone who is interested in a career in this field needs to know how to write a good graphic design cover letter. The included cover letter samples summarize the qualifications you should highlight when applying for this position. By starting your resume off with a good graphic designer cover letter, you are improving your chances of catching the eye of a potential employer.

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Graphic Designer Cover Letter Samples

Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample 1

Berry Gordon
94 Long Island Boulevard, Derry, Maine 21473
July 14, 2018

Harry Henderson
Hiring Director
Maineline Marketing
567 Specter Avenue, Bangor, Maine 24328

Dear Mr. Henderson,

I’ve been tracking your advertisements on for some time, and believe that I am a great fit for your open graphic designer position. I graduated from Maine State University in 2008 and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. Currently, I am working for the Derry city government, creating advertisements and fliers for various events in and around the city. Before this position, I interned down in Boston with the New England Patriots football team. My experience and the skills I’ve gathered over time recommend me for the position, and I believe I would be a great fit for your company.

My current position gives me a lot of artistic freedom to design graphics for the city. For example, I created the town flier for the local Salmon Fest. This festival is one of the most important in the city, and it requires a high-quality logo to highlight its activities. I am also responsible for creating other products like logos for t-shirts and other types of merchandise. As a manager, I am in charge of a group of interns, and I work hard to train them in the art of graphic design. This duty has given me an insight into the position you have advertised, as it too requires working with new graphic designers and training them to meet their goals in efficient ways.

In 2012, I entered my Salmon Fest artwork into a statewide competition for graphic design. My artwork won first place in all events, including “Best Overall Graphic Design Concept.” When I started at my position, I was an intern who worked my way up to a full-time leadership position. Throughout my time at the company, I have received multiple praises from project managers and team leaders, and I have also received the title of Employee of the Month for several months in a row. Though I enjoy my job, I am looking for a position which could best utilize my skills in a constructive fashion.

I believe that your current position suits my skills well. Unlike many graphic artists, I have strong skills in drawing and painting. As a result, I have an artist eye for placing items, and my designs flow naturally. Beyond my artistic skills, I am renowned as a fast learner and a quick worker who does not make mistakes. In the fast-paced world of marketing, I think that these skills are a significant benefit for you. I am well-organized and I thrive in an exciting, fast-paced environment. I work extremely well as part of a team, but I can also work alone to get the job done.

My sincere belief is that my skills and experience as a graphic designer suit your business by providing you with accurate and artistic designs. In the new and exciting world of marketing design, I truly think I would stand out and offer your business the kind of high-quality design expertise that you deserve. Please don’t hesitate to contact my references to learn more about my qualifications. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Berry Gordon

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Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample 2

Jenny Mattheson
411 Larch Street, St. Petersburg, Florida 73290
July 14, 2018

Mary Wilson
Human Resources Representative
University of Florida
832 Cherry Street, Tampa, Florida 71121

Dear Mrs. Wilson,

Reading your job post on your university’s website compelled me to put my application in for consideration. I graduated from this great school in 2009 with a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design. With my lengthy education and internship finished, I was able to find a position at Southbeach Marketing in 2010. I have worked there ever since as an ad designer and graphic design specialist. At this time, I am looking for a job where I can further develop my skills and help my employer develop their graphic design portfolio. Since I am so familiar with the university, I believe I would be a great addition to your team.

At Southbeach Marketing, I focus heavily on creating advertisements for a variety of local businesses. The nature of our ads vary, depending on the firm. For example, I have been in charge of creating billboard advertisements, as well as online banner ads. My department is also responsible for advertising materials for our own business, creating a very busy and fast-paced environment. It is one in which I feel I thrive as a worker.

My biggest accomplishment at this job has been to increase the customer base of our business and to introduce new advertising concepts. Before I joined, Southbeach Marketing was struggling with their online advertisement. With my help, they were able to master the art and integrate it into our business model. With that extra edge in our services, we have become one of the most respected and well-regarded marketing firms in the area, particularly for our work streamlining online advertisement methods.

My job skills have been focused primarily in the advertising field. For example, I have focused heavily on using graphic design to attract a reader’s attention and draw their eyes across art in a compelling way. I believe this would be a significant benefit to the university, because I could design your brochures and pamphlets in a similar way. My skills also extend to people management, as I am a manager in my department at my current job. I have experience drawing and painting as well, and I work perfectly well with computers, regardless of the operating system.

I hope that this cover letter illustrates the full depth of my interest in your job opening. Being an alum of this university, as well as an experienced graphic designer, creates a level of engagement I wouldn’t have with another position. I believe that my skill set and dedication to the university would truly be a significant advantage to you. At the same time, I believe this job would be the perfect working environment for me. I look forward to hearing back from you regarding this position.

Jenny Mattheson

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Did you take a careful look at all of the different sections in these examples of a good graphic design cover letter? If you did, you’ll notice that each highlights the applicant’s experience and their expertise. It also showcases a pleasant, humble personality. You should use your graphic design cover letter to draw attention to your accomplishments, but in a humble way. Use our templates to create your very own graphic designer cover letter. Please share your experience writing a graphic design cover letter with us down below.

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