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Instrumentation Engineer Cover Letter Samples

Throughout this article, you will be given two downloadable instrumentation engineer cover letter examples. An instrumentation engineer is responsible for the design of equipment that might be used to monitor engineering machinery. As you examine the cover letters that we have provided, take notice of the way in which the applicant displays their technical abilities and educational qualifications. Engineers must have specific training and must have at least a bachelor’s degree in order to be considered, and these qualifications should easily be noticeable while scanning your cover letter. Current responsibilities and demonstrated teamworking skills should also be emphasized.

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Instrumentation Engineer Cover Letter Samples

Instrumentation Engineer Cover Letter Sample 1

Michelle French
56 Williams Way, Columbus, Georgia 98741
July 17, 2018

Mr. Arnold Thomas
Human Resources Manager
Columbus Energy Resource
88 Java Avenue, Columbus, Georgia 98741

Dear Mr. Thomas,

As an instrumentation engineer with ten years of experience, I was excited to see Columbus Energy Resource’s job opening advertised on their website. I understand that your company is only looking for individuals who have a significant background in the field, which is why I believe that I will be an excellent candidate for your company. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Georgia State University in 2008. Since then, I have worked steadily and consistently as an instrumentation engineer.

As my resume demonstrates, I have been working for my current employer, Anderson Energy Solutions, since 2011. My job duties there include developing innovative solutions for the company’s wind turbines. I am actively involved in programming the electronic feedback systems that are utilized by our company during the thermal testing process. Making sure that our machinery is up to date and complies with regulatory compliance plays a significant role in my job as an instrumentation engineer.

Since coming to work at Anderson Energy Solutions, I have obtained the position of Executive Instrumentation Engineer. In this position, I am responsible for running statistical analysis in order to assist in projecting material costs of potential projects. Part of my job requires me to create recommendations for improving noticeable inefficiencies. Since I have been promoted to the position of Executive Instrumentation Engineer, my department has achieved a 25% increase in efficiency.

My greatest technical skills include being a computer expert, having significant knowledge of ISA standards, and a deep understanding of ISA international codes. I also have a thorough understanding of thermal heating and wind energy concepts. Managerial experience and leadership skills are traits that I have personally developed throughout my career. Additionally, I am skilled in being organized, multitasking, and delegating tasks to my subordinates.

I greatly look forward to discussing this position with you in greater detail. An interview can be scheduled at your earliest convenience by contacting me through either phone or email. I have included references with my resume, but I would be happy to provide more references during an interview if you would want them. I truly believe that my education and hands-on experience as an instrumentation engineer will make me an excellent addition to the quality engineering staff at Columbus Energy Resources.

Michelle French

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Instrumentation Engineer Cover Letter Sample 2

Todd Eggbert
369 Ocean Street, Charleston, South Carolina 65412
July 17, 2018

Mrs. Jennifer Coulson
Hiring Manager
Clancy Industrial, LLC
2543 Waterfront Street, Charleston, South Carolina 65412

Dear Mrs. Coulson,

I am interested in applying for the job opening for an instrumentation engineer that your company has listed on my South Carolina State University’s career development website. Since graduating from the university in 2005, I have gone on to get a Master’s degree in electrical engineering. Currently, I work as an instrumentation engineer for Charleston Industrial Corp, and would like to bring my experience and educational background to the team at Clancy Industrial, LLC, a company that has a reputation for being innovative and demanding the best of their engineers.

Presently, I am involved in the designing and implementation of Burner Management Control systems. I am part of a team of engineers who must work together in order to make sure that our machinery and equipment is up to environmental standards set by both the state of South Carolina and the federal government. In this capacity, I collaborate frequently with environmental engineers and our safety engineers to reduce the amount of waste in our plant’s daily production. I also work with the fabrication engineers in order to design new prototypes that can reduce waste and inefficiency in our plant.

While in my present position, I have proposed new systems and prototypes that have dramatically increased our efficiency ratings. Since I came aboard the engineering team, we have never failed an environmental inspection, though the company had a failure rate of 50% prior to my employment. I have also managed all of the financial and technical aspects of test jobs that I have proposed; the teamwork and coordination required for this have frequently been recognized by my superiors.

My primary skills include an enhanced knowledge of sustainability, energy-efficient products, and environmental standards. I am also competent in most computer programs, including CAD and Microsoft Office. My areas of teamwork and interpersonal communication are highly developed, and I take great pride in my ability to work alongside individuals from a variety of backgrounds and educational levels.

The combination of my experience and my education make me well-suited to join your company as an instrumentation engineer. My resume is attached and goes into much greater detail about my qualifications. If you would like to discuss them further, please don’t hesitate to contact me for an interview. We can conduct the interview on Skype if it would be convenient for you.

Todd Eggbert

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When writing an instrumentation engineer cover letter, you should emphasize how many years you have worked in the field. Engineers with hands-on training will frequently be viewed in a better light by potential employers than those who do not have any experience. You’ll also want to highlight your “soft skills” that demonstrate how well you can work with others. As an instrumentation engineer, you will frequently be working in teams, and employers want to see that you have mastered this skill. What tricks and tips have you used to guarantee that an instrumentation cover letter lands you the interview of your dreams?

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