Interior Design Cover Letter Samples

For as long as indoor fashion trends continue to evolve, interior designers will remain in some level of demand. It’s certainly a tough industry to break into, but those with the proper training and talent can make a name for themselves. Formal education is starting to become a growing reality for upcoming interior designers, but talent and experience are still the main gatekeepers. This article will show two interior design cover letter samples for breaking into the interior design field. The first will show someone with formal education, and the second will show someone without. Choose the one most suitable for you.

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Interior Design Cover Letter Samples

Interior Design Cover Letter Sample 1

Sarah Pruitt
4455 Village Square Street, Town Valley, Indiana 10994
576 – 457 – 7685 (Home)
July 27, 2018

Ms. Lisa Holmes
Interior Designer
Frostway Interior Design
315 E. Ventador Street, Town Valley, Indiana 10994

Dear Ms. Holmes,

I noticed your job listing on, and I would like to apply for the position of Interior Designer at Frostway Interior Design. My education and training in the industry make me an ideal candidate for this position. I feel that I could hit the ground running with Frostway and benefit your company immediately. Also, as an entry-level designer, I know that I can grow into the exact employee your company needs in the long run.

As of now, I am an assistant designer at Cardigan Brothers Construction. I help the main interior designer with every aspect of a design project, from putting together the plan to putting the finishing touches. I have developed my skills here significantly, but I hope to find a position with a company that focuses more on contemporary styles and rendering. Frostway seems to be that company, and I feel I can develop much quicker in that type of environment.

At Cardigan Brothers, my greatest accomplishment has been my ability to improvise when sales and projects don’t play out as planned. I have received a great deal of praise from managers, co-workers, and clients for my resilience when day-to-day dilemmas occur. In fact, there have been several situations in which I’ve still received 5-star reviews even after project delays or other issues. As a result, I feel that I can offer Frostway a consistent and resilient personality for keeping clients and coworkers happy.

Of course, my education has also played a large role in my professional life. My bachelor’s degree in art has taught me as much about life as it has interior design; I wouldn’t be who I am today without the philosophical side of my education. I can find beauty in all things, including the challenges that must be overcome on a daily basis in the industry of construction and interior design.

I have no doubt that I am an ideal candidate for the Interior Designer position at Frostway Interior Design. Though my specific background lies more on the construction side of the industry, my education and personal skill set make me a versatile candidate for all things design. I would love the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss my qualifications further. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Sarah Pruitt

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Interior Design Cover Letter Sample 2

Elizabeth Sanderson
680 Vanderbilt Court, Tri City, Missouri 93526
988 – 913 – 9995 (Home)
July 27, 2018

Mrs. Elisia Coleson
Senior Interior Designer
Simple Design Solutions
28B Bricken Street, Town on the Hill, Missouri 94526

Dear Mrs. Coleson,

I noticed your job advertisement on, and I felt compelled to apply for the position of Junior Interior Designer at Simple Design Solutions. I have over 6 years of experience in retail and home improvement, and I have a lot of value to bring to the world of interior design. Customers in my previous workplaces have always told me I have an eye for residential planning.

I am currently a project manager at Home Improvement Superstores. I believe there are many similarities between my job and that of a full-time interior designer. For example, I must make project designs within my customers’ budgets, organize construction teams to carry out building projects, and maintain a high level of customer service with all of my clients.

I can’t pinpoint a single workplace achievement that I’m most proud of, but I am instead proud of the many positive customer reviews I’ve acquired while working at Home Improvement Superstores. In fact, jobs that I am in charge of have nearly a 75 percent chance of earning our store a 5-star review on Google My Business. To an independent firm like Simple Design Solutions, I believe those review rates could make a huge difference in company profit margins.

What I lack in formal art education, I make up for in work ethic, industry know-how, and interpersonal abilities. I started working straight out of high school and I haven’t looked back since. Without question, my strongest skill is my tenacity and my pure dedication to completing the projects that I begin. I am experienced in project design, organizing projects and teams, and communicating with customers.

Overall, I know that I am an ideal candidate for the position of Junior Interior Designer at Simple Design Solutions. My work ethic is what carries me through my professional life. Also, my specialty in acquiring very positive reviews is something that can start benefiting Simple Design Solutions right away. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to meet with you soon to further discuss my qualifications.

Elizabeth Sanderson

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Landing a job in interior design requires any combination of these three elements: a formal education in art and design, demonstrable experience in the design or construction industry, and excellent customer service capabilities. Talent for creating aesthetically-pleasing designs is certainly an important part of the job, but selling that work is where the real magic happens. For this reason, formal education is not an absolute requirement as of yet. Within the next few years, however, the interior design environment could look different. Do you have any experience creating an interior design cover letter? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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