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A makeup artist is a person who tries to change or embellish the way an individual looks, by the use makeup products and beautifying items. When it comes to being a makeup artist, most of the work is freelancing. However, they can also be hired for salons or other long-term projects, such as movies, TV shows, makeup agencies or production houses. For those exact scenarios, we have prepared for you two makeup artist resume samples.

Keep in mind that your resume is the thing that needs to convince your prospective employer that you have the skills, knowledge, and experience to do the job. Therefore, an important aspect here will be to communicate as clearly as possible all your competencies in this area. Here are the makeup artist resume samples.

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Makeup Artist Resume Sample 1

Gracie Kelley

807 Station Street, Austin, TX 78741


A. Summary

I am a professional makeup artist who is currently seeking a position in a very challenging environment, where my skills, knowledge, creativity, and passion for beauty and makeup products can be put to the best use. I am seeking for a beauty salon where my endeavors toward pleasing aesthetics and my attention to detail can be employed so as to give every single client a fantastic look that will match any occasion.

B. Work Experience

  • 2005 – Present – Bed Head Day Salon and Spa, Austin, Texas

Responsibilities: Distinguish the different characters of all the clients and give them a makeover or a day makeup suited to their needs. Research the style of makeup that the customer wanted. Remove the existing makeup. Apply mineral makeup as per the client’s wishes. Host beauty and makeup events in the salon and outside. Promote the store’s own makeup products or the ones belonging to our affiliates and sponsors. Keep the inventory of all the makeup products. Demonstrate the makeup and skin care products to the customers and invite them to return for another appointment.

Achievements: Managed to up the sales in the salon’s own brand of products by 30 percent. Increased the return rate of the clients by 50 percent by being polite, engaging, and compassionate and by helping them get the look they desired, no matter how difficult.

C. Education and Academic Achievements

  • Graduated from the Dreams to Stars Makeup School in Austin in 2005.

D. Job Related Skills

  • Outstanding knowledge and understanding of makeup products and the application of cosmetics.
  • Knowledge of and ability to apply acrylic nails, fake eyelashes, fake spray tans, waxing eyebrows and applying tint.
  • Outstanding communication skills as well as sales and marketing skills
  • A very good eye for detail
  • Ability to maximize any sale opportunity that presents itself
  • Experience in retail sales
  • Executing launches for new products perfectly.

E. General Traits

  • Happy and sunny personality
  • A good understanding of the human desires and needs for turning to makeup
  • Communication skills
  • The ability to work with Microsoft Office, especially Excel
  • A good team player
  • I speak English and Spanish

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Makeup Artist Resume Sample 2

Laura Amann

2594 Nickel Road, Alhambra, California 91801


A. Summary

Professional makeup artist who has worked in the film industry and who is now looking for a job where she can apply everything that she has learned over the years. Very skilled when it comes to color, makeup, and styling, this enthusiastic artist wants to put her talent, devotion, and hard work to good use.

B. Working Experience

  • 2008 – Present – Pillow Talk Entertainment and Movie Studio, Alhambra, California

Responsibilities: Determine if and when the actors needed to use prosthetics in the movies. Maintain a very good communication with the producers, art directors, and director to see what the work and characters entailed. Read the scripts carefully and create a mental image of what each character should look like. Gather the necessary resources to get that effect. Prepare the artist skin and hair wise for applying the makeup and mask. Coordinate the entire makeup department for a movie, TV show or set. Handle hygiene for self-use and other makeup artists.

C. Education and Academic Achievements

  • Graduated from the Institute of Art and Design in California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design in 2005
  • Also graduated from the Conceptual Art of Beauty Institute with an Associate Degree in Historical Cosmetology in 2007
  • Graduated from the House of Beauty and Style of California in 2008

D. Job Related Skills

  • Years of expertise in the makeup and cosmetology field
  • Outstanding expertise in applying makeup, color, and prosthetics for achieving the desired effect.
  • A very profound knowledge of all the different types of makeup, as well as the tools needed to apply them, so as to create a character
  • Very gifted in styling hair
  • The ability to work under any circumstances, including in harsh weather conditions, such as rain and snow
  • Ability to work outside
  • A deep knowledge of all the reputable makeup companies and their histories in the field.

E. General Traits

  • Out of the ordinary attention to detail
  • Extremely hard worker
  • A deep love for the job and all that means makeup
  • I speak English, German, and Arabic
  • Calm
  • Discreet
  • Willing to sign non-disclosure agreements and have done so in the past when working with public persons.
  • Trustworthy
  • Team player
  • Up to date with the latest in the fashion, beauty, and hair industries.
  • Very willing to work overtime or take some extra shifts if there is a need for that.

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As being a makeup artist is a practical job, in which you will have to prove your skills, it’s a good idea for you to present them in writing first, so as to attract the attention of any HR department. Keep in mind that your resume is the first thing they see, after all. Prior to calling you in for a practical demonstration of your skills and knowledge, you have to convince them via the resume that you are a good enough makeup artist.

Apart from that, remember to add every single detail about your professional life, including all the awards and accolades you have received, diplomas, and core competencies. Use the two makeup artist resume samples we have created here as guidelines for your personal CV.

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