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Each society is comprised of a plethora of individuals doing their jobs, from lawyers to janitors to nurses. Although many jobs are “behind the scenes,” we couldn’t function if they were not completed. A material handler is one such job that is little-known and widely taken for granted. Most people have used products that were transported by material handlers without ever realizing the work that moving these products required.

Without material handlers to move our products, it would be much more difficult to obtain materials for various types of work. This job requires the utmost care and precision, along with organizational skills to ensure that products go to the correct locations. Material handlers are the middlemen between companies, and without them we would be left on our own to navigate the world of product storage and distribution.

What Is a Material Handler?

A material handler is essential to the process of moving, storing, and providing goods and materials. These can be non-hazardous or hazardous, so it is important to follow safety precautions. It is not necessary to obtain a degree or any formal education to perform this job, but detailed on-the-job training is crucial. When performing this job, you must be adept at identifying items, packing and moving goods, using large equipment to transport materials, and keeping detailed records.

It is important to have organization and planning skills as a material handler, as you will be working with many different products with varying instructions. You will need to ensure that you have enough space and time to correctly store materials and distribute them to the correct location. Following safety guidelines is also essential, as you will come into contact with hazardous materials and be responsible for using heavy machinery. Material handlers must also be good at following directions and working in a team, as there is often a group of workers who collaborate to maximize efficiency.

Along with transporting and storing materials and products, this job requires certain computer skills such as data entry. Handlers not only work with goods and materials; they also keep detailed records of the placement of these items. They must be competent with basic computer programs and be able to enter data.

Is is also essential to have good time management, as there are often deadlines to complete certain jobs. Companies typically need materials by a certain date to commence a project, so handlers must be reliable and deadline oriented to ensure that their clients receive what they need when they need it.

Is There a Need for Material Handlers?

Material handlers are essential within society, as they are middlemen between companies who sell products and those who buy them. Without material handlers, there would a missing link between these two. In this day and age, it is extremely common to order products online, which implies that someone will be responsible for packaging and distributing these products. Without handlers to do this, we would be unable to obtain products and materials without going directly to the store that sells them.

This would be almost impossible, since we often order materials from companies across the country or even overseas. We take for granted that our order will be packaged, shipped and distributed within a certain amount of time and with no mishaps, but this only occurs because material handlers do their job. This job is also essential in the organization of goods, as it ensures that all materials are safely stored and recorded in databases. Without these handlers of materials and products, many other jobs would be nearly impossible.

How to Write an Effective Material Handler Cover Letter

To write a well-crafted and effective cover letter, you must highlight your skills and strengths and show how these would help you to be an excellent fit for the given job. It is important to show your interest and commitment, as employers want employees who truly care about doing their work well. You should also mention any relevant experience to show how prepared you are to take on your new responsibilities. A cover letter should have a professional, polite tone.

Highlight Your Abilities

The point of a cover letter is to attract future employers to your experience and abilities, leading them to choose you over the many other applicants. Throughout your letter, express the skills you have acquired and the characteristics that have helped you to stand out in previous jobs. Think about the skills that your previous bosses most appreciated about you, and mention them in your cover letter. It is also advisable to mention any previous experience in the field for which you are applying, since employers want to hire a competent new employee.

Why You?

Your goal is for your future employer to choose you over the other applicants, so make sure to express a strong interest and commitment to excellence. Your tone throughout the cover letter should be confident, professional and positive. Explain how you as an individual can create positive change within the company, either through your dedication and hard work or through your skills and experience. You want to leave the recruitment manager convinced that adding you to the team will benefit the company and contribute to its success.

Cover Letter Sample 1

Dear (recruitment manager’s name),

Are you in need of an efficient Material Handler? I can be your solution. I have over five years of experience as a Material Handler, and I would love to join your team and make a contribution to (company’s name) success.

Your ad requested an employee who can lift over 50 lbs and who collaborates will with others and follows directions. I am prepared to do just that. I am skilled at taking instructions and performing them with little supervision, and I am the ideal team member. I have extensive experience handling heavy materials, and I am very accustomed to following detailed instructions and supporting my team. I am dependable, hard-working and committed to providing top quality work for every assignment.

I look forward to speaking with you in person and further reviewing the details of this job. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon about this great opportunity. Please find my resume and references attached and let me know if you have any questions for me.

Sincerely,(your name)

Cover Letter Sample 2

Dear (recruitment manager),

I would like to convey my interest in the Material Handler position available within your company. As a dependable and organized professional with experience moving and distributing hazardous and non-hazardous materials while complying with legal and safety guidelines, I have the skills and knowledge to benefit your company and contribute to its success.

I have a background of following detailed orders, correctly disposing of materials, and efficiently transporting goods while working with colleagues and management to boost efficiency.

My qualification for your position can be displayed by the following achievements:

  • Accurately evaluating the size, weight and dimensions of products and packing boxes accordingly
  • Aiding in the pick-up of a variety of materials using scanned LPN labels and following detailed instructions
  • Packing over 1,500 orders without error as a Material Handler for (previous company’s name)
  • Using heavy machinery such as forklifts and pallet jacks to transport and unload materials and products

Through my perfection of these skills, collaboration with others and work ethic, I have earned the reputation as an exemplary employee, and I am regularly recommended for my reliability and commitment to excellence. I will contribute to your company through my excellent communication skills, problem solving abilities and detail-oriented mindset.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to discussing the position further with you. I hope to speak with you soon.Sincerely,(your name)


The job market can be a discouraging and intimidating place. There are an unlimited number of people constantly searching for jobs, so there is competition for any given position. However, by using these tips and modeling your cover letter off of these examples, you should be able to stand out in the sea of applicants. Obtaining a position as a material handler is all about highlighting your skills and experience and showing how you can help the company you are applying to.

If you are a material handler, you are familiar with the unique skill set that is necessary to perform this job well, so you know how selective your future employer will be. Explain how you stood out from your colleagues at your previous job, and take this opportunity to express your strengths and abilities. Material handlers must balance the roles of handling products, recording data, and working in a team. Describe the skills and characteristics that have allowed you to effectively achieve this balance by following the guidelines of the above cover letters, and you should have a job in no time!

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