Paraprofessional Cover Letter Samples

Paraprofessionals are the Swiss Army knives of the professional world. The job title applies to many different industries, but the required skills are fully dependent on the industry one hopes to land a job in. A paraprofessional in teaching, for example, could enter with a background in any of the major subjects — and a degree that reasonably proves one’s aptitude for that subject. This article will provide two paraprofessional cover letter samples for candidates entering different fields. No matter what field you hope to enter, you can use this basic information to model your own paraprofessional cover letter.

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Paraprofessional Cover Letter Samples

Paraprofessional Cover Letter Sample 1

Scott Gardsman
4444 Town Street, Homeville, Indiana 10894
526 – 457 – 7685 (Home)
July 25, 2018

Mr. John H. Peterson
Nelson Mandella Elementary School
365 W. Avante Street, Homeville, Indiana 10894

Dear Mr. Peterson,

I noticed your job listing on, and I would like to apply for the position of Substitute Paraprofessional Teacher at Nelson Mandella Elementary School. My unique background makes me an ideal candidate for the position. Throughout my education and previous work experience, I have always considered myself a jack of all trades and capable of learning new skills on the fly. I believe I could apply these skills to the job you are offering.

At this moment, I am a freelance writer for several local magazines in the Northwest Indiana Region. I write a weekly column in the Northwestern Indiana Tribune that has attracted a wide readership for its interesting take on current affairs, humor, and general writing style. I also sell used cars on a part-time basis, and I have used my communication skills to excel in that field as well.

In my current positions, my greatest accomplishment has been my quick ability to learn the required skills for the job. As a true paraprofessional, I quickly identified the target audience for our regional magazines and started creating content that resonates with readers. On the other side of my professional life, I am quickly able to assess each customer’s car needs and offer a vehicle that fills those needs.

In the classroom, I would rely more on my formal education to get the job done. My degree in English writing has served me countless times throughout my life, and I believe that it’s given me the skills to lead classrooms with poise and grace. Though I would feel comfortable subbing for any variety of liberal arts classes, my specialty will obviously be those centered on English literature and writing.

Without a doubt, I am an ideal candidate for the Paraprofessional Substitute Teacher position at Nelson Mandella Elementary School. With a bachelor’s degree in English writing, I am well versed in much of the literature required at the elementary level. Beyond that, my jack-of-all-trades mentality makes me a great fit in fast-paced positions like that of a substitute teacher. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to meeting with you soon.

Scott Gardsman

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Paraprofessional Cover Letter Sample 2

Lisa Smith
4680 Vanderbilt Court, New Hilden, Texas 95526
978 – 913 – 9995 (Home)
July 25, 2018

Mr. Jerry Pheldman
Healthcare Administrator
United Systems Healthcare
228 Mayberry Street, New Hilden, Texas 95526

Dear Mr. Pheldman,

I noticed your job advertisement on, and I would like to apply for the position of Healthcare Contractor at United Systems Healthcare. My diverse and well-traveled background make me an ideal candidate for a temporary position like this one. I consider myself a journeyman, but I have built a strong list of references due to a job well done at all of my previous paraprofessional positions.

I am currently working in human resources at a staffing agency. I started here as a paraprofessional, and I’ve remained here because of my ability to link candidates with their perfect temporary jobs. Despite my well-traveled history, however, I am beginning to aspire towards building a career in healthcare. If I land this paraprofessional position, I may well expand my skills and become a permanent fixture in the healthcare industry.

My greatest achievement in my current position took place when I revamped our email marketing campaign to attract new clients. In true paraprofessional fashion, I saw an opportunity to use my creativity to better our workplace. The result? My personalized email campaign drew in a total of 64 additional clients per week over an eight-month period. That effort earned the firm tens of thousands in licensing fees on temporary and eventually permanent hires.

Though I’ve had great success in HR and other fields I’ve worked in as a paraprofessional, I owe most of my skills to my time in college. I studied history, and I learned many important skills while doing so. Most importantly, I learned how to learn; I pride myself on my ability to create solutions and learn from my mistakes. Writing papers requires an immense amount of research and creativity, and those skills shine through in my life on a daily basis.

In all, I am an ideal candidate for the Healthcare Contractor position at United Systems Healthcare. I pride myself on the skills I learned in school, and I’ve tried to make a difference in every workplace I’ve been involved in. Consequently, I hope for an opportunity to do the same at United Systems Healthcare. I look forward to meeting with you soon and further discuss my qualifications for the job.

Sarah Smith

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Many people overlook the paraprofessional field as a valid career choice, but thousands of workers are having success in the field right now. Especially as the economy shifts more towards contracting and freelancing, paraprofessionals will be a growing part of our culture. Best of all, it’s possible to get involved in the industry with many different backgrounds. Those who consider themselves jacks of all trades should give heavy consideration to the paraprofessional lifestyle. Do you have any experience working as a paraprofessional? Please feel free to share your thoughts and advice below.

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