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firefighter putting out fire

Firefighter Resume Samples

A firefighter may work in a variety of capacities. Some work as volunteers for local departments, while others work as government ...

child and her art teacher

Art Teacher Resume Samples

As an art teacher, one has the responsibility of helping students convey deeper conceptual thoughts through self-expression. For those ...

dentist smiling

Dentist Resume Samples

A dentist is a medical professional specializing in oral healthcare, including problems affecting the teeth and surrounding parts of ...

using dishwasher for plates

Dishwasher Resume Samples

The goal of this article is to provide you with two dishwasher resume examples. These samples provide a valuable look into the type of ...

businesswoman sifting through documents

Office Clerk Resume Samples

Below are two downloadable office clerk resume examples that you will be able to edit in order to suit your particular work ...

painter using a paint roller

Painter Resume Samples

The most important aspect of a painter resume will be experience. Potential employers typically operate on a tight deadline, and want ...

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