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Sales Representative Cover Letter Samples

When writing a sales representative cover letter, you’ll want to find ways to stand out, so this article provides you with two sales representative cover letter examples. Generally, the job of a sales representative is to sell various types of services and goods to a wide demographic of customers and clients. Sales representatives can typically be found working one on one with customers, with the goal of helping sculpt goals and achieve them. Additionally, another key part of a sales representative’s job is to always be looking for new sales leads as a way to grow business.

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Sales Representative Cover Letter Samples

Sales Representative Cover Letter Sample 1

Grace Holiday
561 Willow Springs Road, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27605
919 – 855 – 2122

Mrs. Abigail Areler
Finch Financial
1551 High Reed Road, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27605

Dear Mrs. Areler,

I’m writing in regard to the open sales representative position you have posted on As an experienced sales representative who has been in this field for over 7 years, I am very interested in this opportunity, and am confident that you will find me to be a successful candidate for joining your team. I am a graduate of North Carolina State University, and hold an honors degree in Business and Finances. It is with great assurance that I believe I possess all the qualities you are seeking.

Currently, I am employed with Finesse Industries, as their senior sales representative. Being responsible for managing loans, assessing risk management, and closing client derived deals, I work with the goal of using my well-rounded skill set to ensure a positive and effective work environment. Additionally, I also work on a personal level with our customers, to focus on their needs and goals, and plan accordingly to reach them.

During the three years I have worked at Finesse Industries, I have honed my cold calling skills, and have been able to implement several techniques to bring in business. During this year alone, I have increased our customer base by 40%. I am proud to say that I continuously exceed the sales goals and monthly quotas given, and have developed my leadership skills through leading a small team that ranked among the top 3 when compared to the other locations in our district.

I am a firm believer that strong communication skills are the key to success, and mine are nothing short of superior. I also consider myself an active listener when it comes to serving my clients, and I am able to easily connect with customers of all walks of life. Among my other skills, you will find that I am a dedicated individual with good attendance and punctuality. While I possess the ability to work individually, I am also a team player, and understand the true value of contributing to a team effort.

I sincerely look forward to discussing my qualities and traits more in depth. Having thoroughly read up on your business and all it has to offer, I think I would make a fine addition to your team. I would enthusiastically and humbly accept an interview, should it be extended, and I thank you greatly for your time.

Grace Holiday

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Sales Representative Cover Letter Sample 2

Alex Young
300 Lightning Bug Boulevard, Greensboro, North Carolina, 27401
910 – 336 – 2012

Mr. Gray Kooliage
K- Corporations
1704 Windy Gap Way, Greensboro, North Carolina, 27401

Dear Mr. Kooliage,

I am eager to express my up-most interest in the sales representative job you have listed on As a qualified and talented professional, I possess an impressive and traceable history of successes in the field of sales. I believe that you will find I meet, and, in some cases exceed, all your listed requirements. As a graduate of Appalachian State University, my educational background and degree in Business and Sales gives me the confidence to effectively take on this role.

Being employed with Relate United has allowed me to thrive in the field of sales, but I am now ready to expand my horizons. A few of the key tasks I am responsible for on a daily basis would be strategically implementing new business opportunities, maintaining a strong relationship between my current clients and our suppliers, and fostering new bonds with potential clients. My expertise consists of closing new accounts with accuracy and professionalism, consistently providing exceptional customer service, and boosting Relate United’s overall sales percentages.

In terms of career based achievements, I believe you will find my impeccable consistency of meeting and surpassing sales quotas to be of great value. It has earned me much recognition within the company, as well as awards and bonuses. Additionally, through hard work and dedication, I have achieved many lasting bonds with clients, and have developed an impressive list of over 100 returning customers, dealers, and management members.

A firmly goal-driven work ethic, determination, and superior communication skills are, I believe, essential to ensuring positive sales. I have no doubt that looking through my resume, you will find that I possess all these traits. I am proficient when it comes to networking and computer literacy, and also possess strategic negotiation skills that are based on logic. My professionalism is never ceasing, and I consider myself an intrinsically motivated individual.

I am eager to contribute to your business, and I am confident in my ability to quickly show the results I have promised. The list of personal references attached to my resume should serve as a means to back up the statements of my success. I greatly look forward to discussing my candidacy with you further, and I trust you will find I make an ideal choice for your team. Thank you for your consideration and time.

Alex Young

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Being a sales representative can be quite competitive, so being able to show that you have a record of positive sales, and that you are punctual with your deadlines and meeting quotas would be beneficial. Overall, conveying your confidence, without sounding conceded, will set the tone for a successful sales representative cover letter. What do you think about our sales representative cover letter examples?

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