Resume Examples

MDS Coordinators: Cover Letter or Resume Samples

MDS Coordinators are, in addition to being nurses, administrators and managers. They are in charge of assessing and submitting the ...

Social Media Manager resume

Social Media Manager Resume: To reflect the Candidate’s Ability Online

Today's social media managers must be up-to-date on the latest trends, hashtags, lingo, and digital analytics. A social media manager ...

mechanical engineer resume

Mechanical Engineer Resume: Guide to Achieve the Job that you Want

All jobs require a solid, well-formatted, and tailored resume. Whether you are looking for a job in an office, a physical job, or a ...

account executive resume

Account Executive Resume: The Best Template to Highlight your Skills

Account executives find jobs, typically, with companies like advertising agencies, and their job is to sell advertising opportunities ...

store display

Visual Merchandiser Resume Samples

Visual merchandisers are the unsung heroes of the retail environment. The merchandising career choice is popular because of its ...

smiling hotel manager

Hotel Manager Resume Samples

The food and hospitality industry is always growing in the United States, and charismatic hotel managers are vital to every ...

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