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Warehouse Worker Resume Samples

A warehouse worker resume should highlight the relevant skills and abilities which recommend you for the job. To this end, we have provided you with two warehouse worker resume templates to help you draft a job-winning resume! They include standard job attributions, skill sets, qualifications and competencies which will convince an employer you’re the person for the job.

Warehouse Worker in warehouse.

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Warehouse Worker Resume Sample 1

Name: Kendra B. Kohn

Address: 2786 Candlelight Drive, Brunswick, Tennessee 38014

Phone number: (281) 451 6464

E-mail: Kendra.kohn@email.com

1. Summary

Experienced warehouse worker, in great physical shape. Worked in the field for more than 4 years.  Gained in-depth knowledge of warehouse operations and practical ways in which to handle heavy items while observing all work safety regulations and ensuring the safety of other employees.

2. Work Experience

November 2014 – Present – Warehouse worker – GAF, Statesboro, Georgia

a) Responsibilities

In charge of organizing the merchandise in an efficient way by using the fork lift and pallet jack. In addition, worked for hours on end while standing up.

Was in charge of dealing with clients’ complaints in a professional manner. Responsible for analyzing and interpreting, blueprints and complex technical instructions.

Always respected the schedule and worked overtime when necessary.

Other responsibilities included keeping the work area clean and in order, using warehouse software, and handling basic computer operations.

Proven ability to consistently respect all warehouse safety regulations.

b) Achievements

Always arrived on time and never received any complaints from clients or from the management.

c) Skills

  • Experienced with the fork lift and with pallet jack operations
  • Physical capacity to stand up for hours and lift heavy items
  • Proven experience in performing repetitive actions
  • Endurance when it comes to hard work

October 2012 – November 2014 – General Laborer – Matheny Motors, Mineral Wells, West Virginia

a) Responsibilities

In charge of loading and unloading merchandise. In addition, reported to the warehouse assistant or manager.

Packed, unpacked, labeled and wrapped different items. Also, matched sales with purchase orders and read/handled customer purchase orders.

Furthermore, responsible for sorting and placing items where they belonged, and distributed items to shipping based on data orders.

In addition, I also had to ensure that the working area is safe for all the employees. Other responsibilities included using the fork lift or fork truck, keeping the working area and machines clean and wearing the safety equipment and adhering to safety rules.

b) Achievements

Repaired damaged vehicles on more than one occasion, without calling for specialized help.

c) Skills

  • Working with lifting machinery.
  • Stamina.
  • Patience.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Organized.
  • Basic computer knowledge.

3. Education:

  • High school degree

4. Main Competencies

  • Load and unload different products and items.
  • Wrap, box, label, categorize different items.
  • Double check that all the items are in order.
  • Know how to handle records, files, documents.
  • Meet strict deadlines in a timely fashion.
  • Track orders and know how to keep logs.

5. Accomplishments:

Supervised and trained newly hired staff in less than 2 weeks. In addition, I have moved up the career ladder from a laborer to a warehouse worker.

6. Personal objective:

My goal is to get hired as a warehouse assistant or manager based on my work experience and accomplishments. Therefore, I believe I would be an asset for any company or employer that would consider hiring me.


Warehouse Worker Resume Sample 2

Name: Ivan A. Shaw

Address: 986 Nash Street, Hickory Hills, Illinois

Phone: (312) 965 6802

Email: ivan.shaw@email.com

1. Summary

Highly trained warehouse worker, dexterous when it comes to operating fork trucks and loading and unloading both heavy and fragile items while adhering to strict security policies and procedures. Excellent numerical skills and great physical health, being able to work prolonged hours while standing up.

2. Work experience

July 2013 – Present – Warehouse associate – Schwan, Cedar City Utah

a) Responsibilities

Delivered products in different locations from facilities to clients’ homes by using specific tools to secure and transport the products. In addition, I was also tasked with operating the fork lift and pallet jack.

Moreover, I also took care of document work related to the job requirements and memorized product codes for a better work flow and time management.

In addition, I was in charge of disposing unnecessary wrapping material and to collaborate with the manager in order to develop different strategies to increase productivity and efficiency.

b) Achievements

Devised a new product identification system that boosted the efficiency of operation with 40 percent.

c) Skills

  • Fork lift license
  • Know how to properly store items
  • Keep track of products, deliveries, inventories
  • Dispatch products based on schedule
  • Handle deadlines in a timely fashion
  • Stock products using an organized, efficient method
  • Use quality assurance policies to stock products in a clean environment.

September 2010 – July 2013 – Loader – US Foods, Montgomery, Alabama

a) Responsibilities

Kept logs of all products that were loaded in the delivery trucks and double checked to ensure all products are in order prior to delivery. In addition, I had to verify if the products are outdated or not before delivering them and to ensure that all security procedures are being followed.

Also, as part of my daily duties, I had to inspect the delivery trucks to see if everything is in order and rewrapped products that need to be rearranged for the delivery trip. Furthermore, I exhibited extra care when it comes to loading and unloading fragile products.

Other responsibilities included securing products and wrapping them as to avoid damage during deliver and reading blueprints and diagrams to make sure every delivery is in order.

b) Achievements

Loaded every product on time, in accordance with the transport’s manifest, thus receiving a positive feedback from my supervisors.

c) Skills

  • Cost-effective mindset.
  • Excellent manual dexterity.
  • Great physical condition.
  • Capacity to lift heavy items.


  • High school diploma.

4. Main Competencies

  • Proficiency in Office Pack
  • Knowledge of warehouse software systems
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Capacity to prioritize and multi-task
  • Basic numerical skills
  • In the possession of a valid Commercial Driver License (CDL)
  • Medical certification proving great physical condition.

5. Accomplishments

Trained many freshly-employed candidates and received positive feedback throughout my employment at this company.

6. Personal Objective

My goal is to get hired as a warehouse assistant or manager based on my work experience and accomplishments. Therefore, I believe I would be an asset for any company or employer that would consider hiring me.


In conclusion, the warehouse worker resume samples presented above aim to help you highlight your main competencies, skills, abilities and work experience using an attractive structure and clear template to catch your employer’s attention.

As a result, make sure to pay attention to the layout, since it will help you tremendously when writing your warehouse worker resume.

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