Warehouse Worker Cover Letter Samples

When it comes to drafting a cover letter for warehouse worker positions, referring to this article which provides you with two warehouse worker cover letter samples is a great way to start. The usual tasks of a warehouse worker are to receive and process incoming merchandise, pick and fill orders from stock, pack and ship orders, manage inventory, and keep warehouse merchandise organized. In many cases, workers are called upon to operate heavy machinery such as forklifts.

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Warehouse Worker Cover Letter Samples

Warehouse Worker Cover Letter Sample 1

Jerry Graham
3511 Palm Front Lane, Jacksonville, Florida, 20065
633 – 652 – 2214

Mr. Matthew DelRosa
Synergy Incorporated
885 Building C Gull Crossing, Jacksonville, Florida, 20065

Dear Mr. DelRosa,

I am strongly interested in obtaining the warehouse worker job you have available in your facility, which was posted on HireMeNow.com. I believe my profile closely matches your requirements and credentials, and I have a long background of working in a warehouse environment. I have a business degree from Florida State University, and I am confident my education and work ethic will benefit Synergy Incorporated.

I am currently employed at Brown’s Shipping as a warehouse associate, and have been performing my daily tasks at an exemplary level for the past five years. On a daily basis, I am responsible for preparing and processing orders and requests, performing maintenance on trucks and calling for repairs when necessary, completing reports, and keeping a safe working environment by ensuring all equipment is handled and put back properly. Additionally, I work with my team to sort, organize, and re-stock items as shipments come in.

In the years I have worked as a warehouse associate, I got several certifications. I am officially a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) accredited by the Association for Operations Management, and I also possess a Class A Commercial Driver’s License. To ensure I keep up to date with these achievements, I attend annual seminars and training programs. I am also proud to say that I have been selected as employee of the month on several occasions, due to my time management and leadership skills standing out above the rest.

As you read through my resume, you’ll find that I have many skills related to the requirements you have. I am a seasoned expert in loading and unloading merchandise, and I pay close attention to handling all products with care. Being skilled in inventory maintenance, I have developed and implemented several revolutionary techniques with my team. Additionally, I am familiar with OSHA issued safety guidelines, have remarkable computer skills, and am well versed with operating machines such as forklifts and docking equipment.

Noting that I share several core values with your company, I believe I would be the perfect fit for your team. My high energy and strong work ethic allow me to perform any job with a positive attitude. I understand that a warehouse worker’s job is demanding at times, but I am accustomed to these working conditions, as I have been in this field for several years. I look forward to discussing my candidacy with you further.

Jerry Graham

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Warehouse Worker Cover Letter Sample 2

Antwone Burlington
2778 Shell Strip Road, Tampa, Florida 20031
366 – 818 – 8225

Mrs. Harper St.Cloud
Uniquities Supply and Shipping
3664 Sandy Sholes Way, Tampa, Florida, 20031

Dear Mrs. St.Cloud,

I am writing to express my sincerest interest in the warehouse worker position you have listed on your company’s website. I was also referred to you by your recently retired employee, Mike Hudson. As a skilled and reliable professional, with experience working a wide range of general warehouse operations, I possess the experience and knowledge that allow me to offer my expertise, and build on the success of your company. I believe that the qualities you’re seeking are well aligned with my abilities and character.

In my present position of employment with Nail Head Distributors, I am responsible for a variety of tasks, such as unloading and loading trucks, stocking shelves, keeping inventory, and maintaining a clean and safe working environment. I also utilize industrial machinery such as forklifts, while adhering to safety procedures, to secure and move loads. Being well adept at using Microsoft Office Suit, I am also responsible for completing documentation write ups, reports, and responding to e-mails.

Perhaps my biggest achievement in my current position was being promoted to Operations Supervisor. It was through this position that I was able to develop and hone my leadership skills, and put into practice several techniques for employee management. Since taking on this role, the company has experienced a 15% increase in efficiency when it comes to loading and shipping merchandise.

My skills include being able to work collaboratively with fellow associates and management, to maximize efficiency and productivity. Through my experiences, I have mastered warehouse requirements and streamlined operations as if they were second nature. On a more personal level, I am physically fit, and possess good strength and hand dexterity. I am able to stand, stoop, lift, and move equipment for extended periods of time without strain. Additionally, I have a proven record of good attendance, punctuality, and ability to work overtime when needed.

I firmly believe that I will be able to learn a lot from a company like yours, which strives to reach excellency in every way. It is admirable that you set high industry standards for service and employee care. In this regard, I am very excited for the opportunity to discuss my candidacy further in person. I thank you for your time and consideration.

Antwone Burlington

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Cover letters are generally the first impression a company or future employer will have of you, so it’s important to take your time when drafting one. As a warehouse worker, it’s best to convey your physical abilities and past experiences working in similar facilities in your cover letter. In several cases, your will also need specific training and certifications for operating heavy machinery. Leave a comment down below sharing your own experiences writing a warehouse worker cover letter.

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