Paralegal Cover Letter Samples

The two downloadable cover letters in this article are designed for paralegals looking for employment, but uncertain about how to design a paralegal cover letter. Competition for paralegal positions is typically strong, so you will need a competitive cover letter in order to stand out to potential employers. Although not all paralegals have formal education, this is one step that will make you stand out, and should definitely be included in any paralegal cover letter. Any degree or certification should be mentioned as well.

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Paralegal Cover Letter Samples

Paralegal Cover Letter Sample 1

Rafael Adams
22 Easton Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 78963

Mr. Matthew Hogan
Daniels & Jones Law Offices
4477 W. Main Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 78963

Dear Mr. Hogan,

My alma mater, Terra Community College, recently had a notice on their paralegal job board about an opening in your office. I graduated from there in 2014, but frequently check their board for new opportunities. In addition to my associate’s degree in paralegal studies, I have 3 years of experience as a paralegal working in a corporate law office. Due to my education, training, and previous experience, I feel that I would greatly contribute to your legal team.

Presently, I am employed at Summers Law Firm. My responsibilities include assisting senior paralegals with research, and gathering all legal documents that might be required for trial. I also answer phones, and keep an orderly list of all calls that must be returned. Overall, my three years here have been years in which I have excelled at a fast-paced law firm, and have prioritized different demands in order to provide efficient legal service to all of our clients.

My ability to work in a team has led to my primary achievement in my current position. I have been able to collaborate with my office manager in order to reach a standardized billing practice that was previously missing. The estimated increase in profits is 15% in the 16 months since we implemented the policy. I have also introduced a variety of new accounts receivables procedures. These use spreadsheets to replace accounts that had previously been done by hand.

When listing my skills, I must mention my ability to work well within a team as my chief ability. Ensuring that our clients get the best legal help possible means that I must be able to work with lawyers, other paralegals, and frequently, a variety of professionals from other fields. I also highly value my ability to communicate with individuals regardless of their background. I am fluent in Spanish and English, and I am able to respect our clients, no matter what their specific situation may be.

I believe that I will be a positive addition to your firm. Thank you for looking over this cover letter, and for considering me for this position. I would love the opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you in person. At the time of the interview, I will be more than happy to provide you with references.

Rafael Adams

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Paralegal Cover Letter Sample 2

Chelsea Danvers
557 Columbus Parkway, Houston, Texas, 55532

Christopher Kane
Evans Law Firm
5534 Otter Drive, Houston, Texas, 55532

Dear Mr. Kane,

It is with great enthusiasm that I would like to apply for the position of head paralegal as advertised in The Houston Times. With fifteen years of experience as a paralegal, and five years of experience in a supervisory position, I am interested in expanding my supervisory duties at your firm. Your ad indicated that you wanted a paralegal with formal training, and I hold an associate’s degree in paralegal studies from Tate Community College, where I graduated from in 2002.

In my current position, my title is Senior Paralegal. I am involved in all parts of litigation support. This position has allowed me to serve as a representative and liaison for clients, witnesses, and the opposing counsel. I have been actively involved in the preparation of drafting discovery documents, summarizing medical records, and preparing legally mandated subpoenas. My additional duties include surveying jury panels in order to determine which potential jurors might not be good choices for our clients.

My greatest achievement as a Senior Paralegal is the ability to train others as part of my job. I have been able to instruct them on the proper ways to conduct legal research, medical records reviews, trial preparation, and overall document management. As a Senior Paralegal, I am also responsible for helping assess whether the new paralegals are making progress in their new duties. I have also pioneered in-house preparation of trial exhibits. This has reduced our vendor costs by 20%.

In my fifteen years of paralegal experience, I have worked with a variety of law professionals. I have gained skills in estate tax, bankruptcy, corporate, and real estate law. I’ve also worked and became familiar with the legal specifications surrounding marital settlements and child custody disputes. My legal research skills are superb, and I excel when I am allowed to work in a team environment.

I have attached my resume, so that you may review my qualifications in greater detail. I believe that my educational and work background make me an excellent choice to fill the supervisory paralegal position you have. If you would like to discuss my skills and experience in greater detail, I can be reached by phone, email, text, and via Skype.

Chelsea Danvers

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If you are interested in law, but don’t want to to attend law school, a job as a paralegal may be right for you. Paralegals are a vital part of the legal team. In addition to your education and training, you will want to highlight your research and team-oriented skills. If you have specific areas of legal expertise, you will want to include those in your cover letter as well. If you are a paralegal with experience in writing cover letters, what have you found to be helpful in writing your paralegal cover letter?

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