Sales Associate Cover Letter Samples

The purpose of this article is to provide you with two downloadable sales associate cover letter examples. If you are currently involved in a search for a sales associate position, creating the right cover letter should be a priority. Successful sales associates play important roles in retail companies by increasing customer satisfaction. In order to truly catch a potential employer’s eye, you will need to show that you are are capable of providing superior customer service. Teamwork skills are very important to emphasize when composing your own sales associate cover letter.

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Sales Associate Cover Letter Samples

Sales Associate Cover Letter Sample 1

Catherine Pierce
22 Winter Avenue, Savannah, Georgia, 74111

Lucas Andrews
Clancy’s Department Store
356 Charleston Street, Savannah, Georgia, 74111

Dear Mr. Andrews,

I would like to offer myself as a candidate for the sales associate position that you have advertised on your store’s website. Your ad indicates that you are primarily interested in someone who has at least three years of experience in a retail environment. Since graduating high school, I have worked in clothing retail stores in both Atlanta and Savannah. These environments have allowed me to become comfortable working with people from a variety of backgrounds, and for this reason, I feel that I would be a great asset to your company.

Currently, I work for Loretta’s Shoe Shop in Savannah. My job allows me to work with nearly 40 people every day. I help them determine the right pair of shoes, the right size, and the right style. I’m also responsible for stocking, replenishing, and organizing our inventory. Our store has two front window displays, and I am responsible for making sure those displays are assembled and orderly every day.

My primary achievement so far has been to reorganize the back storage room. Prior to my arrival at Loretta’s, the back storage room was a significant disaster, and it was impossible to find merchandise when customers wanted it. I was able to suggest a new and easy-to-implement solution that greatly reduced the amount of time we spent searching for new products.

As a worker at Loretta’s Shoe Shop, I have been able to increase my customer service skills. Since I have been working in retail environments for over ten years, I strongly feel that these skills are among my best assets. Customers have frequently commented on my ability to always greet them with a smile. I am also highly organized, and that is a skill that is essential in handling the busiest days in any retail environment.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your consideration of my employment application. I’ve enclosed my resume, which will give you more information about my prior customer service and retail experience. I will contact you within a week if I have not heard back from you, in order to discuss the possibility of an interview.

Catherine Pierce

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Sales Associate Cover Letter Sample 2

Morgan Alexander
2235 Penguin Avenue, Fairfax, Virginia, 74570

Mrs. Gail Garcia
Margo’s Clothing Superstore
5678 Allen Drive, Fairfax, Virginia, 74570

Dear Mrs. Garcia,

Your store’s website recently announced that you were looking for a part-time sales associate. I have four years of retail experience, and feel that I would be an excellent fit for your company. Both my experience and my willingness to work as part of a team to satisfy the customer will make me a valuable part of your work force.

In my current position, I am responsible for both answering telephone inquiries and greeting customers in person. My interactions with customers reach at least 30 people daily, and I view building this customer base as a very important part of my job. I have grown adept at assisting in marketing efforts by building a rapport with customers, and then casually inviting them to our store’s future events. Daily tasks, such as stocking, creating displays, and performing pricing mark downs are also part of my duties.

My quick complaint resolution has received recognition from my superiors. I was awarded “Best Customer Service Associate” two years in a row for my ability to resolve complaints, while still keeping customers happy. My monthly quotas for getting customers to sign up for credit cards has also been consistently met or exceeded.

In addition to my customer service skills, our store benefits from my fashion knowledge. Many of our customers come through the door with only a small idea about what they want to wear. I am able to answer any fashion questions they might have, and to suggest certain products to help them obtain the look they are trying to achieve. I’m also very detail-oriented and organized, and these are skills valuable to retail workers when they are stocking and building displays.

It is with great anticipation that I await your reply to this cover letter and my attached resume. Your ad indicated that you were interested in an individual with at least three years of customer service experience, and I fit this qualification. I would be happy to discuss my additional qualifications in person during an interview. Contact by both phone and email is acceptable.

Morgan Alexander

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One essential step to creating the perfect sales associate cover letter is to make sure you tailor the letter to the exact job you are seeking. If there is a certain set of skills that the employer is looking for, make sure to address those particular skills. These are just some of the tips that may work when writing a cover letter for sales associate jobs. What has worked for you?

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