Personal Trainer Cover Letter Samples

Creating a cover letter for a job as unique as a personal trainer may seem intimidating at first, but after looking over these two personal trainer cover letter examples, you’ll quickly be on your way to drafting your own. Most personal trainers work in a gym, and spent their time working one on one with clients. They are responsible for creating personalized fitness plans to help their clients achieve their goals, and demonstrating how to properly perform specific exercises and use specific equipment. Many personal trainers also carry a vast knowledge of nutrition.

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Personal Trainer Cover Letter Samples

Personal Trainer Cover Letter Sample 1

Gerald Brunswick
2355 Cat Trail Lane, Dover, New Jersey, 80552
626 – 335 – 4715

Mr. James O’Brian
Complete Fitness Gym
1469 Rolling Hills Way, Dover, New Jersey, 80552

Dear Mr. O’Brian,

Upon seeing the open position you have posted on your website for a personal trainer, I am writing to express my interest. For me, fitness provides an array of possibilities akin to physical and mental health. Needless to say, I take it quite seriously. I graduated from Rider University, and hold a degree in Exercise Science. I am confident that with my degree and experience, I would make an ideal candidate for your establishment.

I have been working as a personal trainer at Best You for the last several years, and though I have enjoyed my time, I am ready to expand my horizons. My regular duties include designing and implementing training programs that are tailored to fit any individual’s needs. Crafting detailed and highly effective diet plans in accordance to workouts is another way I help serve my clients. Additionally, I model and promote fitness regimes to gain firsthand experience, and keep myself informed on the latest findings.

My specialty lies in working with clients who are experiencing specific problems related to injury and obesity. I have become an expert in creating training programs and diet plans that derive the maximum benefits and promote quick changes. My clients have experience success under my programs, and are more than willing to personally attest to my effectiveness as a personal trainer. Another part of my job at Best You was to attract interest in the Pilates and Yoga classes we offer.

Aside from my vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition, I possess the ability to motivate and inspire clients, ultimately helping them reach their goals. My leadership skills are top notch, and I know how to work with a wide demographic of people. Being committed to my job is another one of my skills. I understand that all my clients deserve my full attention and energy, as well as a positive outlook. My communication skills have helped me build a strong and loyal client base, and I look forward to bringing this to your establishment as well.

Fitness is truly a passion of mine. I strive to help others reach their best selves, but never forget to work on my own personal development. My schedule is very flexible, and I would be able to meet with clients most days of the week, as well as on weekends. I look forward to discussing my credentials with you further. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Gerald Brunswick

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Personal Trainer Cover Letter Sample 2

Kiara Brown
7122 Wisteria Lane, Newark, New Jersey, 80561
626 – 552 – 3751

Mr. Brian Brand
Brand Fitness Facility of Excellence
3003 Blue Jay Road, Newark, New Jersey, 80562

Dear Mr. Brand,

I’m writing in reference to the personal trainer position you have posted on My experience easily aligns with the qualification and traits you are seeking at Brand Fitness. I graduated at the top of my class from New Jersey State University, with an honors degree in Exercise Science. I also hold a minor in Nutritional Studies. As a highly skilled personal trainer, I am certain I would make a valuable addition to your organization. I believe it is my personal duty to guide my clients into and through a fitness lifestyle.

Currently, I am employed at a fitness facility, Kick it Up, as a top rated personal trainer. I provide customized training programs and instruction on an individual and group level. I lead sessions while providing ongoing support and encouragement. By planning, implementing, and evaluating my dynamic programs, I am able to drive participant involvement in physical fitness, which allows me to analyze results and identify areas for improvement. Most importantly, I am an ambassador for living a healthy lifestyle.

I am proud to say that in the time I have worked with Kick it Up, I have accumulated an impressive foundation of 40 clients that I work with regularly. Additionally, I have increased overall gym memberships by 30% this last year. By focusing on the importance of mental health akin to physical health, Kick it Up’s yoga and meditation based classes have also increased by 50%.

I have no doubt that you will find my leadership skills to be impeccable. My people skills allow me to easily connect with clients, and provide them with a supportive and comfortable atmosphere, free of judgment. With my vast knowledge of nutrition and exercise, I am well adept in creating personalized fitness plans that work to help my clients effectively and safely reach their goals.

With my previous experience in fitness consulting, and my outstanding dedication to offering insightful guidance and support, I truly believe I could swiftly surpass your expectations for this role. I have come to find that many of my core values are reflected in your business, and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my credentials with you in person. Thank you for your time.

Kiara Brown

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Part of being a personal trainer is being a role model for good health. Being able to convey this in your personal trainer cover letter is important. Be sure to include any relevant education and experience you have in this field, and highlighting skills such as leadership and communication. Don’t forget to let us know what you would include in a cover letter for personal trainer positions in the comments.

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