Security Officer Cover Letter Samples

This article aims to provide you with two security officer cover letter examples to assist you as you write your own. First and foremost, the main responsibilities of a security officer are to maintain a safe and secure environment. This involves patrolling and monitoring the premises and personnel on their assigned location. Security officers must be aware of their surroundings at all time, in order to quickly and effectively respond to a large diversity of issues that could come up.

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Security Officer Cover Letter Samples

Security Officer Cover Letter Sample 1

Marc Needman
454 Unit C Fredrickson Road, Park City, Utah, 30021
454 – 315 – 4785

Mr. Kurt Sanders
Sanders Communications Incorporated
3002 Sunset Sky Avenue, Park City, Utah, 30021

Dear Mr. Sanders,

I’m writing in regard to the security officer position you have posted in the local paper. I was also referred to you by your recently retired employee, Alan Dreer. As I understand, he was a highly valued employee, so I am very humbled to have him as a personal reference. I have received ample on-the-job training from my previous positions, hold a state registration, and a firearm license. I hope that you will kindly accept this application, as I am a highly resourceful and skilled professional.

Currently employed with Gilded-Heart Hospital, I am responsible for monitoring the grounds and ensuring the safety of this 300 room compound. On a daily basis, I have the surveillance equipment checked and updated/repaired as needed. My leadership skills allow me to easily manage my security team, and create an optimal schedule resulting in full security coverage at all times. Additionally, I am responsible for inspecting suspicious equipment and persons, handling conflicts, and removing individuals from the facility when needed.

During my time at Gilded-Heart, I have mastered conflict resolution, and have successfully implemented several techniques that converted conflict scenarios into positive outcomes. Due to my attention to detail and careful schedule planning, this year alone, I have saved the company a little over $5,000 on payroll, by cutting out unnecessary expenses.

As you will see in my resume, I am proficient in driving safety, security, and loss prevention; all of which I am confident will enhance your current company assets. My strong work ethic comes from the pure dedication I have for this career, and I know I can offer an enthusiastic perspective to this position. I believe you will also find my certifications in CPR and self-defense skills of value. While I remain a generally friendly and approachable person, I am always alert and aware of my surroundings, and possess a heightened intuition.

Given my credentials, experience, and skills, I believe I would be of significant value to you and your company. I am truly passionate about creating and maintaining a safe environment for all, and have found this type of job to be, personally, very fulfilling. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to discussing my candidacy with you in person.

Marc Needman

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Security Officer Cover Letter Sample 2

Kale Rutherford
8255 Peace Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, 30015
424 – 553 – 3711

Mr. Diego Garcia
Specter News Headquarters
9001 Green Hedge Way, Salt Lake City, Utah, 30015
Dear Mr. Garcia,

I am writing to express my deep interest in the security officer position you have listed on Having over 10 years of experience in this field, I believe I am not only well adept to perform this job at the highest level, but that you will find my work ethic to be superior. I possess the required registrations and a firearm license, both of which I keep updated by attending annual upkeep training programs. I am confident that with my experience and field related skills, I will be able to significantly benefit you and your company.

I currently work for City Square Mall, as their head security officer. I ensure the safety, security, and overall well-being of all visitors and personnel on and around the 1,300,532 square foot premises. I am responsible for preventing and effectively responding to emergency situations such as theft, property damage, assault, and fire, taking into account local, state, and federal regulations. Additionally, I am responsible for providing excellent customer service, and adhering to all company operating and service standards.

Since taking on this position at City Square Mall, I am proud to say that I have reduced the crime rate by over 60%. Through educating my team and skillful organization, I have successfully implemented highly effective conflict resolution techniques. Additionally, I host monthly training seminars to help my security team learn how to quickly spot suspicious activity, and respond to it before a crime is executed.

Overall, I maintain a highly procedure-focused mindset, and this is responsible for helping me optimize security services and reduce violations. I am well adept at problem solving, and am well attuned to my surroundings. I possess combat and self-defense skills, and am also certified in CPR While I take directions well, I can easily work independently. However, I also understand the value of a good team, and jump at the opportunity to work with others.

As a potential employee of Specter News Headquarters, I hope to improve your security, and maintain a productive work environment. Being a highly competent security officer, I know I will bring a hard-working and service-focused attitude to this role. You will find that I meet all your requirements, so I hope to have the opportunity to discuss my resume with you soon. I look forward to hearing from you, and I thank you for your time and consideration.

Kale Rutherford

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With this type of job being more dangerous than others, it is imperative that those seeking to be a security officer are thoroughly trained on procedures and regulations, and understand how to handle difficult and dangerous situations effectively. Be sure to include any training, registrations, and licenses you have obtained in your security officer cover letter to set yourself apart from other applicants. Share your experience writing a cover letter for security officer jobs down below.

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