Account Manager Cover Letter Samples

If you’re unsure where to start while writing an account manager cover letter, refer back to this article for two account manager cover letter examples. One the biggest responsibilities of an account manager is to develop solid long-term relationships and a client portfolio. Account managers act as the liaise between customers and internal teams, to ensure the successful delivery of solutions in a timely manner that meets the client’s needs. They must be good at planning, organization, attention to detaild, and customer service.

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Account Manager Cover Letter Samples

Account Manager Cover Letter Sample 1

Janice Littleton
175 Oak Farms Lane, Marietta, Georgia, 30211
811 – 369 – 1147

Mr. Roy Fillmore
Firm of Fillmore & Reech
611 White Fence Road, Marietta, Georgia, 30211

Dear Mr. Fillmore,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere interest in your Account Manager job position. I am a graduate of the University of West Georgia, and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Finances. I also have more than seven years of experience in managing, maintaining, and creating relationships with clients, and leading various sales teams. I am a sales-driven individual, with a dedicated, enthusiastic, and methodical approach towards generating contracts and seeking inbound leads.

At my current employer, JD Accounts, I am responsible for expanding and maintaining business relationships with important clients, meeting sales quotas, and accomplishing assigned strategic account objectives. Additionally, I also give regular sales presentations to high-level executives, provide clients with excellent service and support, analyze feedback for improvement, and market research with senior staff.

My achievements at JD Accounts have taught me a lot about leadership and efficiency. During this past tax season, I created an organized filing system that was responsible for increasing the overall profit and productivity within the office. I also had the opportunity to lead a small team of accountants through a training program that focused on strategic relationship building and team work, and that resulted in a 40% increase in new clients, due to our newly implemented practices.

I pride myself on my public relations and communication skills. Having diverse sales experiences has provided me with many opportunities to learn from a variety of consumer situations. Other skills I excel at are presentation skills, computer proficiency, and team management. Additionally, I possess strong sales skills, and have a proven track record of meeting and surpassing sales goals.

All in all, I believe you will find that I can offer you superior negotiation and presentation skills, along with a keen eye for identifying new business opportunities and closing deals. I am eager to bring my valuable work ethic to you and your business. Humbly, I look forward to discussing my candidacy with you further. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Janice Littleton

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Account Manager Cover Letter Sample 2

Randy Meeks
446 Long Strand Road, Atlanta, Georgia, 30213
811 – 322 -5747

Mr. Grant Turbis
Hillmore Estate Accounting
5220 Apple Gate Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, 30213

Dear Mr. Turbis,

It with great enthusiasm that I am writing to you today to express my interest in the account manager position you have posted on your company’s website. As a graduate of the University of Georgia, I hold an honors degree in Accounting, as well as eight years of experience in this field. Given my professional experience and educational background, I strongly believe it would significantly benefit your company to have me as a team member.

Being employed with Tax-File & Co. has taught me a lot about time management and fostering relationships with clients, new and old. My main responsibilities include understanding the key requirements of clients and developing plans accordingly, coordinating the involvement of other departments to ensure account objectives and expectations are met, and assisting in the planning of financial milestones and performance goals. I also focus on maintaining a high customer-satisfaction rating, and completing assignments in a timely fashion.

During my time at Tax-File & Co., I was able to hone my customer service and relationship building skills through strategically implemented techniques. I am proud to say I have currently developed an impressive foundation of over 50 regular clients, and rank among the top 5% in terms of performance in my district. I have also had the chance to present and share my techniques with others through an annual professional development seminar.

As a very driven individual, I prefer to take initiative in all situations, especially those that involve team work. I am well adept at communicating with all types of people. I truly enjoy working with the public on a social and business level. Being a self-motivator, I have the ability to work and meet deadlines unsupervised, but I take directions well too. Other skills I possess are organizational, analytical, and writing. You will find that I also have a track record of good attendance and punctuality.

My professional skill set and expansive knowledge of this field give me enough reason to confidently believe that I would be a great fit for your talented team. As you read my resume, you will find that I meet every qualification, and have other valuable talents to contribute as well. I am enthusiastic to meet in person and discuss my candidacy with you further.

Randy Meeks

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A background in accounting and finances is required when drafting an account manager cover letter, so highlight any education and experiences you have that relate to this field. Skills such as relationship building, time management, and multitasking are also seen as valuable, and will stand out to potential employers. What do you think anyone should include in their cover letter for account manager positions? Leave a comment down below!

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