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Account Manager Resume Samples

If you want to land a job as an Account Manager, then we have prepared two Account Manager Resume Samples that will surely get you noticed. The first thing you need to remember when putting together your AM resume is that you have to demonstrate you are more than capable of turning proposals into reality.

Next stop is showing that you have experience in more than one sector and that you can handle all sorts of tasks they may throw your way. Apart from that, you must also show that you have the ability to organize, plan, control, and monitor different projects as well as their processes.

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Account Manager Resume Sample 1

Troy Pike

1878 Williams Avenue, Newhall, California, 91321


A. Summary

Hard working and highly focused Account Manager who has an outstanding record when it comes to client service as well as service generation. I am fully capable of managing several projects at the same time showing the same amount of efficiency and accuracy. Apart from all that, I can either work independently or as part of a team of Account Managers, as I have done both these things in the past. I am currently looking for a company that wants to grow and is looking for an Account Manager to help it on its way to greatness.

B. Working Experience

  • May 2011 – January 2017 – The Delgado Pritchett Building Company, Newhall, California

Responsibilities: Performing all the account tasks on a daily basis. Review and manage the revenue forecasts either on a daily or weekly basis as per the manager’s requirements. Overseeing the analysis as well as resolutions of the billing discrepancies. When needed or on a regular basis, conducted performance audits so as to improve the way the teams performed on different projects. Kept the client communication logs, maintained, updated, and oversaw them. Communicated with clients so as to determine what budgets were needed for each project. If needed, provide some assistance when reports for the upper management were built. Provided consultation for clients if they asked for it, including in house. Responded to all the clients’ queries and researched for it.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • Graduated in 2010 from the University of Newhall, California, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

D. Job Related Skills

  • Over six years of experience in Account Management
  • A Business Degree from a top University in California
  • Proven record of maximizing a business’ value via comparable solution sales
  • Very skilled when it comes to strategizing and implementing account strategies
  • Networking as a very strong point. Can cultivate durable relationships that will help further the company along.
  • Leadership abilities
  • Exceptional negotiation skills that have proven valuable when working with clients

E. General Skills

  • Knowledge of Account Management Software
  • Very proficient in the Microsoft Office package especially Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Loyal
  • I speak three languages: English, Spanish, and Japanese
  • Discreet
  • Fun
  • Team Player
  • Hard Worker

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Account Manager Resume Sample 2

Joyce Zahn

4810 Turkey Pen Lane, Lafayette, California, 94549


A. Summary

A very skilled and devoted Marketing Account Manager who focuses on maximizing sales by managing and organizing all the accounts very logically and systematically. A very professional individual who believes that dedication and consistency are the path to a very successful business partnership. I consider that my strongest point is to easily introduce new products by being very persuasive.

B. Working Experience

  • August 2014 – Present – The Melonade Agency, Lafayette, California

Responsibilities: Writing, developing, and presenting business proposals to ongoing as well as prospective clients. Negotiating deals of all the marketing campaigns with external partners such as media as well as existing clients. Monitoring and mediating campaigns in order to determine if they are effective enough and if they need any changes. Create marketing and media plans that will then be presented to customers. Research and assess the market competition and its position so that I can develop an efficient tactical marketing plan which will help build the client’s revenue. Manage multiple projects at the same time in an effective manner while allowing the schedule to continue rolling.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • Graduated from the University of Oxford in Oxford, England, in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. My studies included Finance, Marketing, Business Communication, Macroeconomics, International Business, Research, B2B, and Consumer Behaviour.

D. Job Related Skills

  • Cold calling as well as prospecting the market for new and potential clients
  • Account development in a strategic way
  • Product placement as well as product training
  • Extremely orientated toward the customer and his needs
  • I possess a proven sales track record
  • Very skilled when it comes to relationship selling
  • Able to formulate quotes very easily

E. General Skills

  • Extremely good interpersonal skills
  • Very strong communicator
  • I am an expert in MS Office, especially Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • Team player
  • Able to lead and take initiate without being told to do so
  • Proactive
  • Perfect for sales pitches

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If you want your resume to look this god, all you need to do is to download one or both our Account Manager resume samples. Use the information found within and combine it with your personal data to get to the desired result.

Don’t forget to mark your greatest achievements in bold, so as to pop out of the page, for your employer to see. If you can, use as many numbers and figures as you can, as they are easier to read and remember. Talk about how many accounts you’ve handled so far, how many campaigns, number of satisfied clients, sales, pitches, increases in product sales and so on. Your dream job is only a step away with our easy to use Account Manager resume samples.

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