Entry Level Engineering Cover Letter Samples

Entry level jobs in the field of engineering can be quite competitive, so this article offers two entry level engineering cover letter examples that can guide you through writing your own. Since there is such a wide array of engineering categories, the responsibilities of an engineer vary heavily. However, they can expect tasks such as monitoring the activities of construction and design teams, testing products for quality, and conducing surveys for constructive feedback on projects.

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Entry Level Engineering Cover Letter Samples

Entry Level Engineering Cover Letter Sample 1

Lynn Merdock
7754 Wide Dock Lane, Middletown, Delaware, 95112
525 – 621 – 7830

Mr. Franklin Vestbose
Synergy Connections
1201 Prudent Place, Middletown, Delaware, 95112

Dear Mr.Vestbose,

I am writing in regard to the entry level engineering position you have available with Synergy Connections. As a recent 2017 graduate from The University of Delaware, I hold a joint degree in Environmental and Mechanical Engineering. With my intensive educational background and extensive amount of hands on training and field work internships, I meet all your requirements, and I am confident in my ability to exceed your expectations.

I am currently serving as an assistant mechanical engineer for Straight Start Equipment. While this job has been a great catalyst in developing my career, I am ready to explore the field of engineering deeper, and take on more responsibilities. My daily tasks include overseeing all equipment manufacturing processes, testing products and analyzing their effectiveness, taking inventory, and developing prototypes and product designs alongside the design team.

One of my greatest impacts during my time with Straight Start Equipment was updating the inventory system. I brought it up to the modern age, and went fully electronic. My system cut the time needed to take inventory by over 40%, while also decreasing inventory errors by 55%. The system I created requires less people, which also cut company spending by 30%. I am proud to say that my inventory system is now being implemented in all branches down the East Coast, with the implication that it will make its way to the branches across the country.

I am very passionate when it comes to the field of engineering, and this is reflected in my strong work ethic. My superior organizational and communication skills help me clearly articulate ideas on a technical, written, and visual level. As you read through my resume, you will find that I am computer literate, and have a firm understanding of IT systems. While I work well as in individual, I also understand the value of collaboration, and can serve as a positive and motivational team member.

I firmly believe that I would be an ideal candidate for your team. Although I am a recent graduate, I am able to bring many fresh and current concepts to the table. While I understand that all businesses vary, I can assure you that with my adaptable nature, I will be able to easily transition to serving your company. I look forward to discussing my credentials with you in person, and I thank you for your time.

Lynn Merdock

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Entry Level Engineering Cover Letter Sample 2

Alex Higgens
3003 Unit A East 56th Street, Newark, Delaware, 95122
525 – 866 – 4524

Mr. Nathan Kilter
Industrial Industries
8552 City Scape Way, Newark, Delaware, 95122

Dear Mr. Kilter,

It is with great enthusiasm that I am writing to you today to express my interest in the entry level engineering position you have open within your esteemed company. As a graduate of the University of Delaware, I hold a degree in Civil Engineering, and have been employed as one for the last year and a half. As an exceptionally hard worker, I know that my vast knowledge of civil engineering and unique skill set will be of much value to you and your company.

Currently, I am employed by City Run Corporation as a civil engineer. On a daily basis, I am tasked with tracking projects to ensure they are being completed in a timely manner, and within the given budget, consulting with clients about their vision and goals, collaborating with architects and subcontractors, investigating potential sites, and using a wide range of software to create designs. Additionally, I am responsible for budgeting materials needed for projects, and scheduling their deliveries.

Being friendly by nature, and a well informed individual within my field of work, I am proud to say that during my time with City Run Corporation, I developed an impressive list of 25 regular clients. My ability to create new relationships and maintain them has led to a 40% increase in company clients within this last year. In addition, I also founded a system for ordering materials that cut out many unnecessary “middle man” transfers, to ensure materials and equipment arrived faster and cut spending by 30%.

As you read through my resume, you will find that I am a very analytical individual, with solid mathematical and IT skills. I am a strong critical thinker, and am able to view problems from many points of view. In addition, my verbal and written communication skills are exceptional, and I find it easy to collaborate with a wide demographic of people and professionals. I also possess time management skills, and have the ability to work within deadlines and strict budgets.

I am confident that you will find that I can greatly benefit you and your company, and I look forward to bringing my valuable skills to your team. Please contact me for any further information on my experience and achievements. Thank you for your consideration and time.

Alex Higgens

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Many entry level engineering positions require developing projects, preparing repots, and estimating budgets. Due to this, potential employers often seek applicants with strong entry level engineering cover letters. If job experience is where you’re lacking when it comes to an entry level position, list all relevant course work and internships you have finished. Don’t forget to tell us down below what you would include in an entry level engineering cover letter.

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