Personal Trainer Resume Samples

Here are two personal trainer resume samples that will help you secure the position you desire. A fitness trainer is a person usually hired by fitness companies. He or she has to help the clients with their fitness routines, lose weight, gain body mass or get back into shape. Apart from fitness companies, a personal trainer can also be hired by an individual for personal time, with hourly, weekly or monthly rates.

Take a look at the personal trainer resume samples we have prepared for you below. They will aid you in understanding how your CV should look like and prepare you to get the job you want.

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Personal Trainer Sample 1

Sandra Huffaker

1595 Mayo Street, Union, Kentucky, 41091


A. Summary

Resourceful and dedicated Personal Trainer with 10 years’ experience performing in various environments related to fitness. Very adept when it comes to counseling clients with regards to their body fat analysis, what they need in terms of nutrition, how to properly use the fitness equipment in the gym or in their personal homes, and what types of exercise are best suited for them. Excellent at conducting personalized workout routines, that are built in accordance with each and every client’s needs and expectations. First Aid and CPR certified.

B. Working Experience

  • May 2007 – January 2017 – Mind, Body & Soul Fitness Inc. – Union, Kentucky

Responsibilities: Receive every client and interview them to determine what their needs and expectations are with regards to their time at the gym. Design, develop and implement a workout routine as well as a dietary plan based on the customer’s needs which can help him or her achieve the goals he has. Encourage clients to engage in their exercises. Conduct periodic assessments to see how the workout routine is going. Support the clients in achieving their fitness goals as well as the physical appearance they are striving for. If needed, demonstrate how to perform a certain exercise. Show how to use a machine. Give advice to all clients on their nutrition and dietary needs.

Achievements: Managed to maximize the club’s profits by introducing Kangoo Jumps and Yoga. The memberships for these new programs were bought by more than 60% of all patrons. Organized and managed special and personal training classes for 4 local celebrities who then endorsed and recommended the club.

C. Education and Academic Training

Graduated from Union State College in Union, Kentucky, in 2007. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education. I majored in Exercise Science.

D. Job Related Skills

  • Expertise in fitness equipment
  • Personal program development
  • Able to perform personalized life and body assessments
  • Weight management expert
  • Yoga instructor
  • Kangoo Jumps instructor
  • Weight training
  • Specialized in dance classes
  • Familiarity with nutritional supplements
  • Knowledge of Pilates

E. General Skills

  • Very sociable and likable person
  • Responsible
  • Discreet
  • Willing to sign an NDA
  • Punctual
  • Optimistic attitude
  • Professional
  • Team player
  • Great with children and elderly people

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Personal Trainer Sample 2

Janice Dalessio

4970 Lilac Lane, Statesboro, Georgia, 30458


A. Summary

Very energetic Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, both individual and group, with a strong background concerning Pilates, Yoga, Kangoo Jumps, running, weights, as well as dance instructions. Highly motivated when it comes to helping others reaching their fitness as well as their health goals. Promotes coping methods and activities that help clients transform their unhealthy habits into healthy ones that can help both their bodies and their minds.

B. Working Experience

  • April 2013 – Present – Studio 68 Fitness & Yoga Center, Statesboro, Georgia

Responsibilities: Design each course so that it is in accordance with the attendants’ skills and ability to learn. Prepare the teaching and working out area for every class. Return the used equipment to the storage room when the class is finished. Monitor both the attendance to every class as well as size, so as to gauge promotions and their effectiveness. Promote the studio’s services, classes, products, and programs to all participants. Attend meetings with the owners of the studio to brainstorm ideas for new classes and programs. Maintain my own optimal physical condition, so as to be of better services to the patrons as well as serve as an inspiration. Work one on one with special clients if they requested personal services from the studio.

Achievements: Reorganized all the personal training programs that were being used by the other personal trainers in the company and reduced the time needed to get the same results by introducing or devising new exercises and routines. I received the Trainer of the Month Award 6 times, in three different years, 2014, 2015, and 2016 from the Fitness and Training Academy in Georgia.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • An ACSM fitness and health instructor
  • Certified Group Exercise Instructor
  • Certifications for both First Aid and CPR
  • Certification for ACE Group Fitness

D. Job Related Skills

  • Able to conduct body fat analysis
  • Skilled in giving nutritional counseling
  • Able to develop individual fitness programs for every client, based on their needs
  • Effective in teaching and training the clients how to work out by showing them how the machines work and how to perform the exercises correctly so as not to injure themselves
  • Very good at monitoring the patrons while they perform their exercises and routines.
  • Vast experience in providing advice when it comes to nutrition, health, and lifestyle to patrons who want to change their habits and become healthier and fitter.
  • Able to implement the safety routines inside the facility
  • Competent when it comes to devising new exercises to help the clients.

E. General Skills

  • Friendly
  • Enthusiastic
  • Able to create a positive environment
  • Healthy and fit image that will inspire the clients
  • Willing to make house calls
  • Able to work over time, during the weekends or holidays.

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When you fill out your personal trainer resume, make sure you don’t forget to put in that you are also skilled when it comes to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Working in a fitness center is not all about physical exercise. Take a look at the personal trainer resume samples we’ve provided above and use the content to create a sparkling resume!

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