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If you happen to be a chef, then you already know just how important presentation really is. Typically, you do all that is in your power to make every single dish you put out as presentable as possible. Therefore, when it comes to presenting yourself via a chef resume, you should take the same perfectionist approach.

Still, while you do know that your chef resume is crucial, you might not be entirely sure just how to make it look as delicious as your plates do. This is where we come in, with these comprehensive two chef resume samples, that will help you secure the position you have in mind.

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Chef Resume Sample 1

Sarah Best

4469 Bungalow Road, Nebraska City, Nebraska, 68410


A. Summary

An experienced chef who is looking for a position within a restaurant that is keen on hiring only the most talented and knowledgeable chefs and on providing only the best meals to its patrons. I am very calm, have a pleasant personality, a huge passion for good food and a vast knowledge of wines. Working in a busy kitchen is one of my greatest pleasures. I also love seeing the happy faces of people who are enjoying my dishes. I am a natural leader and, therefore, am able to delegate tasks and see that they are carried out well.

B. Working Experience

  • May 2011 – Present – Taylor’s Smokehouse, Nebraska City, Nebraska

Responsibilities: Cooking meals for clients which are nutritious, balanced, and very tasty. Assisting in the preparation of dishes with the supervision of the Head Chef, deciding the portions as well as the quantities of food that needed to be cooked, making dishes for clients that had special wishes or dietary needs and restrictions, seeing that all the staff in the kitchen always wore the appropriate clothing and headpieces while making the food, negotiating the prices of supplies with the sales representatives, making sure that the restaurant always had the correct level of supplies, frozen, fresh, and dried foods in all the store rooms.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • BA (Hons) in Professional Culinary Arts from the Nebraska North University

D. Job Related Skills

  • Menu Setting
  • Special Events Management
  • Hygiene insurance
  • Stock Management
  • Cost Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Quality Control
  • Customer Service
  • Order Synchronization
  • Recipe Amendments
  • Hospitality training
  • Scheduling

E. General Skills

  • Creative flair
  • Very self-motivated
  • Eager to learn new culinary practices
  • Very good communicator
  • Team player
  • Knowledge of first aid
  • Bilingual – English and German
  • Physically able to work standing for a long period
  • Able to lift heavy objects
  • Can estimate with accuracy both labor and food costs

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Chef Resume Sample 2

Adam Ramos

4145 Cunningham Court, Birmingham, Michigan, 48011


A. Summary

An experienced chef who has a very distinctive and unique background as opposed to other applicants. My biggest desire is to have a very long and successful career in the culinary domain. Apart from that, my expertise, paired with a natural enthusiasm is what allows me to invent new and creative dishes that other chefs have not thought of so far. I can also create very exciting menus, giving clients a wide variety of unforgettable choices.

B. Working Experience

  • April 2009 – Present – The Green Dragon Restaurant and Bar, Birmingham, Michigan.

Responsibilities: Running the daily operations of the kitchen, developing the menu and preparing the food items, overseeing as well as participating in the preparation of the food, calculating the quantities of food to be prepared and served per day, make sure that the expenditures for the food and necessities were within the budget, teach, train, coach, and help the kitchen staff, make sure that the proper standards of sanitation were being followed.

Achievements: Won Chef of Chefs Award thanks to my outstanding culinary services and innovative ideas. I ushered in new standards for presenting and delivering food. I participated with another chef in making a 20-foot pizza which got honored in the Guinness World Records Book.

  • June 2007 – January 2009 – Wheatberry Restaurant & Tavern, Birmingham, Michigan

Responsibilities: Worked as an Assistant Sous Chef. I assisted the restaurant’s executive chef in all the areas that involved producing and cooking the food. Managed the facility which could house up to 100 patrons at a time. Prepared the grilled food on a daily basis for the poolside restaurant part of the establishment, which could house more than 150 clients. I oversaw a team of five workers. Involved in the planning, implementing, and coordinating all the holiday functions and special events. Performed the hygiene duties and cleanliness routines in a timely manner.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • Graduated from the Red Star Culinary School in Birmingham, Michigan in 2006

D. Job Related Skills

  • Outstanding cooking skills
  • Up to date with the latest cooking techniques
  • The ability to handle food preparing and cooking for a facility that can house up to 150 people
  • Knowledge of wines and spirits
  • Training as a pastry chef
  • Cake decorating
  • Outstanding plating skills
  • Experience in making Chinese and Japanese food, including sushi and sashimi
  • Amazing skills in grilling meats and vegetables
  • Knowledge of international cheeses
  • Outstanding baker

E. General Skills

  • Calm and composed
  • Ability to work very well under pressure
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Willing to work extra hours, including very early in the morning
  • Ability to travel for professional purposes
  • I speak three languages – English, Spanish, and Norwegian
  • Team player
  • Strong attention when it comes to hazard control points
  • Outstanding ability to go through a high volume of work in a very fast-paced environment
  • Ability to resist stress
  • Positive attitude
  • Lovable personality
  • Extensive knowledge of food trivia, culture, and history

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Even though having outstanding cooking skills might seem enough to secure a position in a restaurant or hotel, that is far from the truth. Your chef resume sample should also include skills such as leadership, organization, a good palate, creativity, and being able to work for very long hours. Use our chef resume samples to help you secure the position you covet! Apart from that, you can also take a look at our Restaurant Manager resume samples for more inspiration.

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