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A paralegal assists lawyers with legal proceedings. The job of a paralegal implies an in-depth knowledge of the legal system and the common laws a lawyer has to deal with. The paralegal resume samples listed below will offer you more information about the skills and qualifications associated with this job as well as the requirements, objectives and work experience a paralegal usually has.

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A detailed and well-construct paralegal resume will help you secure a high-paying position.

Paralegal Resume Sample 1

Name: Terry M. Chestnut

Address: 2872 School Street, Washington, Washington DC 20011

Phone Number: (202) 882 5538


1. Summary

Professional paralegal, with an experience of 5 years in the field. Excellent communication skills as well as in-depth knowledge of the legal system and the different laws specific for every U.S. state in particular.

2. Work Experience

April 2013 – Present – Paralegal –  State of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland

a) Responsibilities

Offered support for transactional and litigation attorneys and perform legal research depending on the case handled by attorneys. In addition, I was also in charge of  preparing legal documents on behalf of the litigation/transactional attorneys.

Among other responsibilities was drafting legal documents for court proceedings in a timely fashion. Furthermore, I made use of his organizational skills to file legal documents in a more efficient way.

Moreover, I was also tasked with handling the electronic filing systems for federal courts. Finally, during my employment, I made proof of possessing advanced know how to multi-task and handle high volume of work. Other responsibilities included handling case reporting, filing and legal case study.

b) Achievements

Write legal memoranda while respecting the firm’s policies and procedures. In addition, I helped with trial preparation, document production and legal research.

c) Skills

  • Draft legal documents.
  • Research legal matters.
  • Contest liability.
  • Manage legal documents.
  • Apply basic copywriting rules.


November 2011 – April 2013 – Paralegal – Pacific Life, Newport Beach, California

a) Responsibilities

Had to frequently report  to Assistant Corporate Secretary. In addition, I  provided legal support to different departments within the company.

Furthermore, my responsibilities extended to analyzing and researching legal cases, questions and issues and to revie/draft the board resolutions.  In addition, I also kept the corporate records in order and applied legal knowledge to different complex processes.

Other responsibilities included  attending committee meetings, drafting materials in accordance with current regulations, and preparing different documents for filing systems. Furthermore, I offered  support and participate in different projects.

b) Achievements

Aided the company in implementing new law procedures and policies.

c) Skills

  • Apply basic copywriting rules.
  • Basic legal research.
  • Manage legal documents.
  • Draft legal documents.

3. Education:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law.
  • University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona 2011.

4. Main Competencies:

  • In-depth understanding of common laws and the legal system
  • Capable to assist any lawyer with thorough research work
  • Able to perform administrative tasks (filing, organizing documents)
  • Knowledge of court proceedings, local and federal laws
  • Capable of drafting legal documents and keep the inventory of cases
  • Proficient in MS Office and Excel as well as other writing software

5. Accomplishments:

Managed to research legal matters in a timely fashion, helping the case. In addition, I came up with an efficient filing system to find legal documents easier.

6. Personal objective:

The main paralegal resume objective I aim for is to get hired as a paralegal in a law firm or for a lawyer that needs a professional paralegal with experience in the field.

Paralegal Resume Sample 2

Name: Karen G Moore

Address: 1575 Stadium Drive, Worchester, Massachusetts

Phone: (508) 281 7402


1. Summary

Highly skilled paralegal with a work experience that spans 3 years and with a thorough understanding and knowledge of the legal, federal system and the different laws that apply to different states in the U.S. In addition, I possesses excellent organizational skills, being more than capable of coming up with efficient filing systems for different legal documentation.

2. Work Experience

December 2014 – Present – Paralegal – PETCO, San Diego, California

a) Responsibilities

Offered administrative and legal support for the organization, which meant handling litigation, contracts and managing corporate governance. In addition, I supported attorneys with research, organized and compiled documents.

Furthermore, I was also tasked with preparing legal documents and report to the attorneys and kept corporate record books and double checked files.

In charge of conducting research and with compiling legal references to save attorneys time. Other responsibilities included drafting statements and sending them to attorneys for review and approval.

Finally, I helped attorneys with schedule, time management and travel arrangements.

b) Achievements

Handled a complex litigation case without being supervised. In addition, I have expedited each case with no delay, thus received positive feedback from the customers.

c) Skills

  • Fast typing speed.
  • Capacity to handle a high volume of work.
  • Able to acquire information quickly.
  • Easily adapt to a fast paced, stressful environment.
  • Impressive understanding of current regulations and legal system.
  • Outstanding legal research skills done so as to meet tight deadlines.
  • Ability to draft legal documents and to create efficient filing systems.
  • Knowledge of different law office tasks and company procedures.
  • Experienced with property law and its regulations.
  • Used to drafting court case related documents.
  • Capable of providing assistance to lawyers in courtrooms.

February 2013 – December 2014 – Paralegal – Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Brooklyn, New York

a) Responsibilities

Performed  trademark research and communicated with the manager and attorneys regularly. In addition,I informed attorneys of the status of various projects.

Handle memoranda of law and other files and documents. Used electronic resources such as Westlaw. Met deadlines by using an internal tracking system.

Did routine legal research and compiled data. In addition, I also put the general knowledge regarding the legal system to use and coordinated materials and research data to handle different cases.

Was in charge of  summarizing depositions and court proceedings and, as part of my responsibilities, I also had to add notes and comments to different legal cases and issues. Finally, I was responsible of entering data in the computer system from physical documents.

b) Achievements

Researched numerous case files and prepared the necessary court documentation without supervision.

c) Skills

  • Highly skilled when it comes to Office Pack.
  • Fast typing speed and capacity to multi-task.
  • International law background.
  • In-depth knowledge of federal and state laws.
  • Fluency in French and German.
  • Ability to conduct research using Lexis software.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in International Law
  • City University of New York, New York

4. Main Competencies

  • Use of specialized software for legal research purposes.
  • Ability to draft and revise legal documents.
  • MS Office proficiency.
  • Proven knowledge of local and international laws.
  • Ability to perform various clerical tasks.

5. Accomplishments

Delivered all documents on time, and, as a result, received positive feedback from clients and employer.

6. Personal Objective

The main paralegal resume objective I aim for is to get hired as a paralegal in a competitive law firm or for a lawyer that needs a professional paralegal with experience in the field.


The paralegal resume samples you have just read have a well-defined structure, allowing you to easily highlight your skills, educational background, work experience, objectives and abilities. Therefore, make sure you follow the structure as it is.

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