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A server resume should quickly convince an employer that you are the right person for the job. Given the limited time many people usually spend as a food server/ waiter/ waitress before they move on to a better-paid job, it is imperative that you focus only on the essentials in your CV. An employer will most likely suspect that this is a temporary employment solution for you and might be extra selective when it comes to finding an efficient employee to cope with the stress of handling food serving in a restaurant or diner.

In this guide, we will show you two server resume samples, specifically tailored to maximize your chances of landing a job. As mentioned, we will focus on the specific skills which employers look for. Given the high number of applicants, it is imperative that your skills and experience are conspicuous and carefully worded.

In addition, after we’ve presented the templates, we will also touch upon a number of key tips which will help you not only in drafting a great resume but also in better preparing yourself for a potential interview.

Server Resume Sample 1 

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Michelle Richards

486 Lake Rd, Albany, NY, 1733

(220) 667 987 239

A. Summary

I am a hard-working and experienced worker, with more than 2 years of experience in serving at restaurants and diners. I am looking for a job where I can put my skills and experience to good use. As such, I am very familiar with all the procedures and specificities related to working in a restaurant and I am well able to handle the packed workloads which usually occur during rush hours.

B. Work Experience

  • June 2015 – Present, Head Waitress, John and Stacy’s Diner

Responsibilities: Flawlessly serving customers and ensuring customer satisfaction. Quick response to customer demands, while maintaining a friendly and positive attitude. Organizing workflows for other food servers and redirecting efforts where most needed at a particular time. Ensuring that precise client demands are communicated as such to the cooks.

Achievements: Excellent service provided at all times, with zero customer complaints. Customer satisfaction is reflected in the constant positive feedback our diner receives. Obtained management skills, alongside perfecting serving and communication skills.

  • March 2014 – June 2015, Waitress, Glendale Diner

Responsibilities: Ensuring that customers are served efficiently while ensuring the quality of our overall service. Maintenance and cleaning of the eating and cooking spaces.

Achievements: Obtained a very good understanding of what serving in a top diner means. Gained experience in customer service and communication. Gained teamwork skills.

C. Education

Lee High School-Graduated 2015

Waiter and Bartender Certificate

D. Job-Related Skills

  • Flawless Table Setting
  • Greeting Customers & Communication skills
  • Sales Techniques for promoting various dishes/ menu of the day
  • Taking the Order – precision and time-effectiveness
  • Plate Service, Food Serving, Table Etiquette

E. General Skills/Traits

  • Hard-Working & Professional
  • Dedicated
  • Communicative
  • Willing to learn
  • Flexible

Server Resume Sample 2

secretary resume

Paul Roberts

89 Cairn Rd., 1987, New York City, NY,

(220) 123 433 8900

A. Key Skills

  • Table setting and overall management of dishes and serving
  • Serving skills- Food and drink
  • Table etiquette
  • Communicative and friendly
  • Customer-oriented
  • Sales skills for promoting new products

B. Experience

  • August 2016-Present, Chief Waiter, Johnson & Mark Diner

Responsibilities: Serving clients quickly and professionally, while ensuring that all particular serving demands and wishes are passed on to the cook/ bartender. Coordinating junior waiters in order to streamline their activity. Ensuring that all tables are properly equipped.

Achievements: Raised quality and performance standards for the company. Always ensured that customers receive only the best possible service. Acquired basic management skills.

  • June 2014-August 2016, Waiter, Little Havana Diner

Responsibilities: Serving customers quickly and professionally. Setting and cleaning tables. Communication with the manager to ensure that the diner is always properly equipped.

Achievements: Raised level of client fidelity due to the quality of the service.

C. Education

Brooksville Highschool-Graduated 2015

Customer Relations and Communication Training Seminar

How to Draft a Server Resume – Tips

Whenever drafting a resume, remember that the main goal is to catch the eye of the employer, which is absolutely crucial if you want to get shortlisted. As such, here are some key tips which you should consider when drafting your final CV version:

  • Keep it short and concise. Employers rarely have time to peruse through countless CV’s and will consequently be drawn toward those which present easy-to-read information in a concise fashion. This allows the employer to quickly determine candidate suitability, and you have a much better chance of getting short-listed if your skills and experience are obvious from the start.
  • Focus on relevant skills. Even if you’re over-qualified for the job, remember that this is only a temporary employment solution which you need in order to increase your income. As such, make sure you maximize your employment chances by focusing solely on skills which can prompt the employer to make a favorable decision with regard to your application.
  • Don’t fluff. There are few more annoying things for an employer and/or HR manager than to peruse through endless blocks of text which aren’t really saying anything at all. As such, simply adding “meat” to fill your CV with irrelevant information is an ill-advised practice.
  • Make it special. When drafting your resume, ask yourself: how is it different from hundreds of other CV’s out there? Get an edge over the competition by doing something special. Keep you CV as personal as possible, and try co convince the employer why, specifically, you are the ideal candidate
  • Use a friendly format. Even if all the information in your server resume is very well structured and selected,you still need to make sure that your employer can actually spot it immediately in your resume. To do this, use bullet points and bold headers across your CV, to make the text skimmable. In addition, you can also bold keywords which might help your employer determine your suitability for the job. In this case, customer-oriented, sales skills and hard-working can be good choices.

Food Server Resume – Bottom Line

In conclusion, a server resume should include essential information which is both easy to read and process, while prompting the employer to make a decision at the same time. Use our sample to start improving your CV right now. If you’re keen on working in this sector, make sure you read this great article on what it takes to be a waiter/food server.

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