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A bank teller resume must convince the bank that you are not only a great communicator and organizer but also a dedicated employee who will loyally offer his very best in order to ensure the best possible interaction with clients. As such, a bank teller resume should first present the candidate’s relevant experience and skills, giving examples of how and when these skills were used. Secondly, the resume must detail how and why you’re willing to build a career in the banking sector.

The bank teller position is one of great importance and responsibility. You will be the bank’s first line of direct interaction with customers, which is a very important department for any company, including banks. In addition, you will also be responsible for managing considerable amounts of cash, and you will be thus responsible for all transactions at your work point. Making mistakes in this position is not an option, as it will imply severe consequences for the bank.

Consequently, we have prepared two bank teller resume samples which will help you to draft you final winning version. In addition, to make matters even easier for you, we have also included a few tips at the end of the article. As a consequence, they will also increase your chance of landing the job you always wanted. So, here we go:

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Bank Teller Resume Sample 1

Jack McDonall

768 Reed Street, Orlando, Florida, 23889

(443) 23 45 8900

A. Summary

I am a highly skilled individual, with experience in customer relations in the banking and financial sectors. I have very strong numeracy skills, which I successfully combined with strong sales and communication skills in order to offer very good performances in similar positions in the past.

B. Work Experience 

  • May 2016 – Present, Bank Teller, Key Bank, Orlando, Florida.

Responsibilities: First point of direct contact with customers. Processing all customer requests including, but not limited to, cash deposits and withdrawals, opening and closing accounts, general inquiries and credit consultancy. Close and efficient interaction with other team members in order to streamline daily activity.

Achievements: Successfully advised and served clients in a wide variety of matters and requests. Always used an excellent manner and very good client relation skills in order to create a friendly and solution-oriented relationship with customers. I also received many appraisals from my superiors as a result of my very good handling of various situations.

  • June 2014 – May 2016, Financial Assistant, Key Bank, Orlando, Florida

Responsibilities: Direct assistance to senior managers pertaining to all types of financial transactions and the preparation of necessary documents thereof. Managing client portfolios and accounts. Monthly reports on the status of client accounts and various financial indicators relevant to the bank’s activity. In addition, occasional interaction with clients, especially in matters pertaining to opening new credit lines and/or credit card operations.

Achievements: I have reduced the amount of time spent processing data and transactions by 35%. To do that, I managed to switch from manual processing to using the modern strategies pertaining to banking services.

I have also increased the sale of the bank’s financial services by 40% in the first 12 months of my working there. Personally, I managed that by engaging in very high-quality customer service and introducing protocols of client referral.

During my time as Financial Assistant at the Key Bank in Orlando, Florida, I received the honorary status of ‘employee of the month’ three times in a row.

C. Education

Graduated from the Florida International University College of Business in 2011.

 D. Job-Related Skills

  • Outstanding oral communication skills as well as written ones.
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to engage in mathematical calculations, medium and advanced
  • Aptitude for working in a fast and stressful environment

Solid interpersonal skills

E. General Traits

  • Passionate about my job
  • Focused on any objective set for me
  • Taking initiate and leading the process
  • Hard worker
  • Able to think forward and being proactive

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Bank Teller Resume Sample 2

Marina Johnson

1664 Norma Avenue, El Paso, Texas, 88510


A. Summary

I am a very ambitious and focused professional with a 10-year successful experience in my field as a bank teller. Also, I have received many famous awards for customer service, seeing as I always strive to receive positive feedback from our clients. I have a large expertise when it comes to processing or handling financial transactions and dealing with customers.

B. Work Experience

  • February 2011 – Present, Bank Teller, United Bank, El Paso del Norte

Responsibilities: Greeting the clients and assisting them in all the transactions they wanted to perform. Balance and maintain the bank’s cash drawer every working day of the week. Personally looking after the accounts which go above $5 million. Identify possible opportunities and attempt to sell the bank’s services.

Achievements: I enhanced our mortgage clientele by 40% via phone marketing and client referrals. I also trained all the new employee acquisitions with regards to the bank’s processes and procedures.

  • April 2005 – December 2010, Bank Teller, Pioneer Bank, El Paso

Responsibilities: Perform the data entry services for all the clients’ accounts as well as for their transactions. I balanced the cash drawers, transferred funds, accepted payments for loans, and examined the checks which came in for endorsements. I also handled the money deposits as well as the withdrawals.

Achievements: When I balanced the cash drawers, my error rate was the lowest of all the bank’s teller employees, which included the ones that had more experience than I did. I was also promoted to be the drive-thru teller, seeing as I have excellent customer services skills, I am fast and very accurate when it comes to handling transactions.

C. Education and Academic Training

Graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2004.

 D. Job-Related Skills

  • Excellent people skills
  • Ability to handle special transactions due to my 10-year working experience
  • Tracking and communicating the wire transfers for both personal and business customers.

E. General Skills

  • I am fluent in both English and Spanish
  • Very computer literate. I can work with Microsoft Office and banking-related software.
  • Can easily recognize what a customer needs and offer it to him in terms of banking services.

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Bank Teller Resume Tips & Tricks

Apart from the resume examples themselves, here are some bank teller resume tips and tricks.

  • Always include relevant information in your resume. In other words, if there is anything not related to banking in there, it’s best you leave it out, no matter how proud of it you are.
  • Use strong words which can magnify your skills and experience. For example, always say “I am excellent at” instead of “I am good at.’
  • If you detail your experience, you must be accurate. Remember they can always call and check.

Bottom Line

As a consequence, what you need to remember here is something that many tellers seem to overlook when writing their resume and applying. People skills are crucial for this job. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are in the financial aspects if you cannot relate to people and convince them to buy more of the bank’s services.

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