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Waitress Resume Samples

A waitress typically works in a bar, restaurant, tavern, pub, hotel, club, banquet hall or a private establishment. Her primary function is to take orders from clients, serve them beverages and food as well as a range of other duties which the managers assign to her. When you apply for such a job, your waitress resume needs to prove you have the necessary qualities, skills, expertise, and experience.

In other words, your waitress resume is what will sell you as a potential waitress at the local of your choice. Here are two waitress resume examples which will help you show off these skills.

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Waitress Resume Sample 1

Donna Haggerty

785 Sycamore Street, San Jose, California, 95113



A. Summary

Very friendly and customer-oriented experienced waitress with seven years of experience in waiting tables. Worked in the food and beverage industry and the hospitality industry. Very skilled when it comes to interacting with guests. Also knows how to present the food, mix cocktails, and other drinks, and serve them. Can speak three languages: English, Spanish, and Italian. Has increased the ratio of patrons in the working place by displaying impeccable customer skills.

B. Work Experience

  • July 2013 – Present, The Elephant Cocktail Bar, San Jose, California

Responsibilities: Explain the artisanal cocktails on the menu to clients. Make recommendations to patrons when asked for.  Take the orders and give them to the bartenders. Make sure that all the orders are prepared at the same time, to ensure maximum patron satisfaction. Calculate the final bills and add the taxes.

Achievements: Fast in delivering the cocktails and other beverages to patrons. Enhanced the customer satisfaction by 30% as proven by feedback survey.

  • December 2009 – May 2013 – Pink Umbrellas, San Jose, California

Responsibilities: Take the orders for beverages and snacks and relay them to the bartenders and the kitchens. Assist the patrons in playing the various games available in the facility such as pinball, darts, and pool. Explain the rules to them. Calculate the bill and add the taxes for the final sum.

Achievements: Successfully trained the new staff. Increased the beverage and snack consumption with patrons while they were playing games by recommending their favorites. Managed the other waitresses in the bar.

C. Education and Academic Training

Graduated from Pegasus High School in 2009.

Graduated from Hospitality Courses in San Jose, California.

D. Job-related Skills

  • A positive attitude toward customers
  • Highly conversational
  • Have good working ethics
  • Able to lift and carry full trays and other heavy things, such as crates
  • The ability to work standing and walking for many hours’ straight
  • Being able to carry delicate things
  • Fool-proof stamina
  • Tolerance
  • An understanding of marketing and business

E. General Traits

  • Good-natured
  • Funny
  • Relaxed
  • In agreement with a stressful environment
  • Creative
  • Sales skills
  • Superb interpersonal skills
  • Team player but also a leader when need be

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Waitress Resume Sample 2

Ivy Yates

2336 Hall Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101



A. Summary

Amazing hospitality skills doubled by fabulous interpersonal skills and ability for hard work. Can offer the knowledge of beverages and foods so as to attract more customers and increase the ratio of the ones who have already visited the establishment.

B. Work Experience

  • September 2012 – June 2016 – Café Assistant at the Eldorado High School in Las Vegas, Nevada

Responsibilities: Took and then delivered the orders from students in the high school’s cafeteria. Washed all the dishes, pots, and pans. Cleaned the tables. Managed the inventory as well as the food supplies. Ordered more food supplies when they were needed. Stood behind the register and performed some cashiering tasks when it was needed.

C. Education and Academic Training

Graduated from Eldorado High School in Las Vegas in 2016

D. Job Related Skills

  • Am able to take and articulate multiple orders at the same time
  • Capable of working with a large number of customers at the same time
  • Have a demonstrated ability that I can work very well under pressure and stress
  • Very familiar with the food and beverage procedures for quality control as imposed by the law
  • Amazing communicational skills
  • Able to take initiative when needed
  • Team player
  • Driven and motivated to make it in this job
  • Four years’ experience serving and waiting tables for large crowds of students
  • Aware of the sanitation and health standards
  • Special talent when it comes to explaining the items on the menu to patrons
  • Performing and understanding ‘suggestive selling’
  • Checking orders to see if they are accurate
  • Double checking the quality of the order before delivering it to the table
  • Conversational
  • Aware of the waitress skills and duties
  • In-depth knowledge of the waitress resume responsibilities

E. General Skills

  • Pleasant person and easy to talk and relate to
  • Articulate
  • Fast in taking orders and then delivering them to patrons
  • Dedication to my work as well as diligence in doing it
  • Good memory as well as a trained eye for details
  • The ability to understand as well as relate to different kinds of people
  • Cheerful attitude
  • Politeness
  • Experience when it comes to preparing appetizers such as garlic bread and salads
  • Passion for wanting to serve the customer as best as possible.

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As you can see from our resume for waitress examples, it all depends on where you stand and how much experience you have. The waitress resume responsibilities depend on the place you’ve worked before, be it in a highly acclaimed bar or at your high school’s cafeteria. When it comes to the waitress skills and duties, they are all the same, meaning that you must have them all in order to succeed.

Here we have provided two waitress resume samples. The first one is for a very experienced waitress who was even in charge of training others. The second one is for a fresh high-school graduate who wants to find a job in this field. Therefore, in case you were looking for a waitress resume no experience required type of CV, here is the perfect template. Fill it up with your own information, and you’re good to go!

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