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The restaurant manager is the person in charge of overseeing the well-functioning of a restaurant. The person has to be responsible for all the chefs, waiters, kitchen staff, cashiers, bartenders, cleaning personnel, attendants of the counter and so on. Therefore, as you can see, it’s a crucial position for every establishment of this sort. As a consequence, when applying for this job, you need to list all your skills and qualifications, as well as your expertise, in your restaurant manager resume.

Here are two samples that showcase this idea.

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Restaurant Manager Resume Sample 1

Nancy Boggs

1184 Randall Drive, Kawaihae, Hawaii, 96743


A. Summary

I am a very organized, coordinated, and responsible person with 6 years of professional experience in this field. Apart from that, I have proven my skills in increasing the sales of the locals I’ve worked in and organized the tasks and teams of people. I have also multiplied the business starting with limited material as well as resources. Therefore, I am looking for a restaurant where I can put all my skills and expertise to very good use.

B. Work Experience

  • June 2012 – Present – Lucky Baldwin’s Restaurant and Grill in Kawaihae, Hawaii

Responsibilities: Making sure all operations and processes within the restaurant are efficient with no time lapses that will make the patron wait. Leading the front end of the business. Making sure all the employees maintain high levels of hygiene throughout the establishment. Enforcing compliance with all the rules and regulations for safety and health, as imposed by law. Being the face of the business and, therefore, very visible to all. Meeting as well as greeting all the customers. In charge of managing the table reservations.

Achievements: Successfully led an innovative marketing campaign that solicited new business. Succeeded at it by meeting all the goals the team and I had set.

  • March 2010 – October 2012 – Saffron and Seafood, Kawaihae, Hawaii

Responsibilities: Greeting all the customers and making sure they get a table to their liking. Managing the reservations. Manage the entire staff. Supervised the staff of the kitchen and the cleaning staff, as well as their shifts. Advising the patrons on the food choices and their wine selection. Being in charge of recruiting, offering training, and then managing a new team on board.

Achievements: I trained and then employed five batches of new employees in positions such as cooks, hosts, and general workers in the restaurant. I also went on location to some other branches of the restaurant in Moanalua, Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Mililani, Hawaii.

C. Education and Academic Achievements

Graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management.

D. Job Related Skills

  • Outstanding people skills
  • Amazing organization and management skills
  • Managing events
  • Developing and training new staff
  • Setting appropriate targets
  • Food hygiene
  • Knowledge of wines and food
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Problem solving
  • Certificate for first aid

E. General Traits

  • Hard worker
  • Ambitious
  • A passion for food and drink
  • Enjoys spending time with people
  • Dedicated to serving
  • Focused on appropriate objectives
  • Able to take the initiative and successfully manage a team

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Restaurant Manager Resume Sample 2

Jessica Bolger

1887 Don Jackson Lane, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96826


A. Summary

I am a very talented person who has had a lifelong passion for food, beverages, the latest trends in the culinary domain and the hospitality industry. Also, I am an experienced host, and I strive to both please the guests and take into account the controls and financial margins of the business. I know that, as far as restaurant manager duties go, I am the heart and soul of any establishment and I strive to prove that. Therefore, I am currently looking for a position in a restaurant that can allow me to showcase all my best assets.

B. Work Experience

  • 2007 – Present, Golden Bay Hotel and Restaurant, Honolulu, Hawaii

Responsibilities: Greeting the guests and taking care of the seat arrangements for them. Ensuring that service was up to par by keeping tabs on the orders to see if they are accurate and in time. Interviewing, hiring and then training new employees to profess in a restaurant location. Managed the inventory of all the stock supplies as well as managing the queries and complaints we received from customers.

Achievements: I increased the business of the restaurant, making it one of the most famous in its area in Honolulu. Successfully organized many marketing events and advertising campaigns which lead to an increase in clientele. Under my management, the restaurant won an award as the establishment with the best hygiene, safety, and health plan.

C. Education and Academic Achievements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management and Hospitality from the Hawaii Pacific University. Graduated in 2007.
  • I graduated from the Food and Beverage Operations Management course at The Art Institutes of Culinary Arts in Honolulu.
  • Graduated from the Planning and Controlling Costs course at the Art Institutes of Culinary Arts in Honolulu.

D. Job Related Skills

  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Expertise in handling paperwork and performing administration tasks
  • Very skilled as far as bookkeeping is concerned
  • Able to prepare financial records and statistics
  • Can oversee the stock supplies
  • Order supplies
  • Very proficient in scheduling the shifts and assigning duties
  • Able to interview, hire, and then train new employees for the team
  • Outstanding marketing skills which will help promote the establishment.

E. General Traits

  • Very presentable and pleasant looking
  • Strong communication skills
  • Passionate and learned when it comes to food and beverages
  • Apt at solving problems
  • Very enthusiastic about the job
  • Ambitious and tenacious
  • Can work long hours in a fast-paced environment
  • Good at organizing and assigning tasks

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From a fast food restaurant manager resume to a five star one, your restaurant manager skills list must include all that we mentioned above. While the restaurant manager resume duties are all the same, you must pay attention to your restaurant manager resume objective. State plainly and clearly that you wish to work for their restaurant and their restaurant alone.

Apart from that, you must keep in mind that there is no one size fits all when it comes to a restaurant manager resume. Seeing as all establishments are different, so must your resume be. A neighborhood restaurant will never be the same as a five-star one. Therefore, you must act the part.

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