Sales Manager Cover Letter Samples

If you’re uncertain about what to include in a sales manager cover letter, this article aims to provide you with two great examples to use as references. A sales manager directly oversees an organization’s sales policies, initiatives, and objectives. They work to set long and short term sales strategies, and are responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of current sales programs. A wide range of creativity is expected, and one must be able to lead and direct their team, while relying on experience and good judgment, to set and accomplish goals.

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Sales Manager Cover Letter Samples

Sales Manager Cover Letter Sample 1

Rachel Anderson
395 Timberwood Drive, Apex, North Carolina 27602
919 – 522 – 3747

Mr. Jarred Marshall
Jarred Fine Jewelers
1602 Lilac Fields Lane, Apex, North Carolina 27502

Dear Mr. Marshall,

I’m writing in regard to the new sales manager position you have available at your esteemed company, posted on I am a 2010 graduate from North Carolina State University, and hold a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business and marketing. I have had the pleasure of working in this field for the past seven years, and have refined my sales skills along the way. I believe that my combination of professional experience and education gives me valuable insight that makes me a qualified candidate for the position.

I currently work for Adore Luxury Brand Outfitters as a sales manager, and have been successfully fulfilling this job’s needs for the past three years. As a leader, my daily responsibilities are driving my teams focus, setting goals and working towards achieving them, analyzing data, and using every customer encounter to motivate and create training opportunities. I also handle customer concerns and complaints, as well as determining streamline ways to improve the sales process.

The experiences in my current position have given me the opportunity to develop my decision-making skills. I have learned to be a quick problem solver, and to diffuse stressful situations. As the head sales manager in my district, I had the chance to accompany my district manager to the annual sales board meeting, to discuss my successes and share the techniques I have been implementing with my team.

As you read through my resume, you will find that I possess superior communication skills. While I understand that every company holds different expectations, I am a very adaptable person, and know that my customer service skills will be easily transferable. Additionally, I am creative, and have great critical thinking skills that have led to superior decision-making abilities. My people skills are another strong point of mine, as I strive to remain friendly and approachable. This often results in quickly developing rapport with clients and colleagues.

Having previous experience working as a sales manager for a high-end establishment, I have no doubt I hold the ability to drive up the sales at your company as well. My positive energy and strong work ethic give me the confidence that I’ll be able to make valuable and immediate contributions to your company. I thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to speaking further with you in person.

Rachel Anderson

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Sales Manager Cover Letter Sample 2

Haley Fredricks
5322 Unit A Song Bird Court, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27512
919 – 211 – 1747

Mrs. Maria Vergara
Vergara’s Boutique and Gifts
8944 Windy Gap Road, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27512

Dear Mrs. Vergara,

Your advertisement for a sales manager position in the local newspaper is of great interest to me. Based on your requirements, I believe I would be the perfect candidate to join your team. I am a 2014 graduate from Appalachian State University’s esteemed college of business, and have gleaned an immense amount of experience from this program, and through my past work experience. Having worked in a wide range of sales environments, I have no doubt I will prove to be an asset to your sales team.

My current position is at Eclectic and Company. As the assistant sales manager, my responsibilities are aiding in the recruiting process, developing and mentoring a creative sales team across the country, and using my strategic sales skills to derive satisfaction from advertisers in a collaborative manner. I am seasoned in the world of media sales, and work confidently to ensure the growth of future advertising through implementing logical and science based sales techniques.

My accomplishments include a track record of consistently successful sales, sales management, sales training, and marketing. I have the proven ability to predict results, and I have readily contributed to the company’s growth through aiding in developing and implementing corporate strategies. With my pro-active and self-motivated professionalism, I hold a history of cultivating and maintaining win-win relationships.

Being personally committed to the continued excellence and growth of the companies I work for, I have the right positive energy, drive, vision, and leadership skills needed to make a significant difference in your company. I can easily communicate with clients and sales staff alike, motivating the sales team while influencing customers in a credible and friendly manner that makes them want to do business.

On the attached resume, you will see my past work experiences, as well as my education and professional development. I would happily elaborate on any of this information when we meet. I am confident that you will be interested in my track record of professionalism and ability, and I hope that you will allow me the opportunity to demonstrate this through an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Haley Fredricks

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A strong and consistent sales record is one of the main things you should highlight in a sales manager cover letter. Be sure to touch on any education you have that is related to this field of study, as well as internships and any professional development you have been through. Overall, remaining professional throughout the entire process will show that you take this sort of job seriously. Let us know down below how your experience writing a cover letter for sales manager positions was.

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