Legal Assistant Cover Letter Samples

Writing a cover letter for legal assistant job openings may be intimidating, so this article lays out two legal assistant cover letter examples to aid you in the process of drafting your own. Being the right hand of a practicing attorney, legal assistants are responsible with helping draft corresponding and legal documents, handling exhibits, researching facts for assigned cases, and taking formal statements. This fast-paced job requires extreme attention to detail, and superior organizational and communication skills.

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Legal Assistant Cover Letter Samples

Legal Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1

Alice Hermitage
5004 Hemhaw Way, Richmond, Virginia, 40052
223 – 615 – 1147

Mr. Albert Williamson
Williamson & Purge Incorporated
1709 Grass Root Road, Richmond, Virginia, 40052

Dear Mr. Williamson,

Upon reviewing your posting for a legal assistant job, I felt compelled to submit my resume, and express my heightened interest in the position. I am a graduate of the William and Many Law School here in Virginia, and am proud to say that I graduated in the top 10 percentile of my class. With my comprehensive knowledge of legal principles, and my never ceasing commitment to providing exceptional client service, I am confident I would be of help to your legal team.

My current employer, Maskeet LLP, has given me a great opportunity to hone my skills and develop my techniques, but I am ready to expand my horizons and grow my career. From preparing case files and conducting in-depth legal research, to preparing synopses and analyzing client information for attorneys, my responsibilities at Maskeet LLP have given me a chance to work with a plethora of diverse cases.

During my time with Maskeet, I was able to establish myself in my areas of expertise, and become proficient in handling cases in many areas of domestic, civil, and criminal doings. I have also focused on working with person injury cases. As a result, I can offer your business a unique level of expertise in drafting responses to counterclaims, motions for discovery sanctions, and motions to dismiss. Working temporarily at a workers’ compensation law firm has also helped me glean experience, and expand my knowledge of workers’ compensation procedures and rules.

With a strong and solid foundation in the fundamentals of legal strategies, my superior communication skills, time management skills, and resourcefulness, I can thrive in this challenging field. As you read through my resume, you will also find that I possess an exceptional attention to details, computer competence, organizational abilities, and the up-most integrity when it comes to handling cases, and maintaining client and confidential information.

My core strengths in legal research, client service, and court interactions, in conjunction with my finely honed legal support skills, make me well positioned to vastly exceed your expectations. I look forward to discussing with you the rest of my credential, as well as this position, in further detail. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Alice Hermitage

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Legal Assistant Cover Letter Sample 2

Brian Kensington
1366 June Bug Boulevard, Fairfax, Virginia, 40055
223 – 628 – 4414

Mrs. Cynthia Welsh
Buxom & Brand Industries
2203 Nestled Brook Lane, Fairfax, Virginia, 40055

Dear Mrs. Welsh,

I am writing to show my interest in the recent open legal assistant position you have listed on I am a hardworking, serious, detail oriented, focused, and reliable individual, who is quick at learning, and an efficient multitasker. I possess the ability to independently manage and complete projects successfully and in a timely manner, and I wish to bring my skills to your team. I am a graduate of the Washington and Lee University’s School of Law, and proudly own the Juris Doctor (JD) degree required for legal practices.

Working for Plainer Justice Associations, my regular responsibilities include processing court filings, filling out forms, and conducting in depth research regarding court rules. Additionally, my expertise includes drafting pleadings, transmittal letters, martial agreements, child custody papers, and legal separation papers. My experiences at Plainer Justice Associations has also given me the opportunity to schedule court depositions, as well as be in charge of managing data bases, hard files, and all other aspects of a law office.

Throughout my career, I have maintained superior performance standards within a diverse range of administrative functions. You will find this clearly illustrated in my resume. Most recently, my accomplishments include contributing to the increase of the firm’s client base. Furthermore, during my time with Plainer Justice Association, I was able to create a highly effective organizational filing system that increased productivity and improved time management at the office.

Other qualifications and skills I can offer your team would be my successful track record supporting the efforts of many executive level staff members, including senior partners and CFOs. I possess an outstanding work ethic, an ability to work well independently as well as with a team, and strong and thorough research and writing skills. I am a highly dependable and self-motivated individual.

The attorneys with whom I have had the privilege of working have provided me with recommendations, and I would appreciate the opportunity to present these to you, and introduce myself as a candidate for your open legal assistant position. I believe you will find I meet and exceed all your qualifications. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you again.

Brian Kensington

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An articulate legal assistant cover letter should include a considerable amount of skills, experience, and training. Focus on your background in terms of education, knowledge, and areas of expertise. Moreover, showcase valuable abilities such as a track record of success, ability to grow and maintain client relationships, and great researching skills. Make sure to share your tips on writing a legal assistant cover letter in the comments below.

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