Admissions Counselor Cover Letter Samples

Generally, admission counselors work with students to help them through the application processes for universities and vocational schools. Depending on what level of students counselors work with, they will either focus on helping students get prepared for college or recruiting them for the college they work for. This article offers two admissions counselor cover letter examples to help you as you draft your own.

Admissions Counselor Cover Letter Samples

Admissions Counselor Cover Letter Sample 1

Derrick Hamleton
502 Water Way Road, Hampton, Virginia, 10422
242 – 301 – 7855

Mr. Garett Buckleton
Hampton High School
3077 Mayberry Way, Hampton, Virginia, 10422

Dear Mr. Buckleton,

I am writing with regards to the open admissions counselor position you have at your high school. Your recently retired counselor, Matty Haysworth, referred me to the opening. She also would like to offer herself as a personal reference of mine. I have been in this field of work for over 7 years, and hold a vast knowledge of admission requirements and processes for various universities and vocational schools. With a proven track record of success in helping students apply for higher education, I firmly believe I would be the ideal candidate for your school.

St. John’s Private Academy is my current employer, and while I have enjoyed my time there, I am ready to branch out and put my unique skill set to better use. My responsibilities at St. John’s Private Academy included conducting one-on-one sessions with students to gain a better understanding of what they want to pursue after high school. Then, I would assist them in picking classes that would gear them towards success and prepare them for their college of choice.
student and counselor talking

I understand that the seniors at my school already had a lot to think about besides applying for higher education, so I came up with a check sheet system of classes, documents, and dates to make the process easier. I presented several options based on what path students were interested in taking, and created detailed yet easy to follow guidelines for filling out applications. Due to this, St. Johns Private Academy has seen a 60% increase in graduation rates, with over 80% of students being accepted to their first choice schools.

I take great pride in my communication skills, which paired with my friendly nature, make me a very approachable and easy to talk to person. I feel this is an imperative trait to have in order to help students and make them feel comfortable. Additionally, I am very well organized, well adept at in depth research, and computer literate. Being that I am bi-lingual and also speak Spanish, I believe I could greatly benefit your school by being able to reach out to one of the larger demographics in your area.

I possess a true passion for helping people, and feel very fulfilled when I see students taking control of their future knowing I was able to help them achieve those goals. Noting that your school focuses on continual growth, I believe that many of my personal values line up perfectly with yours. I look forward to discussing my candidacy with you in person, and I thank you for your time and for this opportunity.

Derrick Hamleton

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Admissions Counselor Cover Letter Sample 2

Frida VonHoustan
6221 North 45th Street, Richmond, Virginia, 10321
242 – 108 – 9477

Mr. Victor Alamone
The University of Virginia
8122 Faculty Drive, Charlottesville, Virginia,10228

Dear Mr. Alamone,

I’m writing to express my interest in the admissions counselor position you have at your esteemed university. As a graduate of the University of Virginia myself, I am very knowledgeable on the inner workings of this school, and possess a vast knowledge of the application process and the programs offered. I also worked in the office of admissions all 4 years I attended as an assistant, so I already hold a basic understanding of the daily tasks that need to be performed, and the regulations that need to be followed.

Currently, I work for Virginia Tech as their admissions counselor. My duties consist of reaching out to alumni, developing a team of donators and recruiters, recruiting students who are interested in the school, and following up with information of relevant programs. I also organize and present important documents and due dates needed for the application process, and make sure all recruiting follows the proper procedures and policies to avoid legal complications.

During my time at Virginia Tech, I was able to make several beneficial accomplishments. Upon finding out there was no formal alumni recruitment program, I founded and established my own. This involved reaching out to alumni and creating a volunteer based organization that visited schools and educational workshops to bring in interested students. We also host annual benefit auctions to bring in funds for the school itself. In the last year alone, there has been a 50% increase in student applications and admissions due to this.

I am confident you will quickly find that I am the definition of a “people-person”. I am very at ease when talking to a wide demographic, and have developed several techniques that allow me to reach even the most disconnected individuals. In establishing the recruitment foundation, I have honed my organizational skills as well. I possess a firm knowledge of the application process, and while I’m sure things have changed since my time in your office, I am an adaptable person who would have no problem picking up where I left off.

I have no doubt that I would be the perfect candidate for this position. As a proud alumni myself, I am eager to share with others all the great opportunities The University of Virginia has to offer. I thank you for your time and consideration, and I humbly look forward to discussing my candidacy with you in person.

Frida VonHoustan

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Decision making, active listening, and communication skills are key when writing a cover letter for admissions counselor jobs. Additionally, showing that you are well organized and a reliable worker will be beneficial as well. Remember to focus on what you can offer them, rather then what they can offer you. Finally, let us know what you focus on when writing an admissions counselor cover letter!

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