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We know that a life of teaching can make paperwork pile up quite fast. So, if you are searching for some help or inspiration for improving your teacher cover letter, then take a look at our easy to follow examples. In broad strokes, your cover letter should include only those essential skills that recommend you for that particular position.

When applying for a position, candidates nearly always have a hard time distinguishing between a resume and a cover letter. The CV includes detailed information about your education and your previous work experience. On the other hand, a cover letter is more particular, as it must reflect the reason you have applied for a certain position, and what makes you qualified to occupy that position.

Our teacher cover letter samples will teach you how to compose a coherent cover letter structure. Be prepared to make some adjustments to these samples, as to fit the specific of your job.

Best Teacher Cover Letter Templates

Use of teacher cover letter samples to create a stunning and easy to follow cover letter.

Teacher Cover Letter Sample 1

Vera M. Martin

2200 Felosa Drive, Los Angeles, California 90017

323 – 940 – 9963 (Home)


[Insert Date]


Mr. Rafael Alvarez


Los Angeles Elementary School

1211 S. Hobart Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90006


Dear Mr. Alvarez,

Following your job advertisement posted on <Insert platform here>, I am interested in applying for the elementary school teacher position at your school. I am a graduate of [insert college/University], class of [insert graduation year], and have experience in teaching fourth and sixth-grade students.

At the moment, I am teaching a class of fourth graders. When it comes to teaching, I believe that only by combining real passion with knowledge will you be able to mold minds of the future generation. Furthermore, I also believe that there is nothing more moving and more satisfying that encouraging a young mind to discover the world.

As a preschool teacher, I have always endorsed free speech and debates. My passion for fine arts and technology have allowed me to create fun and interactive courses, where my students could learn about the beauty of the world and why technology is so important in our everyday lives.

In this regard, I have organized various workshops, ranging from how a good book can turn any a rainy day into a pleasant day, all the way up to the ABC of working with a computer or a mobile device.

As an elementary school teacher, I have also organized various field trips, the latest one being to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

With my passions for shaping your minds, technology, and the fine arts, I hope to make a contribution to your institution. To this end, I look forward to hearing from you, at the earliest convenience.



[Insert signature here]

Vera M. Martin


Teacher Cover Letter Sample 2

Michael V. Lawson

3145 Angus Road, New York, NY 10007

212 – 470 – 8786


[Insert Date]


Howard Kwait

John Bowne High School

63 – 25 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11367


Dear Mr. Kwait,

I have seen your job advertisement posted on <Insert platform here>, and I wish to apply for the position of High School teacher at your fine institution. As you can see from my resume enclosed in this teacher cover letter, I have accrued more than 15 years of experience in teaching junior and senior student in both public and private institutions.

Teaching has always been a part of my life, and, during my classes, I have always strived to show my students that only by combining real passion with a thirst for knowledge will you be able to achieve greatness.

Apart from guiding my students towards mastering the core competencies, I have tried on numerous occasions to make my courses more appealing and more attuned to my student’s hobbies. To this end, I have prepared courses in the history of technology, teaching them how to integrate the latest technical advances into our everyday lives properly.

The highlights of my CV are my courses on how virtual and augmented reality will change our perception of interacting with the computer and how social media has managed to transform from a whim to an important social interaction and validation tool.

Furthermore, I have also tried to integrate art into the lives of my students. To this end, with the approval of the High School’s committee, I have put together several workshops. Their purpose was to prove that video games are not just for children, but a powerful way to weave a compelling and heart-moving story.

With the teacher cover letter and CV enclosed, I am looking forward to an interview at your earliest convening.


Michael V. Lawson


Tips on Writing a Great Cover Letter

As you can see from these teacher cover letter samples, there is a compositional homogeneity which must be followed. In this regard, always try to remember that a cover letter is not the same thing as a CV.

When writing your cover letter, try to show your reader the reason you have applied for your job. Furthermore, you should also point out what makes you more qualified for it than other candidates. Here are some more tips to help you formulate a well-structured cover letter.

  • Refrain from using contractions – there are some instances where it is preferable to say “I have” instead of “I’ve.” Contractions are often the sign of colloquialism, a thing that should be avoided when writing an official letter.
  • Avoid “a friend told me about this job” situation – when specifying the place from where you have found the job, it is better to use official channels only (i.e. authoritative websites, employment agencies,). A than “a friend” who happened to know that there is a job opening available is not a recommended approach. That way you will show your employer that you treat this matter with the utmost professionalism.
  • Be creative, but stay on track – when creating such a document, be it a teacher cover letter or a mechanical engineer cover letter, keep in mind its purpose. It’s easy to get lost between the lines when talking about your accomplishments and your skills, but try to keep it as brief as possible when presenting them.
  • Length is an important aspect – remember that this is a document whose purpose is to show your skills, competencies, accomplishments, and the reason you are interested in getting the position. It is not your autobiography, nor a blog post. Try to keep it as short and entertaining as possible.  A well-balanced cover letter should have no more than 400 words.
  • Highlight significant accomplishments – when writing about your last professional experience, aim for excellence.  For example, write about workshops, debates, field trips, anything that will make your employer understand that you have a genuine passion for your job.
  • Proofread your text – it always a good idea to correct your text. In general, a text without typos or any other grammatical incongruences gives the reader the impression of professionalism. On the other hand, a text containing typos may leave the impression of carelessness and lack of implication.


Use these teacher cover letter samples to draft a document that captures the sum of all your experiences in such a position. We advise adopting a neutral tone when composing your letter. A formal one will make your letter sound like it was written by an automaton. On the other hand,  a familiar one will make your letter sound slightly unprofessional.

You may personalize any the examples presented in this article to suit your situation. Furthermore, when writing your teacher cover letter try to be sincere, creative, and never to lose track of your goal.

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