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Buyer Cover Letter Samples

Though many people will never have heard of the buyer job title, this is a popular career choice with plenty of options for entry-level and mid-level candidates. Every major retail company and many other non-retailers rely on talented buyers to cut deals with manufacturers and stock their shelves. This is a great field for candidates with degrees in business, statistics, or finance. This article will show you two examples of effective buyer cover letter examples. The first example is designed for an experienced buyer, and the other is for an entry-level position.

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Buyer Cover Letter Samples

Buyer Cover Letter Sample 1

James O’Daniel
4444 Leer Ridge Road, Westing, Connecticut 60894
774 – 446 – 8645 (Home)
August 2, 2018

Mr. John Gleeson
Senior Buyer
Samuel & Roberts Corporate Offices
657 E. Billard Street, Juniper, Connecticut 68848

Dear Mr. Gleeson,

I was happy to find your job listing on, and I would like to apply for the position of Buyer at Samuel & Roberts. I am an experienced buyer technician with over 15 years of service in the industry, and I hold a master’s degree in applied statistics. My education and demonstrable experience make me a force to be reckoned with in the corporate buying environment, and I am the ideal candidate for this position.

I am currently employed by Far Horizons Business Consulting as the head of the corporate buying team. I have forged a successful career with this company, but I hope to move on to Samuel & Roberts for the opportunity to bring my career to new heights. Combined with my education and years of experience, I’ve also garnered some of the best-proven results of any buyer at Far Horizons. I’ve developed a knack for connecting with clients and discovering their exact needs. Also, in today’s world, I believe that online reviews are massively important to any company’s reputation. I try to cultivate the best possible reviews.

I’ve had many great successes with Far Horizons that I would love to discuss further, but my greatest achievement was revamping the protocol for client relations. I led a team in the implementation of new standard procedures during new client outreach, communication of each client’s specific business needs, and forecasting the most important upcoming products for each client. My efforts made it much easier for the entire firm to help their own clients as much as I help my own.

Thanks to my diverse background in the industry, I have a number of unique skills that give me an advantage over all other candidates. Most importantly, my mathematical background has helped me in making a number of hugely successful predictions that have earned companies millions of dollars in dividends. Good products with great potential are easy for me to spot.

I know beyond measure that I am the most qualified candidate for the buyer position at Samuel & Roberts Corporate Offices. Should I have an opportunity to work with you, I will hit the ground running and start making a difference immediately. Most importantly, my unique background will add a valuable new perspective to the office. I look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss my candidacy in person.

James O’Daniel

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Buyer Cover Letter Sample 2

Eduardo Gurriel
Trebson Road, Richardson, Illinois 48285
709 – 429 – 9095 (Home)
August 2, 2018

Mr. Ronald Sykes
HR Manager and Consultant
Trip’s Retail and Department Store
3521 Connecticut Avenue, Richardson, Illinois 48285

Dear Mr. Sykes,

I was delighted to read your advertisement on, and I would like to apply for the position of assistant buyer at Trip’s Retail and Department Store. I have plenty of experience in customer service and retail, but I am hoping to expand my career into the back end of the retail experience. Also, I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in business and finance from the University of Central Illinois.

I currently work full time while also attending school full time. I work as a cashier at Larry’s Department Store where I have been employed throughout college so far. In my time here, I have learned a lot about customer service, and I’ve taken on responsibilities in other departments whenever necessary. I am eager to continue developing my career in the retail world.

Within one year of working full time at Larry’s department store, I managed to grow into a shift leader position where I was responsible for scheduling and overseeing newer employees. In fact, under my direction, our cashier team was able to sell more Red Cross donations than under the supervision of any other shift leader. I have a great understanding of packaging important products to increase their likelihood of selling. In my opinion, boosting a product’s value begins at the buying stage.

Aside from my experience in retail and customer service, I have a number of skills that are vital to the assistant buyer position. I am talented in procuring sales, and I would buy products while keeping an eye on how easily those products could be sold to prospective customers. This philosophy will help me buy successful products at a much higher rate.

Without question, I know I am the strongest candidate for this assistant buyer position at Trip’s Retail and Department Store. As I have in the past, I would take to the job quickly and begin raising the bar for myself at every avenue. Most importantly, my hands-on experience as a leader in the retail environment gives me an important viewpoint for buying winning products. I look forward to meeting with you soon to further discuss my candidacy.

Eduardo Gurriel

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Creating a winning buyer cover letter is all about leveraging your retail, mathematical, or financial experience. Many positions require a bachelor’s degree, but entry-level positions can be found in the retail environment for those with no more than a high school diploma. Of course, education will result in higher pay and quicker advancement. Have you ever written a buyer cover letter? Please share your thoughts and questions in the section below.

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