Financial Analyst Cover Letter Samples

Becoming a financial analyst is all about staying ahead of the curve. In fact, a predictive mindset is integral to the industry at large; candidates must always renew their education and find new ways to display their financial intelligence. A formal education is quickly becoming the only way to break into the industry, but some firms will hire those with a demonstrable knack for investing and forecasting. This article will provide two financial analyst cover letter examples for helping you prepare your own. The first will focus on an entry-level candidate, and the second on a mid-level analyst.

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Financial Analyst Cover Letter Samples

Financial Analyst Cover Letter Sample 1

John Washington
4484 New York Avenue, Greymoore, New York 80894
786 – 457 – 7685 (Home)
July 31, 2018

Mr. Terry Revlar
Senior Financial Analyst
Gerry and Richards Banking
677 E. Day Street, Rivers, New York 88894

Dear Mr. Revlar,

I was happy to find your job advertisement on, and I would like to apply for the position of Assistant Financial Analyst at Gerry and Richards Banking. With my degree in financial statistics, I know that I am an ideal candidate for the position. In fact, I have studied extensively outside of school to remain ahead of the curve in the financial world. I would like to get hired at a company that will allow me to grow and expand my skill set, and I believe your company is a great fit.

At this moment, I am an intern banker at Amerinote Investment Company. During my time here, I have focused primarily on helping others acquire loans and invest in their long-term portfolios, and attending meetings to grow and expand the firm. Most of my responsibilities have been directly overseen by a senior financial analyst, and I have had the opportunity to work through several high-stakes financial situations.

It’s difficult to pinpoint my favorite experience with Amerinote Investment Company, but my greatest achievement came when I was able to step in for a junior financial analyst over the course of his week-long leave of absence. I learned more than I can possibly describe during that experience, and I feel totally prepared to move on because of it. I would love to ride that momentum into an assistant financial analyst position at Gerry and Richards Banking.

In addition to my internship, my education in financial statistics has served me well in my professional life and beyond. Many of my managers and co-workers have commented on my ability to solve problems quickly — and I always pride myself on my creativity in finding solutions. I have found that, despite the exact nature of the financial industry, creativity is often required in the non-numbers side of the equation.

Without question, I feel that I am a perfect candidate for the position of Assistant Financial Analyst at Gerry and Richards Banking. My fresh perspective, personal education, and near-professional experience could propel me into a successful entry-level analyst quicker than other candidates. I am ready to start making a difference at Gerry and Richards immediately. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon.

John Washington

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Financial Analyst Cover Letter Sample 2

Daniel Jacobs
4610 Rivers Court, Crosswinds, Colorado 95586
778 – 213 – 9995 (Home)
July 31, 2018

Ms. Trisha White
Financial Director
West Valley Investment Banking
228 Front Street, Crosswinds, Colorado 95586

Dear Ms. White,

I noticed your job advertisement on, and I am writing to apply for the position of Senior Financial Analyst at West Valley Investment Banking. I have 8 years of diverse industry experience, and I am an ideal candidate for this position at your firm. I have been the head analyst on many deals ranging in the $100-million range, and my ability to keep calm in stressful situations is my claim to fame.

I currently work as a financial analyst at HR Smith Investing. My job here has required me to follow others and take the lead on equal occasions. More importantly, I have become one of the firm’s most dependable analysts in managing high-value portfolios and high-risk investments. For example, I spend most of my time analyzing acceptance or rejection cases for deals that range in the millions of dollars.

As I mentioned earlier, my greatest achievement at HR Smith Investing was my successful direction of a $100-million acceptance case. This case required me to perform many administrative tasks that I had never attempted prior. In my opinion, my completion of this case proved my ability to work as a senior-level financial analyst. I would love the opportunity to discuss this case in more detail in person.

Despite my track record of professional success, I never overlook the importance of my two degrees. My bachelor’s degree in finance paved the way for my love of the industry, and my master’s in statistics taught me the high-level skills to start making a bigger impact at HR Smith Investing. More importantly, I have a natural ability to make other people feel comfortable and take charge when my coworkers need someone to look up to.

I am certainly the ideal candidate for the position of Senior Financial Analyst at West Valley Investment Banking. My track record of high-level professional success sets me apart from other candidates, but my soft skills and leadership qualities are what will help me repeat that success at West Valley Investment Banking. I hope to bring my skills to your firm and increase your shareholder value across the board. Thank you for your time, and I hope to meet with you soon.

Daniel Jacobs

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A great financial analyst cover letter comes down to proving your worth to the firm you’re applying to. Though cover letters for any job are quite similar, the finance industry is harder to break into without demonstrable facts that state your success. Entry-level candidates will rely on the power of their internships and degrees, but mid-level candidates will need more and renewed education to stick out from the pack. Do you have any experience applying as a financial analyst and writing a financial analyst cover letter? Please share your stories below.

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