Criminal Justice Cover Letter Samples

Having a superior criminal justice cover letter plays a vital role in securing an interview. Throughout this article, you will be given two criminal justice cover letter samples that you can download to use as a guide. To some degree, your cover letter’s content will depend on the specific criminal justice job you hold. These may include, but are not limited to: police officers, loss prevention specialists, security guards, and prison correction officers. Regardless of the job position, your employer will want to know that you have a true understanding of how the justice system operates.

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Criminal Justice Cover Letter Samples

Criminal Justice Cover Letter Sample 1

Janette Spurs
365 Chestnutt Avenue, Dover, Maryland 32111
789-412-5632 (Home)
July 9, 2018

Mr. Ronald Brown
Human Resources Director
Hurd Industries
999 Wind Gate Avenue, Dover, Maryland 51123

Dear Mr. Brown,

I am excited to apply for the loss prevention opening that you have advertised on Hurd Industries’ website. As someone with five years of experience in loss prevention and an associate’s degree in criminal justice, I am qualified for the position. I also understand that Hurd Industries prides itself both on customer service and delivering quality products. While working at Byrd’s Call Center, I developed a true affinity for delivering quality customer service. This attribute, combined with my experience as a loss prevention associate and training in criminal justice, will allow me to be a worthy addition to your team.

At the present, my primary job tasks as a loss prevention specialist involve identifying both internal and external instances of theft. My criminal justice tasks also involve investigating potential causes of fraud, whether they are committed by an employee or a potential customer. I am also responsible for taking control of situations in which visitors to our company are verbally or physically disruptive. I work closely with the company’s security team in order to make sure that the workplace remains a safe and comfortable environment.

One of my most notable achievements as a loss prevention specialist has been my ability to make a noticeable impact upon the amount of internal fraud that has affected our company. Since I began working for the company, the internal fraud rate has decreased by 33%. I’ve also had a significant impact on the amount of external theft, which has decreased by 50% since I joined the company.

My technical skills include the ability to utilize loss prevention industry standard devices, such as CCTV, Intagral, and Loronix. I am also well-versed in most computer programs, including both Apple and Microsoft programs. Additionally, I am highly skilled in remaining calm in dangerous and stressful situations. My ability to work within a team is another skill set that I highly value and believe will be one that will benefit your company immensely.

I have enclosed a resume that goes into much greater detail about my previous work experience. By examining that resume, you will be able to see my abilities in both the customer service skills that you value and the loss prevention that you require for this position. I would be happy to further discuss my abilities in person. I would prefer to be contacted by phone, but you may also contact me through email to schedule an interview.

Janette Spurs

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Criminal Justice Cover Letter Sample 2

Adam Glenn
7852 Sunflower Street, Springfield, Illinois 74563
433-322-9874 (Home)
July 9, 2018

Mrs. Janine Peters
Hiring Supervisor
Springfield Prison
12 Appleseed Boulevard, Springfield, Illinois 74563

Dear Mrs. Janine Peters,

I am a disciplined and experienced correction officer with formal educational training in criminal justice. Having noticed your advertisement in the June 29th edition of the Springfield Times, I would like to apply for the position. I have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Springfield Technical College, and I worked for ten years in the Allen county sheriff’s office as a correction officer. Currently, I hold the rank of captain.

In my job as a corrections officer at the sheriff’s office, I complete all of the intake paperwork. This frequently includes taking fingerprints and performing searches on new inmates. I am also responsible for booking new inmates as they come into the facility. When inmates are released, I am responsible for processing their discharge and making sure they exit the facility calmly and peacefully. I have been involved in escorting inmates around the facility and responding to the public’s questions about our policies.

Many of my proudest achievements at the sheriff’s office have involved training other correction officers. Many of the officers who I have trained have not had the benefit of formal training. For this reason, I have been responsible for explaining the majority of the criminal justice system to them, including intake and discharge procedures, inmates’ rights, and basic safety protocols. In 2015, I redesigned our training program from scratch and rewrote the training manual.

I have certifications in handcuff safety and firearms. I am certified as a correction officer by the state of Illinois. In addition to the hands-on skills that I have developed as a correction officer, I have a thorough understanding of criminal behavior, forensic science, and abnormal psychology due to my college courses in criminal justice. I also have advanced knowledge of criminal law and how group dynamics affect prison populations.

I believe that my cover letter and resume will convince you of my qualifications for the position of correction officer for your facility. If you would like to further discuss the ways in which I can benefit your existing correction officer structure, I would be happy to discuss them with you in person. Please contact me by either email or phone in order to arrange an interview.

Adam Glenn

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The criminal justice field covers a variety of unique jobs and positions. Each of them differs in the way that they allow you to protect the public, and their differences will determine which aspects you focus on while writing your criminal justice cover letter. The biggest concern that you should keep in mind while composing your cover letter is demonstrating your experience in the field. With few exceptions, your potential employer will want to know that you can step into the job and begin right away. Do you have other experiences writing criminal justice cover letters? Share them with us!

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