HVAC Cover Letter Samples

Finding a job in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) depends almost solely on your previous experience. Certifications can make a difference in this industry, but nothing is more important than proven job history. In fact, this is a popular field for candidates without college degrees. This article will show you two examples of strong HVAC cover letters. The first example is tailored for a veteran HVAC technician, and the second is an HVAC cover letter for an entry-level apprenticeship.

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HVAC Cover Letter Samples

HVAC Cover Letter Sample 1

James Donnehil
4752 Stone Bay Court, Brightfield, Wisconsin 67894
775 – 456 – 6645 (Home)
July 7, 2018

Mr. John Carter
HVAC Specialist
Carter & Sons HVAC
654 W. Hill Street, Brightfield, Wisconsin 67894

Dear Mr. Carter,

I noticed your job advertisement on Indeed.com, and I would like to apply for the position of HVAC technician. I am a veteran HVAC technician with over 10 years of experience, and I hold an EPA certification and a license to work in the state of Wisconsin. Combined with a proven history of excellent customer service, I am an ideal candidate for this position.

I currently work as an HVAC Technician at Keystone Heating and Cooling. I am one of the company’s top servicemen, and I am often called upon for complicated jobs requiring in-depth knowledge of appliances. In addition to my skill as a repair man, I’ve also created new methods for organizing customer records and keeping busy behind the scenes. More importantly, I’ve had many customers leave me excellent reviews. I am a firm believer in the importance of online reviews, and I would love to bring that mindset to Carter & Sons HVAC.

I have had many success stories with Keystone Heating and Cooling, but my greatest achievements have always been the result of creative problem-solving. I believe an HVAC technician must always have a backup plan when a repair doesn’t work out the way it was predicted to. My other achievements include my regular pay raises, earning of company accolades, and ability to build lasting relationships with customers.

My current skills are sure to help me excel in this HVAC technician role. I have a deep knowledge of common repairs for heating and cooling systems of all varieties. As is proven by my certifications, I also have full awareness of government regulations. I have a great understanding of common business software. However, my best skill is my ability to keep calm in tough situations. My coworkers have always described me as a creative and effective problem solver.

I feel confident that I am the most qualified candidate for the position of HVAC technician at Carter & Sons HVAC. I would like to take my current skills and hit the ground running with Carter & Sons. Above all, my creative problem solving will make me a valued member of the team. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon in regards to an interview.

James Donnehil

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HVAC Cover Letter Sample 2

Patrick Delaney
3314 Madison Street, Gilbert City, Illinois 44235
987 – 423 – 9098 (Home)
July 7, 2018

Mr. Jerry Sanchez
HVAC Technician & Hiring Manager
Continental HVAC
3221 Indiana Avenue, Gilbert City, Illinois 44235

Dear Mr. Sanchez,

I noticed your help wanted advertisement, and I would like to apply for the apprenticeship at Continental HVAC. I have a great deal of experience in customer service, and I would like to use my skills to break into the HVAC industry. Also, I am currently working towards my EPA certification and Illinois license. I am an ideal candidate to train into a valued member of the Continental team.

In my current position, I am a customer service associate at Builder Pro Home Improvement. Working at a hardware store, I have spent a lot of time on the periphery of the HVAC industry. After two years of learning, answering questions, and helping customers in every way possible, I feel certain that HVAC is the best career choice for me. My job responsibilities have also given me an opportunity to learn about popular business software.

I’m happy to report two very successful years with Builder Pro. In my time here, I have won employee of the month, created a customer rewards program, and helped train new employees on service-related activities. My managers have always complimented my never-quit attitude and knack for solving difficult problems. I feel that my experience could help me develop into a formidable HVAC technician with Continental.

Aside from my customer service capabilities, I have several skills that are beneficial to the HVAC apprenticeship role. I am proficient in sales, and I have a strong desire for learning. This desire to always push forward will help me stay certified throughout my career. I also have a keen eye for determining safety hazards in the workplace. As I’ve learned in retail, safety is more important than anything else.

Above all, my unique background makes me the top candidate for this position. I can start at the apprentice level and grow into the valued HVAC technician that Continental needs. I am already enrolled in certification courses, and this would be a great opportunity for me to contribute to your company while developing a career. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to meet with you soon for an interview.

Patrick Delaney

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Writing a strong HVAC cover letter is all about sharing your demonstrable skills from your work history. If your history doesn’t include anything directly HVAC related, you will need to think of creative ways to draw the connection. This is how newcomers are able to break into the field. Certification is helpful, but customer service, attention to detail, and a keen eye for safety are the most important skills. Have you ever written an HVAC cover letter? Please feel free to share your thoughts and strategies in the section below.

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