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Front Desk Cover Letter Samples

Are you looking for a guide for composing a front desk cover letter? This article includes two front desk cover letter samples that you can download and use as a guide to making the best first impression with your potential employer. You will want to emphasize your ability to complete common front desk office duties, such as accepting deliveries and answering phones. Additionally, if there’s a specific industry that you have specialized in as a front desk worker, you’ll want to emphasize it in your cover letter if it is relevant to the job you are trying to obtain.

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Front Desk Cover Letter Samples

Front Desk Cover Letter Sample 1

Penny Edwards
687 Hamilton Street, Omaha, Nebraska 55443
August 12, 2018

Theodore Quinlan
Hiring Manager
Paradise Systems, LLC
754 Helen Street, Omaha, Nebraska 55443

Dear Mr. Quinlan,

I came across your company’s advertisement on for a front desk receptionist. This position is of particular interest to me due to my extensive experience in the field, and I would like to apply for the role within your company. I have enclosed a resume for you to further review my fifteen years of experience as a front desk receptionist. In those fifteen years, I have worked with two companies because I hold company loyalty as a very important personal value. Both of these companies provide home services to customers, just as Paradise Systems, LLC does.

While at my current position at Goldline Windows, Inc., I have been involved in monitoring the front desk and lobby area. In this role, I greet potential clients, accept payments, take new orders, and handle any security concerns. These interactions with customers are done in person, over the phone, by email, and through our website interface. When we have customer complaints, I am the company’s representative in handling those disputes. I also make sure that all visitor logs are maintained and updated within our computer system.

As a front desk receptionist at Goldline Windows, Inc., I took charge of the scheduling system and redesigned it in order to better ensure accuracy in our appointments. This has reduced missed appointments and scheduling conflicts by 35% within two years’ time. I also consistently stay under the budget when ordering supplies. In 2016, I conducted a careful inventory of our supplies and was able to reduce our front desk operating budget by 40% through suggestions about which items were necessary, and which did not contribute to the daily operation of the front desk area.

Among the many skills that I have been able to cultivate in my current position are scheduling management, meeting planning, and mail management. I also take great pride in my professionalism, whether dealing with extremely difficult potential clients, or coworkers who might not be having the best day. My phone etiquette skills have also developed strongly at my current place of employment.

I look forward to learning more about the opportunity within your company. Throughout this cover letter, I have done my best to demonstrate the ways in which my experience as a front desk receptionist will help me contribute towards meeting your company’s goals. If you would like to further discuss my qualifications, I can be reached through either email or phone in order to schedule an interview.

Penny Edwards

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Front Desk Cover Letter Sample 2

Frank Raspberry
33 Frankfort Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 54122
August 12, 2018

Jessica French
Applegate Technical Solutions
77 Easton Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina 54122

Dear Mrs. French,

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from North Carolina University in May of 2000, I was initially unsure about what career path to pursue. When I applied and gained my current position at Andrew’s Computer Sales as a front desk receptionist, I discovered that combining customer service skills with my fondness for computers was exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Considering your website’s ad for a “front desk receptionist with a passion for technology,” I believe that my experience and knowledge make me the right choice for your company.

My daily tasks involve greeting customers and answering any questions that they may have. The questions that our customers may ask are sometimes very technically oriented. Other times, their questions are focused on payments and terms of their business contracts. As the primary representative to the customers, my duties encompass answering both types of questions as thoroughly as possible. I am also responsible for balancing vendor statements, accepting payments, and answering any phone calls that we may receive.

When I accepted my current position, I inherited a four-month backlog of bills. Under my management, that backlog was resolved within a matter of five weeks. I also implemented and oversaw the complete overhaul of the billing system so that another similar backlog does not develop again. Since I began working for the company, we have seen the number of unpaid bills decrease by 30% due in part to our new billing system.

I possess both technical and administrative skills. Although I already had a bachelor’s degree when I began working for the company, I saw that many of my duties required advanced bookkeeping abilities. To make sure that my skills were always up to par, I completed a six-month course in bookkeeping and accounting at Charlotte Technical School, earning my bookkeeping certificate in the process. My other skills include the ability to provide exceptional customer service and solve technical questions for customers.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you in person in order to further discuss my qualifications. During an interview, I would be pleased to demonstrate my technical understanding and explore the ways in which I can contribute to your company’s long-term success. It is easiest to reach me by email, but please feel free to call me by phone as well.

Frank Raspberry

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When you apply for a front desk position, you will likely have a lot of competition. In order to land that job, you will need to demonstrate that you are the best professional that the company could hire. Focus both on exceptional achievements and daily skills when listing your abilities. We invite you to share your experiences with writing front desk cover letters. What tips have helped you compose a front desk cover letter that has stood out from the others and landed you that interview? Have you discovered any mistakes in writing your cover letter that you want to share?

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