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Police Officer Cover Letter Samples

The purpose of this article is to provide you with two police officer cover letter samples that you may download at your leisure. Having an amazing cover letter is an essential step to securing your job as a police officer, because you will be going into a highly competitive market as part of your job search. Many police departments seek highly qualified officers, and applying for these positions require a lengthy and thorough application process. In order to get your foot in the door, you’ll need to have a police officer cover letter that highlights your talent, education, experience, and bravery.

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Police Officer Cover Letter Samples

Police Officer Cover Letter Sample 1

Chelsea Markus
753 Centerville Street, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 33665
August 10, 2018

Andrew Jones
Police Commissioner
Cedar Rapids Police Department
33 Blueberry Way, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 33665

Dear Mr. Jones,

I am highly interested in the position of entry-level police officer that is currently being advertised on the Cedar Rapids’ Facebook page. Although I have worked in law enforcement for the past three years, I feel that your entry-level position is well suited to my desire to serve my hometown. I will bring both my passion for serving the community and my educational background at Cedar Rapids Police Academy, where I graduated in 2015.

At the present, I work as a police officer for the neighboring town of North Liberty. In this position, I respond rapidly to all dispatched calls in order to take immediate action in cases of crime, disaster, and accidents. I have helped senior officers with covert operations in order to uncover ongoing criminal enterprises. Many court cases in our department have been prepared by me, and I’ve legally testified as a witness.

When I am counting my achievements at the North Liberty Police Department, I must count my ability to direct, control, and contain crowds during our annual summer fair. These events are loud and full of drunken and disorderly individuals, but I have been consistently praised for my ability to prevent or contain disorderly conduct. I’ve initiated and participated in the local school outreach program for elementary students that focuses exclusively on how to remain safe.

During my time on the force, I have developed the police patrol operations skills that I was taught at the academy. I’ve also learned the value of having positive community relationships. Working closely with senior officers on the squad has allowed me to develop advanced skills in crime scene preservation and suspect bookings. My greatest strengths are my emergency response and weapons handling abilities.

To schedule an interview, please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone. I believe that my experience and education make me a perfect fit for my hometown police squad, and I’d love to discuss my qualifications with you in greater detail. While other candidates may apply, I will bring my unique love of the city and my lifelong desire to serve Cedar Rapids to the best of my ability.

Chelsea Markus

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Police Officer Cover Letter Sample 2

Jacob Erikson
987 West Pine Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 22478
August 10, 2018

Elizabeth Van Claude
Chief of Police
Erie Police Department
1763 East Water Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 22741

Dear Mrs. Van Claude,

As someone who originally completed my training at Erie Police Academy in 2000, I was thrilled to see that your police force has an opening for a sergeant. With over 18 years of experience in law enforcement, I will be capable of providing your department the advanced leadership and familiarity with legal standards that your advertisement indicates you are seeking.

At the Harrisburg Police Department where I currently hold the rank of sergeant, I frequently engage in a number of potentially hostile law enforcement procedures. These include searching vehicles, property, and individuals suspected of committing crimes. I have hands-on experience in gathering vital investigation information through interrogation. The administration of sobriety tests and monitoring potentially suspicious individuals also fall under my responsibilities.

I have consistently been acknowledged in the Harrisburg Police Department for my leadership achievements. In 2016, I attended a six-week leadership training class. The participants are hand selected by our city council and are chosen on the basis of their contributions to the police department. In this class, I learned the value of crisis management and problem-solving. I have also been named Senior Officer of the Year for the past two years.

One of my greatest skills is my physical fitness. I have an avid love of physical activity and my participation in marathons, weight training, and martial arts allows me to remain in the kind of shape I need to endure the physical requirements of police work. I also served as an EMT prior to becoming a police officer, so I possess skills in emergency response. The concepts, laws, and procedures involved in searches, seizures, and interrogation are within my skill set.

Your advertisement indicates that you value experience and dedication to the community. Due to my almost twenty years as a police officer, I believe I fit your experience qualification. As for my dedication to the community, I still have fond memories of the city where I earned my certificate as a police officer, and I have been devoted to serving the state of Pennsylvania for my entire life. I look forward to further discussing my qualifications in a face-to-face interview. Please contact me to schedule an interview.

Jacob Erikson

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Law enforcement will always be a solid and dependable career. When you are applying for a job as a police officer, your job search will likely be more successful if you follow the examples of the police officer cover letter examples found within this article. Always focus on your experiences and the unique skills you have developed as part of your training and employment. Please share any other experiences you have had when writing police officer cover letters. What skills have you found it necessary to emphasize in your cover letter? Which ones have you left off because they were unnecessary?

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