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Adjunct Professor Cover Letter Samples

Are you looking for a position as an adjunct professor in your field? If so, this article strives to help you land that position by providing you with two adjunct professor cover letter samples that you can download. These samples should provide you with the template that you need in order to produce the perfect cover letter designed for grabbing the attention of your prospective employer. When writing your adjunct professor cover letter, the key aspect to keep in mind is that colleges and universities hiring adjunct professors value teaching experience and non-teaching experiences that have made you an expert in your field.

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Adjunct Professor Cover Letter Samples

Adjunct Professor Cover Letter Sample 1

Jeffrey Williams
33 Park Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 54789
August 8, 2018

Rebecca Connors
Chair of English Department
Chicago Technical University
245 Cherry Street, Chicago, Illinois 54789

Dear Dr. Connors,

I am an experienced adjunct professor with ten years of classroom management in my employment history. With a Ph.D. in Literary Studies, I have taught courses ranging from introductory writing classes to media studies. Courtesy of your department’s website, I can see that you are looking for a new adjunct professor for the English department. I am confident that my variety of skills and areas of interest will make me a perfect fit for your department.

Currently, I work as an adjunct professor at North Chicago Technical Institute. I have taught English there for five years. My main objective as an adjunct professor in the English department is to help students discover and foster a love of literature through a variety of readings and classroom discussions. As my resume demonstrates, I have supplemented my adjunct work by keeping up to date with my freelance publications. I continue to write numerous articles and stories in multiple publications. My time as a freelance writer enables me to share a unique understanding of the publication process with my students.

At the end of every semester, the reviews from my students on the faculty evaluations are consistently high and praise me for providing the material in an easy to understand manner. I have also served as the faculty adviser for the department’s literary magazine. In this capacity, I advise students and serve as an editor.

As an adjunct professor, I have developed significant classroom management abilities. I also have hands-on experience in the publishing field. My teaching abilities range from freshmen to seniors, and I have taught both introductory and advanced classes. I am extremely detail oriented and have experience with a variety of social media platforms. Teamwork is another trait that I value greatly. I try to incorporate teamwork into my classroom activities, and I definitely view it as essential when interacting with other professionals in my department.

I believe that the position with your university will allow my passion as an educator to grow. The position is uniquely suited to my skills and past experiences as an adjunct professor. I look forward to discussing my capabilities as an educator in greater detail. Please contact me by email or by phone to set up an interview.

Jeffrey Williams

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Adjunct Professor Cover Letter Sample 2

Samantha Adkins
8745 Adams Street, Nashville, Tennessee 14563
August 8, 2018

Tyler Rakers
Business Department
Oakville Community College
4365 Fly Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 15901

Dear Mr. Rakers,

I am applying for the position of adjunct business professor, as advertised on Oakville Community College’s website. With ten years as an adjunct professor and twenty years as a Certified Public Accountant, I will bring to the position both classroom and hands-on business experience. I look forward to sharing my experience and passion for teaching with the students at your college.

In my current position, I organize and teach a variety of courses in accounting and business administration. I also maintain student records regarding attendance. On a regular basis, I conduct assessments and tests designed to test the students’ knowledge of the material. Part of my responsibilities also involves developing and implementing new strategies to include the newest technology in order to demonstrate how important technology is to the business industry.

For the past two years, I have earned the “most dedicated teacher” award in my department. These awards are based upon both student evaluations and the recommendations of fellow professors in the department. I have served as an academic adviser on four senior research projects. As an adviser, I review the students’ potential research projects. I make recommendations on how they can improve their projects, based on my hands-on experience as a business professional. I also write several letters of recommendation for students seeking to gain entrance to grad school. I oversee a course on tax preparation every spring semester.

My greatest skills as an educator are lesson planning, classroom control, and online instruction. I also have advanced skills in technology integration and record keeping. As an adjunct professor, I have developed a true fondness for teamwork. The spirit of teamwork allows me to design my classes to complement the students’ other coursework in the business department.

Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy. I believe that having both educator and hands-on business experience will be an invaluable tool for your students, and I look forward to imparting this knowledge. I am available through Skype for an interview if need be, otherwise, you may reach me by phone or email.

Samantha Adkins

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When writing an adjunct professor letter, it is important to illustrate that you are capable of handling a classroom full of potentially unruly students. Even if you have never had a teaching role, try to highlight your experiences dealing with others. You will want to show that you are capable of working within a team because education at the university level is a team effort. Feel free to share your experiences in writing adjunct professor cover letters. How have you incorporated your professional experience and your educator experience in your adjunct professor cover letter? What tricks have you found to be beneficial?

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