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Accounts Payable Cover Letter Samples

People who work in accounts payable frequently process invoices and expense reimbursements for a wide range of purchases. Attention to detail is one of the most important things about this position. When applying for an accounts payable position, it’s important that your cover letter provides the same level of detail as the job entails. Our article is going to help you with this process by providing two downloadable accounts payable cover letter samples.

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Accounts Payable Cover Letter Samples

Accounts Payable Cover Letter Sample 1

Mark Jones
4644 Weeping Willow Park, Fair Town, New York 02748
August 6, 2018

Stan H. Smith
Acting Accounting Director
Financial Auditors of Greater New York
1411 S. Golf Lane Alley, New York, NY 59595

Dear Mr. Smith,

I recently came upon your employment posting in the Sunday edition of the Metropolitan Chronicle. I am extremely interested in the accounts payable job your organization currently has to offer. I possess over 12 years of experience working in accounts payable. I also have almost three years of basic auditing experience as a junior member at a local trade organization. As for educational background, I graduated from the University of New York with a degree in accounting in 1997.

I am currently employed as a lead accounts payable agent at Barkston Accounting on the corner of Sydney and Fifth at our downtown office. My primary responsibility consists of processing per diem travel expense payments for upper-level management members. In addition, I also help with reconciling expense account statements and ensuring that all receipts are scanned into our proprietary imaging software for tax purposes. I also routinely answer the rollover line for the accounting department and direct calls to the appropriate division. The last main portion of my duties consists of making backup electronic copies of financial statements.

During my tenure at Barkston Accounting, I have received multiple awards from my superiors. For starters, I have received the Perfect Attendance award for three consecutive years. In addition to being recognized for my commitment to punctuality, I have also received the Barkston Award For Excellence. This award is given to employees for consistently completing work that passes auditing with a 100 percent quality score. Finally, I have also been nominated as the Employee of The Month nine different times.

In addition to the numerous professional awards I have received, I also possess a wide range of skills that are quite useful in my position. I am well versed in several different computer programs. Some examples of programs that I am quite comfortable using include Microsoft Office, Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Quicken. I am also an experienced PowerPoint user as well. As far as computer operating systems go, I am equally comfortable working with Mac and Windows operating systems. If your building utilizes a large com system, I am also well versed in multiple PBX systems.

In conclusion, I look forward to hearing back from you and learning more about the job that your organization offers. I researched your company and liked the fact that all of your current board members started with the organization as basic employees. I feel that my level of professionalism and attention to detail will come in very handy to the continued success of your company. I also think that our work ethics will align nicely and will ultimately result in even greater efficiency within your department.

Mark Jones

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Accounts Payable Cover Letter Sample 2

Peter Parker
2988 Jumping Bean Loop, Daytona Beach, Florida 31922
August 6, 2018

Mark Harold
Director of Human Resources
Brinks & Berkman’s Ready Accountants
2199 S. Turtle Beach Cove, Daytona Beach, Florida 31949

Dear Mr. Harold,

I saw your employment listing for your accounts payable position on the Financial Fanatics electronic job board. I am interested in learning more about what your company has to offer and applying for the position. I possess over 15 years of accounts payable experience with various agencies. In addition, I also have experience doing taxes for both small and medium level businesses each year. I earned my CPA at the University of Central Florida and graduated with the class of 92.

My most current employment position is at Fieldman’s Accounting Solutions in Daytona Beach, Florida. I have worked here for almost eight years and am interested in pursuing opportunities at an agency that offers more long-term growth potential. Some examples of my primary responsibilities include processing invoice payments, copying sales receipts, and auditing the work of junior level accountants. In addition, I also create PowerPoint slideshows that are used to update upper-level management on our quarterly spending habits.

During my employment at Fieldman’s, I have received several professional rewards for my commitment to excellence. To begin with, I have received the quarterly perfect attendance award from the company for nine consecutive quarters. I have also received the Fieldman’s Award for Excellence for two years in a row. This award is given out annually to accountants who maintained an auditive review score of 95 or greater throughout the entire year. I’ve also received the Employee of The Month award six different times.

Fieldman’s has given me a wide range of skills that I feel would be very useful to your organization. For starters, I am familiar with multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. I am also great with programs like Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and Lotus Notes. My consistent WPM typing rate is approximately 67. As for electronic image systems, I have experience working with programs like EIS.

I also took the time to do a little bit of research about your company. I saw that the two founding members are still active in the daily activities of the company. That attention to detail and commitment of the owners is a primary reason why I am interested in learning more about what your company has to offer. With over 15 years of accounting experience, I feel that I would be a great asset to your growing team.

Peter Parker

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When you’re writing your very own accounts payable cover letter, it’s important that you attempt to make a connection with the company or person you’re sending it too. You can easily accomplish this by mentioning specific details in your letter. A great example would be the company’s founding date. In addition, don’t be afraid to mention your professional accomplishments as well. If there are any accounts payable cover letter tips that you have to share, feel free to post them in the comments area for everyone to see.

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