Home Health Aide: Cover Letter And Resume Samples

Working as a home health aide is consistently ranked as one of the best opportunities within the health care sector and one of the best jobs overall for those seeking steady employment. In 2016, home health aides earned a median salary of $22,600. The job offers scheduling flexibility, advancement opportunities, and a positive work environment.

With the aging Baby Boomer population comes a need for diverse and affordable health care options; since home care is significantly less expensive than in-patient care or nursing homes, job openings for home health aides are expected to grow almost 50% within the next ten years.

What Is a Home Health Aide (HHA)?

Like most health care jobs, home health aides require education, training, and a desire to help people. The job involves a myriad of responsibilities and expectations and some states and organizations require home health aides meet specific standards. Home Health Aides may work in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, short-term hospital care, or patient's private homes.

Job Duties and Skills


Home health aides assist patients who remain in their homes rather than a hospital or nursing home. Aides monitor patient activity, mental and physical health, and provide support and personal services. They also educate families about their loved one's care. Aides are responsible for monitoring patients and recording information such as physical activity, mental conditions, meals, and medication intake. Aides may also be responsible for light housekeeping duties, such as laundry and shopping for groceries, as well as preparing and serving meals and snacks.

Patients will require help with bathing, dressing, grooming, and learning how to use canes or walkers. Home health aides must establish a good rapport with patient families so they can teach them how to care for the patient on their own and advising on nutrition and sanitary standards. Above all, the home health aide must maintain a safe and secure environment for the patient and adhere to all professional standards and expectations.

Home health aides must be able to take direction well and have good verbal and written communication skills. They also must have both leadership traits and the ability to work as part of a team. Aides are usually responsible for patient logs, writing reports, and closely working with the patient's healthcare team. It is important that details are meticulously recorded since there may be many professionals involved in the care and treatment plans.

Education and Training

While there are no mandatory educational requirements to become a home health aide, it is imperative to check with your potential employer about what standards they specifically require. For example, in New York State a prospective HHA must be 18 or older and speak and write English at a sixth grade level. HHAs also must pass a criminal background check and drug testing. Some employers may also hold random drug testing and require proof of vaccination records and a clean driving record.

Home health aides that work for Medicare-certified home health agencies complete an evaluation program to meet federal standards and state exam requirements; for example, federal regulations require 12 hours of continuing education per 12-month period. Many home health aides are current students pursuing careers such as nursing or therapy and are using the home health experiences for credit or internships as well as experience.


Online courses and continuing education modules are great options for furthering skills and maintaining a competitive edge in the job market. Even if your state does not require special education or certifications, staying abreast of medical and treatment trends will be proof of your professionalism and dedication.

Examples of a Successful Home Health Aide Cover Letter

Cover letters should be edited and tailored to each job applied for. The cover letter should include specifics mentioned in the job ad to grab the attention of the employer. Resumes are generally standard and boring, so the cover letter is your opportunity to show your personality and appeal and attract an interview.

Necessary Elements of a Cover Letter

  • Your contact information: This should be at the top of the letter, justified to the right side of the page
  • Company/HR Department information: Justified left of the page
  • Date you are typing and sending the letter
  • Salutation: Try to find out the name of the person receiving the applications, or, at the very least, address it to the company's HR Manager
  • Opening Paragraph (Introduction): How did you hear of the job opening?
  • Middle Paragraph: What are your strengths and qualifications? What will you bring to the position? What have you achieved in school or previous jobs that you can bring to this new position?
  • Closing Paragraph: State that you are looking forward to an interview. Provide contact information even if it's at the top of the page or on your resume.
  • Closing, signature, and typed name.

Carefully read the job posting to see if they are requiring proof of your schooling, licenses, or other qualifications. Some companies may require you furnish proof of licenses or transcripts or even recent vaccinations. If you get called for an interview, bring along extra copies of your cover letter, resume, and qualifications. This will save you and your employer time and show your organization and documentation skills.


Cover Letter Example A: Experienced HHA

Dear Human Resource Director of New York Home Health:


I am writing in response to your need for a qualified Home Health Aide advertised in the Local Daily News. With over 5 years of experience providing comprehensive in-home patient care and support, I would love the opportunity to work with your organization.


I graduated at the top of my class at New York Training College and completed the requirements for my HHA Certification. I am currently enrolled in an online continuing education program to keep my skills sharp. While a student at NYTC I worked as a companion and assistant for two in-home care patients. I established myself as a dependable worker with the ability to establish a positive rapport with patients and their families. I was immediately hired upon graduation.

Highlights of my experience include:

  • Providing patient support services including medication administration, vitals, personal hygiene assistance, meal preparation, grocery shopping, and companionship;
  • Maintaining detailed records of patient condition and communicating this to patient families and my supervisor;
  • Consistently demonstrating outstanding communication, interpersonal, and administrative skills.
  • Organizing transportation for patient for out-of-home activites.

I very much look forward to meeting with you to discuss this opportunity and my qualifications in further detail. I can be contacted at (453) 678-9101 or ProfessionalEmailAddress@hireme.com.


Typed Name

Cover Letter Example B: New HHA

Dear Ms. Jones,


Your company, TriState Home Health, cared for my grandmother during the last years of her life. The exceptional care my grandmother received inspired me to recently obtain my Home Health AIde Certification. I have just completed my schooling and will finish my final internship this month. I was pleased to see your advertisement in the classifieds section of the TriState Post.


I have achieved high grades in both my classroom work and my clinical experiences. My various internships have provided me experience in home care, nursing homes, and short-term hospital care. Beyond the technical skills, I believe compassion is what truly makes this line of work special. I take extra steps to ensure all my patients feel cared for and genuinely enjoy the time I spend with them. During my internships, I managed:

  • Patient care logs and medication administration;
  • Preparing snacks and meal plans;
  • Working closely with nutritionists;
  • Communicating with patient families, nurses, and doctors;
  • Transporting patients for errands.

Thank you again for the opportunity to join your team. It would be great to discuss my qualifications further with you if you like.I can be contacted at (123) 456-7890 or ProfessionalEmail@hireme.com.


Typed Name

What Are the Industry-Specific Skills to Include in a Home Health Aid Resume and Cover Letter?

cover letter

It is important to list your best qualities and qualifications first to get the employer's attention! Employers want to know how you stand out from the competition.


Education and Qualification Examples

  • Highest education (Example: High school diploma; Associate degree)
  • Educational goals (Example: attend nursing school; achieve a Bachelor degree)
  • Career objectives (Become a RN; achieve certification as HHA)
  • Previous/current nursing experience
  • Current certifications, including First Aid/AED/etc
  • Current licenses or professional memberships


Descriptive Keywords and Phrases

  • Effective at creating safe environments
  • Dependable
  • Skilled communicator
  • Ability to establish rapport with clients and families
  • Team player
  • Shows initiative and drive
  • Good listener
  • Skilled at writing reports
  • Quick learner
  • Scheduling flexibility


Action Verbs to Use

  • Answered/Responded
  • Aided/Administered/Maintained
  • Cooperated/Prepared
  • Diagnosed
  • Taught/Enabled
  • Volunteered
  • Encouraged/supported
  • Rehabilitated
  • Checked/Recorded



Working as a home health aide can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Creating the perfect cover letter is just the first step to impressing your potential employer! A quality cover letter will entice the employer to put your resume at the top of the consideration pile. In a vast sea of applicants, you need to ensure that you are the perfect hire! Good luck!

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