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Here are two hostess resume samples that will help you secure the position you desire.The Hostess position is one very sought after all around the world. The person doing it represents the very first contact a guest has with the establishment he has come to. Therefore, he or she has to be a picture of perfection in every way possible.

Hostesses can typically find a place to work in hotels, restaurants, resorts, and every other type of establishment that provides hospitability. Here are the two examples.hostess resume sample concept art

Hostess Resume Sample 1

Katrina Wells

2323 North Bend River Road, Elkhorn City, Kentucky, 41522


A. Summary

I am an energetic hostess with experience in the field. Also, I have previously served as a hostess in upscale hotels and restaurants, providing the customers with an elegant and perfect service. I am highly skilled when it comes to planning the service workflows, coordinating and ordinating the dining room staff, and managing reservations made by the patrons. Therefore, I am looking for a job at a location where I can apply my extensive professional background and make good use of my skills and knowledge.

 B. Working Experience

  • June 2010 – Present – Homewood Suites by Hilton Louisville-East, Louisville, Kentucky

Responsibilities: Acknowledge and greet all the guests and seat them to their designating table, escort them to said table, communicate any delays, offer drinks and keep them entertained while they wait to be seated, present the menus, create a suitable atmosphere for a luxurious and elegant dinner experience, take and manage the reservations, prepare the seating arrangements per day, week or month according to reservations made and to the patrons’ requests, walk periodically through the dining room to make sure all the guests are enjoying themselves and that everything is up to par as per the restaurant’s criteria, address complaints or specific and personal requests from patrons, escalate the major complaints to the manager of the restaurant or the hotel itself.

Achievements: Increased the number of patrons by 25 percent during my time here thanks to outstanding customer services on my part, offering complimentary beverages and desserts if something went amiss, and casually inviting them to return.

  • April 2006 – May 2010 – Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Louisville East, Louisville, Kentucky

Responsibilities: supervise the dining room activities, direct the staff so as to ensure courteous and fast customer service, arrange parties and special events, offer special services for dinner and then arrange them, greet the guests, escort them to their designated table, inspect the dining areas to make sure they were clean so as to comply with the standards

C. Education and Academic Training

Graduated in 2005 from the Art Institute of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Hospitality Management. I also possess a SafeServ Food Handlers’ Card.

D. Job Related Skills

  • Managing of the dining room
  • Outstanding customer service abilities
  • Managing reservations
  • Leadership when it comes to staff
  • Outstanding organizational abilities
  • Workflow optimization

E. General Skills

  • Sociable
  • Reliable
  • People’s person
  • Eager to please
  • Love to cater to people
  • Pleasant physical appearance
  • Talkative
  • Team player
  • Tri-lingual – English, Italian, and Spanish. I also understand German and French

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Hostess Resume Sample 2

Nina Adams

1978 Sampson Street, Goose Lake, Iowa, 52750


A. Summary

Professional and experienced Hostess specialized in Fine Dining. I possess an extensive knowledge as well as an understanding of what a high-end dining experience must be like. I also have outstanding skills when it comes to scheduling and organizing reservations as well as planning the seating arrangements both on a typical day and for special occasions. My experience has been gathered working in high-end and exclusive restaurants with Michelin stars.

B. Working Experience

  • December 2012 – January 2016 – Orchard and Green Restaurant and Lounge, Iowa City, Iowa

Responsibilities: Schedule all the reservations, plan the seating arrangements according to said reservations, perform preparatory work for the dining room, assist or organize the setting for special or private events, greet customers at the entrance, take their reservations, and walk them to their table, discuss meal options with them, take special requests, link with the restaurant chef to accommodate all food requests from patrons.

Achievements: Increased the restaurant turnover by designing a custom-made reservations system. It meant that patrons had to wait less for their table and the restaurant was never empty, at any point.

  • July 2005 – November 2012 – Konomi Japanese Restaurant, Coralville, Iowa

Responsibilities: Greet customers at the door, entertain them while they waited for their table, offer complimentary beverages during their wait, escort them to their table, offer water, discuss menu options with every patron table, communicate to them the name of their server for the evening, provide waiting time to each party, assist the servers when counting their tallies at the end of each shift, thank every guest in person for choosing the restaurant and invite them to come again, handle all the complaints, link to management if the complaints could not be handled at my level.

C. Education and Academic Training

I possess a High School Diploma from the Old River Bank North High School, Goose Lake, Iowa. Graduated in 2005.

D. Job Related Skills

  • Outstanding people skills
  • Friendly
  • Considerate
  • Diplomatic
  • Communicative
  • An extensive knowledge of the industry of fine dining
  • A great knowledge of wine and foods
  • Pleasant appearance
  • Organizational skills
  • Very fluent in English, German, Spanish, and Swedish.
  • Working knowledge of Japanese and Chinese
  • The ability to provide professional services

E. General Skills

  • Able to juggle multiple tasks successfully
  • The ability to work long shifts standing up.
  • Calm
  • Discreet
  • Willing to work extra hours or in shifts
  • Agree to work at night

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When you fill in or create your hostess resume, make sure you emphasize all your skills. This is no time to be shy or modest. Remember that your CV is your calling card or your very own, personal marketing campaign, if you will. Keep it all short and to the point, just like we showed you in these two hostess resume samples. Your resume should never be more than one page long unless your experience in your line of work spans on several decades. Good luck!

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