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Marketing Manager Resume Samples

The marketing manager oversees a company’s efforts to draw buyers to its merchandise and services. To ensure effective sales and marketing campaigns, the marketing manager and team must grasp how to use social media, Internet searches, emails and other digital communications. Understanding the types of customers and their preferences also helps successful efforts.

The marketing manager resume is the applicant’s attempt to convince employers of the skills and ability to lead campaigns in an especially cyber and digital marketplace. Below are two marketing manager resume samples that capture the marketing, technological, communication and analytical abilities companies seek in marketing managers.

Marketing Manager Resume Sample 1

John March
123 South Champions Circle
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 12345
(000) 555-9876

A. Summary
Experienced, proven sales and marketing professional in the mobile device industry seeks to oversee marketing program of this innovative company. Will offer knowledge of sales, customer service, market forces and trends in smart phones and devices, and analytics. Demonstrated ability to communicate with marketing team, managers and customers and on digital platforms. Understands demographics and behaviors of mobile device users.

B. Working Experience
04/2013 to 04/2017 – The Tablet Emporium, Durham, North Carolina
Marketing Analyst
• Provided guidance to major retailer of smart phones and tablets on marketing
• Suggested prices, product launch dates and marketing messages
• Devised questions for interviews, online surveys and questionnaires to gauge
customer satisfaction with products, online and in-store experience
• Collected and analyzed data on age, gender, habits and preferences of tablet
users; competitors’ tablets, and conditions and trends in the wireless device
• Assisted marketing team with preparing blog and social media content on uses
and features of various kinds of tablets and safe and secure use of wireless
• Compiled data and prepared reports for marketing and other managers on
digital campaigns

• Assisted with campaign content for online promotion of most popular smart
phone in 2016

08/2010 to 03/2013 – Smart People, LLC, Seattle, Washington
Sales Representative
• Handled sales accounts worth $10 million for manufacturer of smart phones and
• Managed sales accounts for numerous national and regional retailers
• Identified, contacted, explained smart phone and tablet features to and
negotiated price terms for multiple retailers
• Attended consumer electronics trade shows and conferences throughout the
United States
• Follow-up with retailers by answering questions and educating them about
product features, updates and new smart phones and tablets

• Top salesperson in company in 2012

04/2007 to 07/2010 — Wire Free Sales and Service, Seattle, 

Store Manager
• Supervised staff of fifteen sales and service associates for wireless device
• Answered customer questions about existing and new products
• Established displays of products, banners and signs in store
• Prepared sales and profit reports from store for headquarters
• Implemented company-wide marketing campaigns, including discounts and special
• Hired staff and rendered other personnel decisions consistent with company

• Store earned “Gold” rating from corporate for 2007, 2008 and 2009
• Ranked as top-earning store among 50 stores in Washington and Oregon in 2009

C. Education and Academic Training
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (with Minor in Computer Science), Prestige University, Dallas, Texas

D. Job Related Skills
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Business research
• Customer Service Management Software

E. General Skills
• Communication
• Persuasion

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Marketing Manger Resume Sample 2

Jane Sunday
123 North Market Drive
Orlando, Florida 12345
(000) 555-1234

A. Summary
Accomplished marketing professional seeks opportunity to oversee company’s marketing campaigns. Experience with marketing both in physical locations, online and in social media. Knowledge and skills include copy writing and editing, keyword searches, analytics and communications. Understands the power of effective visuals, both online and in physical displays. Leadership demonstrated through making personnel decisions and delegating tasks.

B. Working Experience
02/2016 to 03/2017 – Jupiter Entertainment, Orlando, Florida
Assistant Marketing Manager
• Assisted marketing manager of third largest movie studio with developing
strategies and presentations for marketing of films
• Conducted screenings of films and shows
• Ran focus groups of advertisements and trailers for films
• Planned and oversaw displays of upcoming films in movie theaters, shopping
centers and arenas
• Consulted with marketing manager in hiring and other personnel decisions of
marketing staff
• Oversee development of online and social media content, including biographies of
actors and actresses and summaries of storylines and characters

• Supervised marketing campaigns for three top-ten revenue grossing films in

02/2012 to 12/2015 – The Search Company, LLC, New York, NY
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist
• Assisted multiple entertainment and video companies with managing keyword
online marketing strategy
• Collaborated with web designers to ensure ease of navigation through movie
• Conducted research on clients’ competitors and keywords
• Ran pay-per-click campaigns for firms’ multiple clients
• Wrote and edited articles, headlines and other content for blogs, social
media, websites and emails

05/2010 to 01/2012 — Thespian Community Theatre, Miami Beach, Florida
Marketing Director
• Prepared press releases and announcements of plays and performances
• Designed and procured posters for display in front of theatre and distribution
in local offices, restaurants and stores
• Wrote previews of upcoming performances and profiles of actors, actresses,
production staff and musicians for social media
• Oversaw delivery of email alerts to patrons of performances, schedules and

C. Education and Academic Training
Bachelor of Science, Communications, Empire University, Irvine, California

D. Job Related Skills
• Google Analytics
• Writing and editing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Microsoft Word

E. General Skills
• Communication
• Leadership
• Organization
• Microsoft PowerPoint

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A persuasive marketing manager resume highlights your skills and abilities to draw customers and generate sales for the company. The listing of experience for each job should discuss the use of search engine optimization or keywords, the creation of online, social media and other marketing content; the ability to analyze market conditions and your customers, and leading staff. Emphasize those jobs in your employment history that fit the employer’s line of business.

Share your talents and experience by writing a marketing manager resume that emphasizes your skills and knowledge of marketing, analysis, communication and technology.

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