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Accounting Cover Letter Samples

Preparation and analysis of financial statements forms just one part of the accountants’ role. These professionals audit records of transactions, find fraud, help law enforcement solve business crimes, and improve the operations of businesses and other organizations. Clients, investors, regulators, business managers, crime fighters and the public rely on the accuracy and competence of your work.

Your accounting cover letter should highlight how you can fulfill one or more of these roles and your ability to provide trustworthy financial portraits of businesses and organizations. With the accounting cover letter samples below as guides, you can portray your academic credentials, job experience, how your work is recognized by peers and the public. These samples are designed also to help you to shape your skills and experience to the type of employer or industry for which you offer your services.

Accounting Cover Letter Sample 1

Morris Anders
914 North Valley Circle
Austin, TX 12346
000 –555 –1233 (Home)

April 24, 2017

Mrs. Alicia Lane
Senior Accountant
West, Lane and Mercury, PLLC
Certified Public Accountants
913 Macon Plaza
Southlake, TX 12345

Dear Mrs. Lane,

As a result of the employment advertisement posted on, I eagerly apply for the position of Accountant at your firm. I am a graduate of Southern Methodist University, Class of 2010, with my major in Accounting. I became licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in 2012. My experience as an accountant includes preparing accurate financial statements and tax returns for various clients in Travis and three surrounding counties in Central Texas.

In my present role as a junior accountant at Steward Holland, LLP in Austin, I obtain, inspect and analyze information for balance sheet accounts, monthly and annual income statements and tax returns for clients. They include many medical professionals and two dozen health-related businesses including pharmacies and medical and dental practices. My responsibilities include obtaining from clients documents of transactions and information to calculate cash sales and payments to the businesses, accounts receivables, accounts payable and interest payments. I have experience in depreciation of medical and dental equipment. I frequently call, email and meet with the owners or practitioners.

The Travis County League of CPAs honored me with recognition of New CPA of the Year in 2012. As a junior accountant at Steward Holland, LLP, I have prepared financial statements, analysis and proposed budgets for four nonprofit clinics throughout Travis and surrounding counties. As reported in The Travis Daily newspaper, my work helped these clinics install cost-saving measures to keep them open and to serve more needy people.

I will bring to your firm strong analytical skills and the ability to carefully examine detailed records. I am proficient with Quickbooks, Microsoft Excel and other accounting and reporting applications. My work allows me to apply Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and understand how accounting principles apply to the medical and health industry.

As an accountant, I look forward to the opportunity to help West, Lane and Mercury, PLLC achieve its goals of serving the medical and health fields in the Metroplex. Your firm’s documented success contributes to more efficient and innovative healthcare facilities and better service to patients. With my work experience and interest in the medical field, I can fill a very valuable role in your firm’s mission.

[Insert signature here]

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Accounting Cover Letter Sample 2

Andrea Workfield
4112 Rushmore Ave.
Norfolk, Virginia 12346
(000) 561-0001

April 24, 2017
Mr. Carson Yielding
Heritage National Bank, N.A.
1776 Queens Way
Charlotte, North Carolina 12345

Dear Mr. Yielding,
In response to your announcement on, I apply for the position of Senior Auditor in your corporation. I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2001 with a major in Accounting and minor in Information Technology. In May 2003, I earned my CPA license in Virginia. My experience in the accounting profession comes from the local government and regulatory side. From 2003 to March 2008, I served as an Assistant Accountant for the City of Richmond, Virginia. In that role, I assisted in auditing accounts and spending for compliance with local and state budgeting laws.

Since April 2008, I have worked as a Bank Examiner for the State Banking Commission. My duties include auditing and examining deposits, withdrawals, loans and other transactions, and financial statements of financial institutions and credit companies of various sizes. I have gained significant exposure to and helped enforce laws for consumer credit protection and bank capital reserves and liquidity. Through my efforts, banks have been alerted to unsound practices, market and other risks to their stability and customers and potential legal violations and exposure.

The work of our office received national acclaim. What myself and other examiners learned in auditing banks during and shortly after the financial crisis helped shape state and national reforms in banking and credit practices. In March 2009, I authored a special report commissioned by the American Banking Associated that discussed the causes of the crisis and proposed regulations for mortgage lending, credit card offers and bank capital reserves.

In addition to analyzing documents and practices, my work allows me to hone skills in reading and researching the latest laws, regulations and practices on banking and auditing. I use Microsoft Excel to calculate various financial ratios such as debt-to-equity and those related to solvency and liquidity of organizations.

Heritage National Bank, N.A. has exhibited a commitment to the highest banking standards. As an auditor, I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your bank’s maintaining that level of excellence. I offer you my knowledge and history of auditing various types of accounts, banking rules, practices and policies; and analytical skills. My experience in auditing and examining banks has prepared me to help your bank continue to avoid the pitfalls that have plagued other financial institutions.

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A powerful and convincing accounting cover letter touts your analytical, business, math and accounting skills; your experience in accounting skills and your knowledge of acceptable practices. When you craft your accounting cover letter and your accountant resume, remember to impress upon your future employer how your talents and experience can help promote its goals and interests. Share your story and abilities with an accounting cover letter, with one of these samples as your guide.

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